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  1. Thanks! I am using that tool already, but the internal display stays external, doesn't matter what I do. And I got the HDMI working, but the system crashes while booting with plugged in HDMI cable is bad
  2. Hi!I am having issues with my X240 setup.Basically I am using a mix of the original x240.aml file, but ignored some parts like USB.I go with these hot patch files only:#include "SSDT-XOSI.dsl"#include "SSDT-BAT.dsl"#include "SSDT-KBD.dsl"#include "SSDT-ALS0.dsl"Most of the stuff is proper working, but I want to use my Lenovo dock.My 2 Problems: the Laptop display is NOT showing as internal The HDMI output is working, BUT I can't boot with HDMI connected. I must connect HDMI after the system booted. USB isn't setup fully, will do this later with a separate SSDT.How can I fix this please?Thanks in advanceURBANsUNITED URBANsUNITED_HDMI_connected.zip
  3. Yep! All latest versions. But maybe there is something PS2 releated broken? Can you do these nice cosmetics as in the desktop dsdt? Any further recommentations?
  4. u need create one ssdt for usb for solve it Yeah! With my USB SSDT sleep is working and my mouse wake is back! Even the lights are back! DESKTOP PC - CHECK! Working! Regarding the Laptop Can you make anything better? Have Trackpad issues. Very broken usage. Makes no joy to use as it is very rough
  5. ur notebook have a good patches ? What does this mean? Regarding USB, I had the attached file before... Will it still work? I used the WEG Kext before with the RX 570 label. Strange. Will try a different version... SSDT-USB.aml
  6. Doesn't work! Sleep is broken Light from my mouse are off while wake up directly They stay off, but the mouse is useable And please change to RX 570 from RX 580
  7. No, files were for me... Fits all to my system... as I am interpreting the conservation.
  8. DESKTOP Feedback!!! So, after lots of confusion... The DESKTOP works! Three small issues: 1. It's a RX 570 and no 580 2. Wake up takes longer than before, but it fully wakes 3. No wake by Keyboard or Mouse pree, only by power button. Wake up by mouse worked before Can you correct these too? New files are attached fort the desktop Thanks Send me Andis-iMac-Pro.zip
  9. Here they are Your original files and me new send folder with fresh extracted files from clover CLOVER.zip Send me Andis-MacBook-Pro.zip LOL!!!!! Thanks and I wondered about the iMac Smbios for the Laptop already....
  10. Here we are... I didn't extracted new files from Clover. Shouldn't matter, or??? Thanks Send me Andis-MacBook-Pro.zip
  11. Fixed! One important kext was missing But Graphics are not correct, will update the config and my PS2 trackpad etc not working Can you please check my desktop too?
  12. Thanks! But it doesn't start my system. Please take a look at the picture. Tried with Clover 4831 btw Cheers URBANsUNITED IMG_3994.HEIC
  13. Me again... attached the files for my Laptop. Maybe you can help me here too. Many thanks in advance The screen is no FullHD, it has the 12.5" HD (1366 x 768) only. Btw. do you see a chance to get my Dock for that Laptop working? It has lots of outputs which I like to use. At least HDMI and VGA... THanks again URBANsUNITED Send me Andis-MacBook-Pro.zip
  14. Hi Mald0n, please find attached my files. I really appreciate your work! Thanks for offering this "service", if you can help me with this one and later with my Laptop a Lenovo x240? It would be really great!!! I've just donated via Paypal. Hope this is ok. Many thanks in advance URBANsUNITED (Andreas) Send me Andis-iMac-Pro.fritz.box.zip
  15. Hi! I am in the need of your help please. Can someone please make a dsdt to make the Laptop of my neighbor complete? Just for your information, the one from the Ideapad 500S - 15ISk is not working as the hardware is diffrent. It's a Lenovo IdeaPad 500S-13ISK Processor Intel Core i5-6200U 2.3 GHz Graphics adapter Intel HD Graphics 520 Memory 8192 MB DDR3-1600 single-channel Display 13.3 inch 16:9, 1920x1080 pixel, LGD048C (LP133WF2-SPL1), IPS, glossy: no Mainboard Intel Skylake-U Premium PCH I've uploaded all files here: https://wetransfer.c...12162711/6eda3c Many thanks in advance!! Cheers URBANsUNITED