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  1. Should I give up for Lion?

    also make sure you are not trying to boot into 32bit version. lion has a 32bit kernel but loginwindow is 64bit only -> "DSMOS has arrived" and then the stop.
  2. Supported Graphics cards with Full QE/QI

    GTX48 works with Graphics Enabler.
  3. AppleAHCIPort panic

    Hello again,turns out this was due to a faulty DSDT patch and happens only in 64bit mode which I never used before. This happens in SL as well, i just never encountered it because of my arch=i386 bootargs. Lion comes without i386 binaries, so I was forced to use x86_64. Saint Jimmy
  4. AppleAHCIPort panic

    Hello all, after adding npci=0x2000 to my boot arguments i was able to see why my hack hangs after [PCI configuration begin]. It panicked (page fault) with the backtrace containing AppleAHCIPort.kext and its dependencies IOAHCIFamily.kext and IOPCIFamily.kext. The adress at which the fault happened was in IOAHCIFamily's space. I tried to replace all three with know good ones from 10.6.8, still page faults. My specs: ASUS Sabertooth X58, Marvell SATA Controller for HDDs, JMicron for DVD (doesn't really work though). Patched DSDT ASUS GTX 480 6GB DDR3 Core i7 950 @ stock 3.07 10.6.8 works like a charm, needs only FakeSMC! I wonder what changed in the kernel that makes a working driver crash. I'm going to play around with my BIOS settings some more. Saint Jimmy
  5. Hey everyone, I'm looking for a motherboard with the best possible OS X support. That said, it should be Crossfire capable. I have a Phenom II X4 940 and the motherboard it's currently on really sucks (ASUS M4A78 Pro). Though it is OS X compatible enough. I just need a replacement because it is defect and I want something better with less patching and hacking. I'll be running two 4850s in CF on the Windows side and without CF on Mac OS X i guess. Tell me about it. cl
  6. 1280x800 Intel 950 GMA

    download the SwitchResX software, works fine for me. cl
  7. Can't use >3GB of RAM

    I tried this one, no success.. I think this is because I don't have a JMicron controller, i think it's an Intel one, because it's a centrino duo chipset. Do you reckon that could be problematic as well? cl EDIT: This is what i have in my notebook: Intel® 82801G (ICH7 Family) Ultra ATA Storage Controllers - 27DF Intel® 82801GBM SATA AHCI Controller EDIT: Linux doesn't work either, tried i386 and em64t kernels. LG doesn't offer BIOS updates for my notebook. I'm testing Vista now.
  8. Hey Folks, I tried this with vanilla, voodoo and fassl kernels and every possible boot parameter, but when i insert more than 3 gigs of ram, i get a blank screen instead of the grey, then the resolution changes and i get the blank again, but thsi time in 1280x800. the moment i remove the fourth gigabyte, everything works fine. my config: LG S1-PDGGG (mainboard's called "ROCKY") 3 / 4 GB DDR2 667 RAM Intel Core 2 Duo 1,83 GHz T5600 ATI Radeon Mobility X1600, using NVinject i think Mac OS X 10.5.5 (iATKOS v5i) any ideas? cl
  9. Solved: Get past the "Welcome" thingy

    thank you MGJulius, that solved the problem james
  10. hello folks, i just set up a machine with kalyway's 10.5.2 and this "welcome assistant" always crashed after the third step ("tranfer information" etc) and reloads. it even appears in safe mode. i guess it's in some rc file and i just have to remove and entry, but i don't know which. best regards, james