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    Using integrated graphics and graphics card

    My BIOS allows me to select the default graphics configuration. I currently have an unsupported EVGA GTX1060 card that does not work in OSX but like you, I use for Windows. I have an HDMI cable attached to it and the onboard HDMI graphics (in my case HD530) running to my display. In my BIOS I select either pcie (external) or igfx (internal for OSX) then adjust the display to the correct input and I dual boot using the video card of my choosing. Hope this helps.
  2. clipper99

    TRIM Enabler

    Stupid question probably but I'll be installing an SSD in a friends older Macbook. Will this work on it or do I even need to bother since it'll be a real MAC?
  3. clipper99

    iTunes 12.x No video playback?

    I've read of these types of playback errors being fixed a few ways including running in Mac Pro 3.1 definition or upgrading to QuickTime Pro. I also seem to recall reading something about Haswell CPU causing the problem.
  4. clipper99


    Just a word of warning that for me the updated "10.10 GMC-PatchedAppleAHCIPort-V3.0.7 | GSATA Orange Hard Disk Icon FIX" file absolutely hosed my system and I couldn't boot either Clover or Chimera. Fortunately I keep a completely separate minimal Yosemite system running on a separate drive that I don't touch for just such an occasion. Deleted the patched kext and restored the backup and all is fine.
  5. I'm sure there is, I just couldn't make it work at the time. If there's no reason for you to stay with F12 I encourage you to go to the UEFI BIOS. The benefits outweight staying with F12. FYI, The version of Clover that works for me is the 2795 "special edition" (it's around somewhere!). I've tried 3 newer versions since then, don't know or remember the versions, but none would allow me to boot successfully. Good luck!
  6. All fine here, just had to reinstall my patched AppleHDA. iTunes 12, which was included in the update, is no longer listed as Beta.
  7. clipper99


    You know that that DSDT file is actually a patched BIOS firmware file that your flash your motherboard with right? Just remove the ".DSDT" extension and flash your motherboard as normal.
  8. GM 2 is out and installed here. The usual; reinstalled my patched AppleHDA and all is normal. A small update this time around at 318MB including iTunes 12, which is no longer listed as Beta.
  9. installed via the app store update over existing DP8 with no problems. booted right up and just had to reinstall my patched AppleHDA.
  10. clipper99

    OS X 10.9.5 Released

    No problems, reinstalled patched AppleHDA and Trim and all good!
  11. clipper99

    Yosemite DP8 installed!

    Got it!
  12. Regular app store update to DP8 from DP7 installed no problem. All I had to do was reinstall my patched AppleHDA kext and was back up and running.
  13. I get a flashing "/" right at boot all of a sudden with Chimera boot loader when my internal TimeMachine backup drive is connected. Disconnecting the drive, the system then boots up without issues. It even happens with my USB stick that is 100% verified working. There funny thing is the system will boot just fine with the same drive connected using Clover. The drive in question checks out just fine with Disk Utility when booted with Clover and TimeMachine works as it should with all my backups intact so it doesn't appear to be a drive problem. I've seen the same issue posted over at TonyMac a few months back and it was resolved by formatting the drive but I'm not going to do that as I don't want to lose all my backups and Clover seems to be working for me using EFI boot. This one has me stumped! cheers
  14. clipper99

    OS X Yosemite DP's builds!

    Not sure if you're offering help or asking for help?