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  1. I had a few minutes to poke and play around with El Capo 10.11.2 USB kext. For those with USB loop hell, could you try the attached kext and replace the same kext in S/L/E to see if it makes any difference? Remove all USB related patched kexts (if any) and your USB kexts should be as Vanilla as possible. As usual, you'll need to repair permission and rebuild kext caches after applying the attached kext. Please report your findings. IOUSBHostFamily.kext.zip
  2. Be sure to tell Enoch to load the dsdt file in org.chameleon.Boot.plist. I was under the impression that you get the reboot loop only when you use Rehabman generic USB kexts with El Capo, but if you get the reboot loop with or without USB kexts, those dsdt files won't help you. However, they might help in getting the USB back after you can boot into El Capo.
  3. @ eruil: Try the attached dsdt files without any USB kext patches. If they don't work try adding USB kext patches one-by-one. dsdt.zip
  4. You are persistent and this line of questioning it's getting unnecessarily personal, but if you must know: I am not anywhere close to being an expert in the MAC world and that is because I spend very little amount of my computing time with OS X and I don't have much incentive to do so, but I do know enough to find my ways around as needed and analyze things as required. Outside of the MAC and in my computing domain, I am more than just a programmer and I shall leave it at that. I hope to contribute to this community in any way that I can with little resources that I have. Cheers, Merry X-Mas & happy new year to all.
  5. Welcome to the forum and the notorious USB issues with El Capo. You might want to read previous posts within and outside of this thread by others who have similar problems and how they solved them. Most importantly, test, test, and test some more to see which method(s) work for you. Hope you'll find a solution tell us about it.
  6. Apple is withholding an entire folder called xcpm which contains numerous function definitions of which two are called directly outside of the kernel. It doesn't matter what platform you compile the kernel from, the system will output errors since the symbols for those functions are not available. I have some understand of how those functions work, and, fortunately, they are not critical to the normal functioning of the OS. You can pretty much ignore those errors for now. I hope El Capo doesn't mark the beginning of an era where Apple releases only the barebone kernel source code to the public and keep critical kernel functions to themselves.
  7. The remaining applications that crashed with other kernels are still crashing with this kernel on my Phenom X4. Attached are two sample crashes: WebKit in Safari and OpenGL Viewer. Result of speed tests remains the same. Crashes.zip
  8. Andy's current kernel will not compile and link. Here are the fixes: bsd.kern.zip Copy the content of the zip file to Andy's xnu.../bsd/kern. @Andy: There are no observable changes in application behavior in the current version (10.11.2) when compared to the initial version. All application crashes in the initial version are still crashing in the current version. Short application crash list: TextWrangler, OpenGL Extension Viewer, Safari when visiting certain websites, OpenCL Wave test. Tested on Phenom II X4. I have attempted to incorporate only your current OPEMU in my previous kernel and I get the same crashing behaviors as your kernel. Removing your OPEMU from my kernel lessen application crashes. I think Athlon 64 is allergic to your new OPEMU leading to instant reboot, but Athlon II works well. Could Athlon users test to confirm?
  9. Sound like the issue you are having is not kernel related. Perhaps incompatible drivers, bios, dsdt, etc... Perhaps you might want to try getting Yosemite running on your hardware (have you done that?), and then switch to El Capo after Yosi runs good on your system.
  10. It's good to see that OpenGL Extension Viewer works on your system. I have tested many kernels, including other people's kernels, since Yos till now and haven't found any kernel that could open OpenGL Extension Viewer on my Phenom II so to see that the OpenGL Extension Viewer runs on your system is a surprise. Could you please share some of your experience testing kernel with OpenGL Extension Viewer? Were you able to run OpenGL Extension Viewer (especially my kernels) with any other kernels on El Capo? Did you get a chance to test 10112R2 kernel on 10.11.2 El Capo? If yes, what were the results with regard to OpenGL Extension Viewer?