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  1. JaS 10.4.8 Updates

    This is fine. If it was an issue, this thread would have been closed.
  2. JaS 10.4.8 Updates

    I hope everyone donates to JaS. I didnt even used any of his releases, or ask for help from him, and I donated twice and helped make his website and bought him hosting for a year. So guys, be generous, youre not paying for the OS, and you dont have to buy the hardware, whats $5 or $10 here or there. Donate once or twice, maybe more. Ill probably donate more in the future just because he deserves it. Never does he ask for anything, but maybe a thank you for his help, and even if you dont thank him, he will probably say, "Glad its working for you."
  3. I also wouldnt mind a safari compatible one. Good job though. JaS, how do I get an IRC Squad button, Im part of it arent I?
  4. Hmm, well I havent had any issues with the shutdown problem. Only issue I have had is with my LCD backlight, it either flickers alot or likes to shut off for no reason and I cant get it to come back on. Hmm.
  5. The image is too big and messes up the layout of the main page for news and the forums. I would recommend that you make the image smaller, otherwise it makes the site look like poo.
  6. Well glad you finally decided. I think you will be happy with the setup. Im glad your wife decided to go the mac route, she will not be disappointed. Cant wait to hear how you like em. When I first got my macbook, well let me say you will understand. I wouldnt mind a core 2 macbook though.. sniff.
  7. Macbook roast

    Well, I would like to say, that I haven't had my MacBook for very long, just a few days, so some of the problems might not show up yet, like discoloration. On that note, my problems, are the speakers are too low, its hard to hear anything out of them with any level of background noise. The heat doesn't seem abnormal to me, but I did just update the firmware. To test Im running an app at 100% cpu usage, and watching temperature ad it hasn't gone above 65?C once. To note, I've had the app running for over 3 hours now to verify that it was the case. I hope it fixes everyone elses issues. As far as discoloration, I think that is due to having your hands on the pads and the reaction of the material to skin and oils. Just my 2 cents.
  8. Well, just to say, sata is by no means a big issue for osx86. I have an ich7 based mobo and my sata performs flawlessly. As long as the ich8 chipset has similar sata specs then it shouldnt be to much of a problem. For the pata concern with ich8, you have to know that its a chip that converts sata to pata onboard. So there still may be some hope. I cant say what will and wont work, but Im sure with some testing a few select mobos will come out that we can use with most if not all features. We will have to wait and see. I hope they come out with a core 2 based laptop this next year, I might scoop one up then.
  9. New Info on the Mac Pro!

    Blu-Ray/BlueRay/Blue Ray(and so on) BR has alot of potential, atm the biggest disk size is 50GB for a dual layer disk. As well 25GB for single layer. Not up to 200GB, although Im sure they are looking at ways to do that, but I highly doubt they will be able to. The price is correct, but media is grossly overpriced. The fact that a single layer 25GB disk costs $25 dollars, is just not that great. You can pickup 25GB harddrives for cheaper than that, not that the application is the same, but the point of using disks for storage is that its supposed to be cheaper. Not super overpriced. Im not sure if Apple will ship their new systems coming up with BR, but Apple is all about new and emerging technology. Everything they do is about the cutting edge, and I wouldnt be surprised if they did have a desktop system with BR. On a side note to that potential, Apple is the de-facto video production platform, and BR is the future of digital video, so it only makes sense that they would support it in full force. I just hope they will support HD DVD as well, because I honestly dont see BR winning, but weirder things have happened. As far as BR requiring a special monitor. That is correct but not correct. At the base level if the content producers(movie makers) decide to protect their media using the next gen solution on BR or HD DVD, it requires a digital link to the display and the display needs to be certified for said technology. Now atm HDMI is the proper connection for said DRM solution, but that doesnt mean it is the only way to go about it. To be technical, DVI could be used as well, the system just have to be setup that way, the monitor needs to be certified as well as the video card and the connections in between. I dont know what Apple plans on doing, but I know that they could easily fully support proper high definition media on their imac and laptop lines as well as their future desktop lines. Also I wanted to let you know, that atm no studios that I know of are using the DRM on the next gen media just yet. They are expected to use it in full force though by 2010. Expect your media consumer lives to change drastically then. PCI-Express I can almost bet that Apple will be using PCI-E(xpress) on their next desktop variation. The current imacs are using it if I recall correctly. It only makes sense, considering that Intel is one of the main proponents of PCI-E and it enables a fast latency free bus for add in cards. Maybe Apple will give add in card developers the spark they need to stop making PCI ones. There are PCI-E to PCI converters, so not everything is lost yet. PCI-X is what was used in previous desktop incarnations. Its a faster variation of PCI, but not to the same level as PCI-E. As far as I know, it was a 64bit bus vs 32bit that PCI has, but do no quote me. I am very excited for what is coming out, I want to see what conroe and potentially woodcrest can do in OS X. They are a huge leap in cpu design, and if all things go well, will make Apple the speed leader once again. Remember when they always said *insert application here* was faster than on the PC(windows). Well that could be true again. Bye bye PowerPC.
  10. Thats awesome, keep it up. I am just competetive, so I need to get some more computers going!
  11. I with more people would join, it seems that alot of people are concerned about people/apple finding out they are running osx. If only they knew they could hide their computers, so that wouldnt be an issue. As well its not like any personal information is released. On another note, amdprophet, you have a pentium d 920 running rosetta @ home, well that is what Im running as well, as my main box. Why is there a big discrepency in performance? I do have my oced to 3.5ghz, but honestly I wouldnt think it would be that big of a performance difference. I also am very curious what kind of systems and how many bearcat is running, shoot, hes got over 1k on average...maybe I need to goto a computer shop with the internet and piggy back their computers with some rosetta clients.
  12. Well, Ill try to explain it as best I can. I grew up in a highly religious family, we went to church like 3 days a week. I spent alot of time worshipping god. We always went to the same church, The Chapel of St. Ricardo. When I first had to come up with an alias online, I couldnt think of anything, but then my parents wanted me to goto the chapel with them. I guess it just kinda hit a chord and stuck. I dont know if you believe that or not, but really chapel is my last name, and Im an ex-jock, as you know jocks get called by their last names alot. So after being called chapel ever since junior high, it just stuck. I really like my name. Sorry to anyone that actually believed the above.
  13. I just signed up for this team. Ive been using Rosetta@home for a lil while now, less than a week, and hadnt found a team yet. Saw there was one here, and signed up. Have my osx86 box and another box setup running it. So hopefully we can get more.
  14. Blank Screensaver

    Well ultimately that would be the goal, but since the majority of Hackintosh users do not have full power management support we would opt for a similar goal. In this case, that goal is to have a black screensaver that effectively turns the screen off or in the case of lcd monitor, it is hard to notice its still on. Thanks Das.