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  1. RevoX

    Great news everyone

    Well I tested that on my iMac G3 350mhz i removed all references to g3 in osinstall.dist. and it installed. But now my iMac g3 has died but I think it needs a new battery. I have ran Leopard on my new iMac and it runs great btw 17" iMac 2.0ghz Intel Core 2.
  2. RevoX

    Frontrow 2.0

    unless apple releases the source for some of thier leopard apps like iChat 4 then we might see a tiger binary but right now i wouldn't count on it.
  3. RevoX

    AppleTV Plugin Code Sample -> Local Movie Player

    Great work Grabber
  4. RevoX

    10.5 on a G3

    http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?sho...c=24736&hl= beat u too it
  5. RevoX

    Yellow Box

    ewww OpenDoc object linking and embedding for mac, but failed and sure seemed to slow down things alot. I still have my rdr2 and ybdr2 disks .
  6. RevoX

    iChat Crashing on JaS 10.4.6 and 10.4.7

    yes but if i did that my radeon wouldnt be working. Well maybe I'll give that a try.
  7. RevoX

    Great news everyone

    no, i will try later tho.
  8. RevoX

    Great news everyone

    this is just for fun .
  9. RevoX

    Great news everyone

    yes also i posted the link to my osinstall.dist so go ahead and replace the one on the dvd.
  10. RevoX

    Great news everyone

    Here is what I did to get Leopard running on iMac G3 1). Get the Leopard WWDC Preview 2). Create Leopard WWD image (cdrom master) in disk utility 3). Mount the image - go into system - installation - packages - osinstall.mpkg (show contents) - contents and replace OSinst.dist with the one below 4). G3 OSinstall.dist 5). Close the mounted dvd image and copy it to another computer for safe keeping (Burning it? skip to Number 14) 6). Boot your panther/tiger install cd 7). Open Disk Utility in Mac OS X Installer create a 2 partition setup with partition 1 being any size and partition 2 being 10gb 8). Install Panther/Tiger onto partition 1 9). If tiger is installed update it to 10.4.2 9a). Go get Carbon Copy Cloner (CCC) 10). Transfer the dvd image to your newly installed panther/tiger 11). Use CCC to copy the dvd image to partition 2 (10gb) (make sure CCC is set to create bootable drive in preferences) 12). Set start up disk to partition 2 (10gb) 13). Reboots into the leopard installer 14). Install Leopard 15). When it reboots make sure you hold down shift after the mac sound 16). Do the registration (might crash at the end) 17). Login and reboot again 18). Reboot into Single user mode (apple/cmd S) 19). Mount the drive (/sbin/mount -wu /) 20). Do a kextcache -e 21). Reboot and you should be booted right into Leopard WWDC Preview. Some apps do not work, safari and ichat both crash for me. Get info may or may not work. Depends on your g3 mac I think.
  11. RevoX

    Great news everyone

    I can confirm, I have gotten leopard running on my iMac g3 350mhz, first boot after install wasnt working right just showed gray apple screen and that music was playing. I restarted and went into safe mode, booted to login, logged in and poof there was the desktop, I figured it might be the kexts. So i booted into single user mode, mounted the drive typed kextcache -e and then rebooted. Leopard started up fine with no real problems and then I went to click on ichat 4 and it crashed. right now installing xcode 3 so I will know more for u all in a bit. If you are interested in this, AIM me at anthonyleblanc@mac.com there is a file you must edit before installing this. Safari - crashes adiumx - works
  12. RevoX

    Leopard and Hackintosh

    cool news, right now im trying to install this on my imac g3, so far i gtten up to installing bds subsystem and according to installer logs Aug 15 13:10:09 ant-lebs-imac : run postinstall script for BSD Subsystem, its now 1:24pm and looks like no activity, but my hard disk is moving i can hear it.
  13. to quote a post killerfurbies osbetaarchive "Sorry. I just found out that it's fake. Derf used remote desktop connection to connect to his computer that has Vista installed on it from his Macbook Pro, it fooled me... dry.gif"
  14. i tried vista too, Welcome to the dell dimension 2400 , I am in the progress of getting Intel 845gl to work, I have a sapphire radeon 9250 atm and runs quite well with platform=x86pc and both sound and networking work
  15. RevoX

    Rhapsody DR2

    there's a website named www.openstep.se that works on bringing rhapsody to life.