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  1. Which image to use

    Thanks a lot but just to confirm it with you is this the post you were referring to? http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=103250
  2. Which image to use

    My processor supports SSE2 so your saying i have to download any OSx86 v10.4.8 image and then apply the b9.zip patch?
  3. Which image to use

    thx again that FAQ really helped a lot.... i checked the HCL list but could not understand this (it was at the row where my motherboard was listed) for SSE2 user (Kernel) > b9.zip = OSX86 v10.4.8 WORKING!!! what does that mean? what is b9.zip and the > sign for?? and can i use any image as long as its v10.4.8 ?
  4. Which image to use

    thanks a lot for the info but i have 2 requests (sry 4 askin too much) 1) Can u please specify exactly which image to use (Jas or which other is there and the proper name of the image) 2) Is there any leopard version which i can use instead?
  5. Which image to use

    Hi, after trying hard to get leopard to work (installed fine, but reboots after darwin bootloader) i have decided to try Tiger Now i want to know which is the best image, or version to use to install tiger and would really appreciate a tutorial (atleast basic steps) My Specs are, Pentium 1.7Ghz 512MB RAM (Moving to 768) Intel D845WN Motherboard Seagate Barracuda 160GB IDE Harddisk Sony DVD Writer NVIDIA GeForce FX 5200 (or 5400 not sure ) 256 MB Thanks a lot
  6. Leo4All Restarting

    no reply yet newayz i tried installing kalyway but the same thing happens and dont know if this helps but even during installation it never showed me the apple logo (loading screen) instead it showed the list of files and all that codes and then came to language selector of the installation .... neone think its a prob with the graphics?
  7. Leo4All Restarting

    Hi, First of all since I am new I am sorry if the topic is at the wrong place on the forums. I have successfully installed Leo4All (10.5.2) without any problems whatsoever, but after installation and after the rebooting when the darwin loader comes up and i press f8 and choose the partition to boot from a whole list of files names just keeps goin on rapidly and then after wards it just restarts.... I dont see the apple logo or anything. I would really appreciate any help, Thanks PC SPECS ------------------------ Pentium 1.7Ghz 512MB RAM Intel D845HV MB NVIDIA GeForce FX 5400 (256MB) Seagate Barracuda 160GB I dont think any other specs are required, if needed just reply back and i'll update it.