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  1. I am very sorry, I am not able to speak one word French. This is very sad, because its the only tutorial for my P5Q SE 2. I hope it is possible to do speak just one time in english. I am a step further: I installed 10.6.5 and used the second dsdt.aml file from the rev 1.04 pack. Using any other dsdt.aml file, for example the third or the fourth from that rev 1.04 pack I get a Kernel Panic and it says something like AppleACPIPort (I dont know exactly). The same with the dsdt.aml .So the great thing is everything works, Sound, Restart, Ethernet with that dsdt.aml file. The only thing was speedstep and sleep. I found out sleep isnt working on my Windows also -?-. I will try out the Method you discribed(I used google Translater :-). But the thing is, there was nothing discribed about the second dsdt.aml file(Is speedstep working? Is Sleep enabled? There was no discribtion, so is it at all possible that it works). I have to say sleep is not important to me, perhaps sleepenabler.kext is working. I have overclocked my CPU a lot, Speedstep is nessesary. I didnt and i didnt want to patch my Bios.... Strange Is: After I reinstalled my System, Snow Leopard wasnt able to detect my SATA drives. With the same configuration and my old installation it worked, but it is also unimportant. I have: P5Q SE2 1 SATA Drive (Windows) 1 USB Drive (Snow LEopard) A Geforce GTX 460(Working with 10.6.5) Sound: Xfi Titanium (Voodoo HDA) I hope you understand me and sorry for not speaking French :-( Oh and thank you!
  2. Hi, I managed to get Snow Leopard work with this Board. I have now 10.6.5 installed, Chameleon and Bootfile from that zip file in that tutorial. My Problem is: Sleep isnt working and I think Speedstep will not work also(Is there a way to test it?) I used the DSDT.aml file from the zip file. The second one works, the third and fourth aml file cause kernel panics. I also notice some "slowdowns" in my system and safari is crashing very often, so that my complete system has to get a shutdown( IT doesnt freeze). Are that Problems I can solve? Thanks, Starbuxx
  3. Hi, After I failed installing a working OSX on my ASUS P5N -E SLI, I want to try it on my new one. It has the Intel P45 Chipset. My first tries were looking good, but I fail at an important step: I have Installed 10.6.2 Snow Leopard, most things are working, instead of my GRaphics Card(GTX460) and Sleep and some minor things. I read here it is necessary to Update to 10.6.5 to get my card work. As a first step I tried to fix sleep and the minor things, I read it has something to do with dsdt. So I downloaded a dsdt.aml file, from the wikipage. There was someone who postet a link to it in the compatability section(Under ASUS P5Q SE2). I have Chameleon RC3 with PC EFI(I thing 10.9 or so). I remember my first steps from my ASUS P5N -E SLI where I had to place the dsdt.aml in the root of my Volume, so everytime Chameleon starts it loads the dsdt.aml file. After I placed it there, I set my root rights via Terminal. Now I am getting a kernel Panic. Did I made the right steps, or did I forget something(Like repairing permissions in other directories--> I only placed the dstd.aml in root) Im sorry for my English, I hope its possible to help me!
  4. I have no idea, but is it right, that chameleon autoboots my devices(HDD, USB, or if selectet with BIOS even Snow Leopard)? I changed in apple.com.plist timeout to 1 for me, because then it will need 1 second to boot. This is the thing it should be, I dont want to select it everytime! The funny thing is, it worked for me some installations ago(Windows and Snow Leo), with the standart Mac boot entry....
  5. 1. Sry for writing so stupid ;-). I try to explain again: When I created a normal entry with EASYBCD for MAC with the MBR option, chameleon starts, but boots up various devices, such as usb sticks or usb hdds, just as if i installed chameleon on this devices and selecting them via bios. Now I have the fear with the method with NEOGRUB, that copying the boot file to the NST Folder on windows, will result that chameleonn boots the windows device. Nevertheless I have no idea how to edit this file, to boot in the right order. I read the FAQ on NEOGRUB Website, but it really diddnt help me :-( 2.Using sudo chown 0:0 /Volumes/"the USB flash drive volume name" works perfectly, Thanks for that!
  6. Yes I can boot via F8 or BIOS Settings, no problem. Yes it already was set to active....has this something to do with the order of the os installings? for example first install windows, than MAC or vice versa? I feel a bit ashamed but i am to stupid to handle this with neoGrub. I installed it, but what i have to write inside this text document??? Is it right Boot file to /NST on Windows HDD?? Isnt then chameleon booting to Windows automaticly? I mean this is what is already possible with normal MAC entry, but i dont want to deselect my External HDD first and then select MAC.... Another question: I tried to make a backup of my USB-MAc-Bootstick, but when I try this with MAC Tool I cant to it, because I have no rights....(Snow Leopard and Leopard) Sry for being quite so long time, reallife sucks sometimes :mellow: Starbuxx
  7. Okay I have GUID partioned, but i didnt really figured out how to check with diskutil list, what will appear when active? Nevertheless I just followed the steps, so it should be active now. I changed Bootloader, but didnt tried AsereBLN v1.19. I recreated EasyBCD file, EFI And MBR--> nothing works everytime boot chaining error, or booting from usb stick is AsereBLN v1.19 the last attempt?
  8. Windows on 750GB Sata, Snow Leopard on 80GB IDE. When I select the standart method for booting MAC(not MBR), Chameleon tries to boot from USB Stick, OR USB HDD.
  9. sry didnt try that....nevertheless everything works now! Even the second DVI output works with my new HDTV One little thing I am not able to fix: I use EasyBCD 2-0-1 (Newest) on Windows and I added an MAC Entry with MBR Settings. When I select SLeopard on Bootscreen, I get Chan Boot Error. I googled around, but there are always solutions from the year 2007 with a very old VErsion of EBCD, and the settings arent existing anymore! Perhaps you can help? Greetz Starbuxx
  10. Good Evening, EDIT: I dont know why, but problem solved, using kexthelper , I really tried days on that, and now leaving it a week alone and trying for 5 minutes it is working..strange I dont know, if you remember me, but my problems are going on. After thinking my inserted network card destroyed my audo kext(vodooHDA) for creative x-fi, I removed it last week and the problem is still there. It worked nearly perfectly before I build in the network card, instantly after putting it into the slot, my audio control says : no device found. As I said problem still exists after removing it. I even tried different BIOS Versions and SL Installations attempts but no luck. Also the Leopard, where I installed the kext too, has no sound. I noticed also some strange things, but I dont know if its in combination: My USB Printer wasnt working in Windows(32bit). IT ONLY HELPED to install an older driver for it. It came out of the blue I hope my problems are clear Good night,# Starbuxx
  11. I will try removing it, this is really bad.... 1.Soundblaster X-Fi (All cards) are not supported (I have X-fi Titanium) 2.You mean buying a new card? LAst option, but I think i will not go so far.... I am sry but I have to state that I think OSX is bad, Windows is much easier and better. I wasted some money buying Snow Leopard, fortunatly I bought no MacPro Nevertheless I am very impressed by your help, one of the best support I experienced in any community. No words about: You have to use google, you have to do this by yourself...... So THANK YOU Again, without your help, I would stuck now installing Snow Leopard Greetz Starbuxx
  12. Hey Verdant, I am very sorry to says that after everything was working perfect, my sound is broken. As you know, Ihave a creative x-fi, so I used VodooHDA.kext. Now it says: No audo device found. Every version I tried worked more or less in the past. I really dont know what I can do, removing my Realtek Patch brought no result. Edit: Also broken Vodoo on Leopard, my helping OS on 40Gb external. --> It seems to be the new networking card. I think THIS IS IT, im sure there is no solution , what a waste of time for everybody Thank You Starbuxx
  13. Thank you!! I tried it out, removing the modified IONetworkingFamily.kext and instert PCGenRTL8139Ethernet.kext to the vanilla IONetworkingFamily.kext using some tutorials. It is working, but was it right? Would it also work with modified IONetworkingFamily.kext and PCGenRTL8139Ethernet.kext in E/E? Would that be a better alternative? Greetings Starbuxx
  14. Okay: 1. There is no sleeoEnabler.kext, never touched this 2. LAN Controller is Enabled, Lan Boot Rom was disabled, enabling seems to have no effect 3. Firewire was enabled, disabling also no effect Hm Is there any hope? Should I do a reinstall with that new BIOS settings, would there be any effect? If you have no other idea, I will post a complete BIOS Screenshot+ Manual, and a complete screenshot package with kexts in E/E and S/L/E, if that could help