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  1. External screen

    Back on earlier operating systems, e.g. Snow Leopard, Leopard and Tiger, you could plug in an external screen, flip down the lid on your Mac Laptop and then activate the computer by either connecting an external USB peripheral (such as a mouse or a keyboard) or use the front row emote to turn on the computer again, with the internal screen off, hence it's only using the external screen. This is no longer functioning as it should. Does anyone know of a fix?
  2. Upgrading from 10.4.11 to 10.5.5

    Sorry to bump, but, my USB drive isn't big enough...
  3. Upgrading from 10.4.11 to 10.5.5

    I can't afford that right now. My top priority is to get a DVI to VGA adapter. And I've already got a Mac OS X DVD. Plus, my question was if I could start installing from within the computer without needing a DVD drive.
  4. Hi. I recently got a MacBook with 2.16GHz, 160GB HDD and 1GB RAM. The Mac has a broken DVD drive, so I cannot install Mac OS X 10.5. However, I wonder, as my PC has a broken CD Drive, I used to copy over the I386 directory from the CD on another computer to a thumb drive and then into the computer, can I like copy over files like that and install from the harddrive?
  5. 2012: The Year The Internet Ends

    I hope not. I mean, whats the use of rocking google if that would happen? I wouldnt go to a website as a Pay-per-view, I would stop using the internet. If that happens, should we call a internet strike all over the world you think?
  6. Thanks. I prefer the first wallpaper with the spotlights. Although, I have to agree that the spotlights are a little too bright.
  7. Bill gates vs. Steve Jobs Lightsaber Duel!

    Hahaha! Really funny. I still use my C64 though... And I still use Mac OS 7.5.5.
  8. The OS X of the linux world is out.........

    Why not download from a direct link of their site? I know it is possible, my rate was 256-260KB /PS, and with my 2MB PS thats as fast it goes. But it is far better than 64KB PS ===EDIT=== What I hate about OpenSuSE is that you can't run the LiveCD with 256MB RAM, I don't know about if it is running on 256MB RAM when not in LiveCD, but I cant install using a BASH shell...
  9. OS X On AMD Duron Spitfire?

    Ah well. Then I'll have to wait for a new motherboard... Since this one is going to break very soon. Then I can start creating Mac applications too. Thanks a lot!
  10. OS X On AMD Duron Spitfire?

    Thanks everyone. Here is CPU-Z: My hardware.. Lets see... My Motherboard is a K7NF2-RAID. My Core Processing Unit is a AMD Duron Spitfire. I have 32 MB graphics card, a S3 Savage4. I have a 160GB Harddrive WesternDigital EIDE (WD Caviar "©" SE) with 8MB cache and 7200 RPM tr/min. And my networking card is NVIDIA, cant remember the model. So that is my computer, the newest thing in it is the harddrive, bought it around 8 months ago. Thanks for any help provided.
  11. Hi! Second post I LOVE Mac, and its abstract wallpapers are beautiful and easy on the eyes. So, I decided to start working on a series of wallpapers, all done in Linux (Haha) and using GIMP. I have a few other than these, but they are a WIP and some are for my own operating system; they are not available yet since I and Cats (the person who also is working on the OS) want them to be released with the OS (Called Velo). But these are free of use and modification. At the moment of posting this I have three in progress and only two released, please tell me what you think, if they are so bad I'll just stop creating them. Thanks. Links: And here is another link on where you can download them. http://dojan5.deviantart.com/ They are all in 1600x1200 so they work well on both widescreen and normalscreen. Enjoy and please do comment.
  12. Hi! I'm new to this forum (This is my first post so...). I use Windows Vista SP1, Windows XP SP3 and Velo Linux (My in co-development OS), now I have fallen for Mac too. Since I am 14 years of age, I have no means of actually gaining money, to actually be able to buy a Mac. My computer is fairly old, it runs a AMD Duron Spitfire, and of what I know it does not have SSE2 or SSE3. I have been doing some digging around, and I am still not a 100% sure, is it possible to install OSx86 on a AMD Duron Spitfire? Just because I am 14 years old does not mean that I don't understand computers, so you do not have to think that I am too young to understand, I do program over 20 programming languages. The reason I want a Macintosh OS X is because I want to program applications for Mac too, somewhat like the main reason I got Vista (To see whether my programs and games work with Vista). I am from Sweden, so you will have to excuse my horrible grammar. I have searched both Google and this forum (OBS, tried to search the forum, it says flooding control, please wait 20 seconds, but I have been waiting for 15 minutes) and I have seen it run on AMD Duron Spitfire, but no "How to get it to run on". Any suggestions? All help is gladly appreciated, and again, please forgive my grammar.