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  1. Installation issues on ASUS M70Vm Notebook

    I use OSX on my M70VM-X1 for work every day. Without modified bios or dsdt.aml you'll probably have to boot with the "cpus=1" flag to get into the OS. Once you get in, use fassl's DSDT patcher and you should be able to boot with both cores working. This might not be your problem, but it was the only snafu I really ever ran into with this notebook.
  2. The Holy ALC663 Problem Solving Thread

    Same issue here... sound is sooooo tinny. It's no worse than using the Azalia driver I guess. But I booted into windows the other day and I was amazed by how good these little speakers can sound when utilized properly... I miss having bass lol
  3. Can someone please post the HDAudio.kext again? I know this is an abandoned project, but I've tried everything to get my ALC663 to work and I'd like to give it a shot.
  4. MadTux, Thanks for such a great guide! I have been able to make OSX recognize my inputs/outputs by following your guide, however I couldn't get anything but random clicks and bleeps out of the speakers. Nothing else came close to working though. I have tried with and without my codec verbs, but can't get it working. I am having a real hard time reading my codec dump. The connections aren't showing up with an asterisk (*) so I have no idea what node numbers to try. Do you think you can read my codec dump if you get a spare 10 minutes? I really need help with my node numbers, and it would be much appreciated. Everyone with an ALC663 sound chip will be in your debt. PS - For some reason, when I last tried this guide my HDAEnabler.kext was causing OSX to boot into a black screen. It doesn't panic, but it's unusable. I have to boot into safe mode, delete HDAEnabler and reboot to get my desktop back. Thoughts anyone? M70VM_ALC663.txt
  5. The Holy ALC663 Problem Solving Thread

    Actually, with bios 209 my kb/trackpad were disabled by default. At first I had to use a USB mouse and keyboard while I tracked down a PS/2 enabler to get them to work. Once I figured out (by trial and error and reading) which patches to apply to get my system up and running, I have had no problems with booting from bios 209. That aside, I'm still not sure why you can't run Audieee. Maybe you should post your problem on the author's forum? Have you tried the manual terminal commands to turn on the speakers? PS - Dan, I added you to my msn contact list - if you want to talk about other M70VM issues we should do it there so as not to clog up this thread with off-topic stuff.
  6. The Holy ALC663 Problem Solving Thread

    I ordered my new wlan card from here: http://www.oxfordtec.com/us/p125/GIGABYTE-...oduct_info.html All I've installed is CHUD and AppleAzaliaAudio.kext. My bios is the latest official version from Asus (version 209). Maybe there's a permissions problem with your Audieee? I doubt somehow that the bios is the key to my success (if you call a workaround success).
  7. The Holy ALC663 Problem Solving Thread

    Well I'm running a vanilla kernel, installed from iAtkos 5i (10.5.5) upgraded to 10.5.6 from apple update. I do believe it's a pre-requisite that you are on a vanilla kernel, so if you're running voodoo or some other patched kernel you'll probably run into problems. By the way, I just received a Gigabyte Aircruiser WI06N card (Atheros AR5008 chipset) and boy am I glad I got it. Replacing my M70VM's wifi card with this has been a smooth and fairly easy process. Now I can connect natively using the airport menu, and vista recognized it right away and installed the driver. The physical wifi switch even works! That's one less thing to sort.
  8. The Holy ALC663 Problem Solving Thread

    I have a small update on the Azalia driver. I'm now successfully able to get both speakers and headphones working (although you need to manually toggle them) from a cold-boot of OSX. No more wasting time with booting into vista first. Because this program writes directly to the codec, it is able to initialize the internal speakers without need for the 'warm boot' method. It's still a workaround, but damnit it's the best we've got... for now. To get started, download the Audieee.app from the following page: http://ipis-osx.wikidot.com/forum/t-101853...s-ugly-stop-gap You will also need to have the CHUD 4.6.1 dev tools from Apple's developer tools website. I don't think I can post that installer here, but if you do a quick google search or two you will find everything you need to acquire it. You'll need to make sure you don't have AppleHDA.kext installed in your /S/L/E folder, and that you have a working AppleAzalia.kext installed. See the linked post for full instructions. Remember, don't try using the installer for azalia on that linked page - since it's intended target chipset is ALC262 (or some other such chip) it will not have the correct dev. id in the .plist. If you need an Azalia driver for your ALC663, try the one on the bottom of this post. PS - Tom, welcome to our small sub-community! I'm impressed that you were able to get the mic working. The best I've been able to do with AppleHDA was to get devices showing up in sound prefs but never had any output/input working. I've since lost that kext Can you post your AppleHDA.kext file for us to tinker with? PPS - I am in no way connected with the development of this project, nor am I taking credit for it. Just sharing someone else's great work with the rest of you all! Hope this helps. AppleAzaliaAudio.kext.zip
  9. [HOW TO] Patch AppleHDA - Knowledge Base

    Any chance this new driver might support my ALC663 (Asus M70VM-X1 laptop)? There is a small group of us on the forum who can't seem to figure out the kext to make this card work.
  10. The Holy ALC663 Problem Solving Thread

    Ok, good find. I can attest that this is true. The Azalia driver has nothing to do with our finnicky bt/wifi switches. The system (for whatever reason) cannot init our sound card, so as a quick workaround simply boot to the vista login screen and hit restart. When OSX starts your sound will work.
  11. Fully working legacy driver for ALC883 address 0 (Notebook)

    I have an Asus laptop with a similar configuration (internal mic, internal speakers, external mic, headphones out, spdif out) and an ALC663 chipset. Is there anything you could do to help me get it up and running? I tried modding your kexts with my device id and even replaced the codec verbs with the ones vista gave me for my card (bit-flipped) but it is reading as an 883 chipset in the system profiler, and no device is showing up in my system prefs... If i gave you my codec dump and/or codec verbs do you think you could take a look? Thanks in advance! I hope to get my notebook working as well as you have yours! ALC663_Mike.txt ALC663_Pinout.txt
  12. ALC663 Realtek HD-Sound issue

    Turanli, I have the Asus M70VM-X1, it is very similar in base hardware to your G50V I believe. My laptop has an intel PM45 chipset, T9400 core2duo (2.53ghz), ALC663, Intel AGN 5100 (wish this worked), and GeForce 9600M GS (512mb). I don't use EFI strings, and I've never modded (at least to my knowledge) an DSDT.aml file. I'm running 10.5.6 on vanilla kernel - updating fine through apple update. greyreap - I feel your pain. I have no idea why they gave us two options to switch the bt/wlan off. I have the same problem constantly (at least in windows) where the two switches get out of synch. It's a big PITA. Let us know if you decide to mod your switch and what results you get! For now, i am going to go back to seeing if i can patch AppleHDA. I want my headphone jack and built-in mic working!
  13. ALC663 Realtek HD-Sound issue

    Ok, I'm not sure what's going on, but my sound is back. I notice that when my sound stops working thru external speakers, my bluetooth module is not recognized. So I reboot into windows, mess around with the fn-key and the manual WLAN/BT switch on the side of my laptop to be SURE that both the bluetooth and wlan modules are physically enabled, reboot and bam - sound is working thru speakers again! I think there's something about these ASUS laptops, they are finnicky/buggy when it comes to the BT/WIFI switch(es). Anyway, the speakers sound pretty decent, but I want my built-in mic, headphone jack, line-in mic, and SPDIF out to work... so back to work I go. PS- Anyone know how to view which KEXTs are loaded at a given time? I want to determine which kext is actually working...
  14. ALC663 Realtek HD-Sound issue

    Well after much fiddling I am back to where I was the other night. I have audio through speakers (sound is rather tinny - don't think the subwoofer is working) and if you connect headphones to SPDIF out you get sound, although the speakers will continue to play even while your headphones are plugged in. I got sound through speakers by totally removing AppleHDA.kext and ALCInjector.kext and by installing the modded kexts attached to this post. I thought you guys might like to know that you can at least get some audio feedback from speakers in this method. For some reason the System Profiler app says no audio hardware is present with this method...? I spent a bunch of time with trying to mod the AppleHDA.kext tonight with no luck. At one point I had the system profiler showing all the ports mapped 100% correctly (at least to my knowledge) but there was no audio devices in system prefs and obviously no sound. So if you'd like to see if this works to give you at least some sound through your speakers, try it (i suggest making a backup of your files beforehand!). EDIT: I just wanted to add that with this method I am actually able to get my Jabra BT620 stereo bluetooth headphones working (with great results)! Not quite the best solution, but it's usable for now! Wewt! EDIT 2: I rebooted and what do you know? It stopped working. No more audio through speakers, although I still have the device "HD Audio Output" under my sound preferences. The volume keys are bringing up the on screen display as though the speakers are working, but there's no sound any more... Any ideas?!? Azalia_AC97_Kexts_for_663.zip
  15. ALC663 Realtek HD-Sound issue

    GDI - i had to turn my lappy off last night (no sleep mode here) and when i booted it up the sound has stopped working!!! OMFG I had it working for a half hour last night it was great. I have renewed hope that this will work. I'll look at it later tonight after I get off work and report back if I get it working again. The weird thing is all I changed was I installed a program called "ControllerMate" to re-assign some of my F- buttons to control the volume-up and volume-down. I seriously doubt installing this program has anything to do with the sound breaking again. Could osx have over-written some kext information during start-up / shutdown? Hmm... I'll post back later and see what I can find!