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    clipper99 reacted to BNZfive in [GUIDE] USB Fix El Capitan 10.11   
    USB3 works on 10.10 not on 10.11
    Using DSDT but my DSDT has no mention of XHC anywhere.
    How would I go about adding those ports into my DSDT?
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    clipper99 got a reaction from The_Village_Idiot in Apple releases OS X Yosemite GM Candidate 1.0 for developers   
    GM 2 is out and installed here. The usual; reinstalled my patched AppleHDA and all is normal. A small update this time around at 318MB including iTunes 12, which is no longer listed as Beta.
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    clipper99 got a reaction from Allan in Yosemite DP8 installed!   
    Got it!
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    clipper99 reacted to fusion71au in iMessage and FaceTime - misbehaving again!   
    Try using Clover r2795.  The latest Clover revisions tend to be buggy and may have many undiscovered problems....
    Also what is the output of imessage_debug when it is run on your hack?  If everything is done correctly, the outputs should be the same as when running imessage_debug on your Mac....
    You can upload the output (obviously hashing out some/all the characters in your serials) - I want to see the output from the IOPowervariables...
    Glad you got it working .
    A common mistake is that many people assume that "new" software revisions are always better.  I still have Mavericks and only test the latest Clover builds on my FAT32 Clover boot USB.  I only migrate this to my main hard drive when it has proven itself to be stable.
    Out of interest, I noticed your hashed MLB in the post below was 12 characters instead of 17.  Is your MLB from your Mac 17 characters?
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    clipper99 reacted to bobble999 in Noobs installing Yosemite - read this first   
    Correct - they are not.  This is kind of my point.  
    I've been building Hack's since Leopard and for me, this version has been the trickiest.  It took several attempts and I read and re-read many different guides, taking into account the different approaches and hardware types so that I could eventually be successful.
    Because the smarter guys here have been figuring out the best boot loader and amending both to make them work with 10.10, The installation of Yosemite (IMHO) is NOT for noobs right now - especially if they are expecting to follow instructions with no sense of what the steps are for and where they may need to do some trial and error (kexts being a perfect example).  Ultimately, the old adage about any forum is especially true here.  Read, read, read.  Search for your answer first - even then, some issues and the ways people have addressed them will seem contradictory.  Just like kext-dev-mode

    And yes - you would need the EFI on your HD to contain the correct files in order to work.  The guides go through mounting and amending your EFI.
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    clipper99 reacted to VirusX in Yosemite: Audio - Realtek ALC AppleHDA   
    here are my two AppleHDA.kexts. One from S/L/E and one from my desktop that is a backup from toleda's script.
    I hope this helps.