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  1. iCloud login issue

    Updating to the latest Chimera solved this exact issue for me
  2. Hi Trying to install onto a HP DC7800 using Nawcom's method as this has worked for me on 4 different systems. However on this machine as soon as the retail disk boots it just hangs on ACPI : System State [s0 S3 S4 S5] (S3) There does not really seem to be any ACPI related things i can change in the bios and googling this has not given me anything thats worked out. Does anyone have any clues if i can get this machine going as its a small factor machine and so will serve a good media machine. thanks
  3. NVidea issue

    Hi I was using a 9800 GT in SL with an EFI string and graphics enabler = y and all was good. I switched it with a 9600 GT and removed the EFI string and just left the enabler in the plist. Wierd thing is that in system profiler the card is still detected as the 9800 rather than the 9600. How can i 'reset' things so that the new card is reported correctly? I wanted the 9600 as i am trying to be as vanilla as possible, ie no kexts and no EFI strings. thanks
  4. Resize boot partition

    OK to answer myself disk utility just does it - even while booted from the drive. very neat and easy
  5. Hi My primary disk is 1TB and this is split into 2 partitions of 200 GB and 800 GB - I now feel this was a dumb thing to do so i want to remove the 800 GB partition and resize the 200 GB partition to be the whole disk. Can i do this without disturbing the install or is there something i need to be aware of? I thought of booting into disk utility using the installer and resizing from there as that way i would not be booted from the 200 GB partition. Thoughts? thanks
  6. NVidia GT 210 - kext issue

    can you post your efi string though please?
  7. strange as for me on vanilla 10.6.2 i had no resolution options, had to manually configure and performance was very poor. I also get blank screen with graphics enabler = y as per other thread if you can post the EFI string when you get hold of it that would be great. thanks
  8. NVidia GT 210 - kext issue

    care to post the EFI string as this is how i'd like to get it working rather than a third party kext if possible thanks
  9. BCM 4306 PCI Wireless - 10.6.2

    OK so i have this card going as i did a fresh install and it just showed up as an airport device BUT The transfer speeds of this card are terrible and there is occasional packet loss - Aneyone got any clues on this ? thanks
  10. Hi - So i bought a PCI wireless card with a BCM 4306 as i read that these were supported out of the box for 10.6 I am at 10.6.2 and i cant get it working at all - I have tried the enabler in this thread http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/lofiversi...t51725-450.html and i can see that my device id from lspci is listed in the plist but for some reason this card still cant be seen. anyone any clues? thanks
  11. 1440x900 - thats all my LCD will do How can i tell if the other stuff is enabled? I have transparent menu's etc
  12. GeForce 6150

    you tried this? http://rapidshare.de/files/47461448/Enable..._cards.pkg.html
  13. NVidia GT 210 - kext issue

    thanks - i got it working by using http://rapidshare.de/files/47461448/Enable..._cards.pkg.html but it reports kinds strangely - NVRAM is correct but not card name can you post what yours looks like in system profiler? Do you know what Enabler_for_Nvidia_and_multiple_ATI_cards.pkg actually installs in case i want to start over? i just ordered a 9600GT also so i might try that out to see if its any better thanks
  14. i have a G210 512MB and i got it working using this http://rapidshare.de/files/47461448/Enable..._cards.pkg.html i had to use the disabler kext also as i was getting mouse lag in itunes and quiktime
  15. NVidia GT 210 - kext issue

    yeah i did but there does not seem to be any change in that file, so its super odd that i am getting this display issue. Do you know of a _good_ gfx card that works out of the box with SL ? I am wanting as vanilla as possible so what works well any clue? thanks