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  1. patched logic pro 7.2

    Hello! just thought I would share a bit of info with everyone.. now Im not sure if this trully patches pro 7.2 but it seems to work for me. Anyway what I did was rather simple since I had logic express 7.2 already installed I simply did a ctrl click on the logic express, show contents, mac os then copied the logic express and pasted it in my logic pro 7.2 crossgrade (same place that I took the file from express, only in logic pro) renamed it to logic pro and viola! it pro 7.2 works.. like I said before I am not 100% sure if it is pro or if its express in a pro body.. maybe someone else can anwer that
  2. problems with ATI8500 kext and resolution

    now where talking.. how did you build the script to change between resolutions? when I want to run films I have to reinstall the 8500.kext everytime then restart.. really a pain
  3. Changing resolutions

    go to com.apple.Boot.... . . under kernal flags type </string>"Graphics Mode"="1400x1050x32"</string> if you want 1400x1050 as your resolution.. otherwise change it to what you want.. then go to sytem/library/extension search for ATI, delete the ATI extensions.. reboot and you will have any resolution you want or atleast you shoudl
  4. Hello! hope somebody has the time to help me out!! anyway I have a Dell latitude d600 with ati radeon mobility 9000.. I have osx 10.4.4. looking for a little guidance and help. here is my question: After installing osx 10.4.4 everything work pretty good.. I could get video working perfectly, however with the 8500.kext installed I can only get a max resolution of 1280x1024 (by forcing it through the "graphics mode"="1280x1024") this is with the .kext still installed.. this is fine but the text on my screen is fuzzy and somewhat irritating to look at.. though I still get working video. However when I try increasing the resolution to 1400x1050 the screen get impossible to read..not mouse tearing just boots then gets very jumbled.. However when I take away the ATI8500.kext and force the kernal flags to 1400x1050 it works fine.. however i dont get streaming video anymore.. which is a definate downside. I have even tried changing the resolution to different sizes and still no go. I have to have the ATIRadeon8500.kext installed inorder to get video. how do I force .kext into 1400x1050 resolution? is there a way I can reprogram the .kext myself inorder to get it to work? also, anyone have any suggestions on how to get the tv-out to work on this card through mac os? is there a way I can program in that as well? thanks in advance! ken
  5. crazy fan... .

    Hej everyone! well my installation of 10.4.5 on my dell latitude d600 (laptop) has been nearly perfect! the aiport and video worked perfectly right from install! can also get a resolution of 1280x1024, however my main issue is with the fan.. it never turns off, doesnt matter if the computer is working hard or not, warm or cold.. its always on.. any ideas how to turn it off? also on a side note, anybody know how to get the TV-out to work? my card has a built in tv-out port but I cant get it to work.. anyway, thanks in advance! ken
  6. Hej everyone! have a question here that I havnt been able to find an answer to.. how do I get my video to send out via my tv-out slot on my Latitude d600? or turn on mirror mode? I am running ati Mobility 9000 with osx 10.4.5 thanks! ken
  7. Just thought I would update everyone on my success with installing tiger 10.4.3 on my Latitude D600 with ATI Radeon 9000 mobility. Wlan works perfectly No problems with install.. used 10.4.3 developers with all the patches. native install on 40gb harddrive. Had some problems with the video card, was stuck in 1028x786 forever, until earlier today when I was able to write to kernal using kernal flags, now I have 1400x1050x32.. brilliant ilife, Iwork, ms word everything works external usb drive works. Problems: the biggest problem is with my video.. I can play films and so on using videolan but it is very choppy and slow. My harddrive reads fast so I have no idea what the problem can be.. any tips? also I dont know where the Quartz debug is located or if I have it at all on my computer.. as I have no developers folder. One more problem is I am tring to connect an extra monitor.. I can use an external monitor but not both my lcd and external at the sametime.. hmmm.. . other than these two problems I really cant find anything else, and if I can get the video to work perfectly then mac os will be put on my main harddrive and goodbye windows!!