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  1. Thanks for Chrand and BuildSmart Hey, It works. I rebrand my WMP300n. Now my OSX see WMP300N as Airport Extream card. Question: my wireless still show at 130mbps instead of 300mbps. Do i need to reaplce or add any kext file.(my install DVD is kalyway 10.5.2) edit: I think I found why wmp300n won't show 300mbps becouse this card doesn't support 40mhz band which require for 300mbps. (sigh, it says on the data sheet on Linksys website)
  2. I got mine system working almost 100 % (because i didn't test the sleep function) following weaksauce12's Guide. My system Setup: Gigabyte EP35-DS3L with F5 BIOS Q6600 4GB ram (G.SKILL DDR2-800 4-4-4-12) EVGA 8600GT ssc edition 256mb IDE 80GB HD (install windows XP on this drive and VMware see this HD as Boot camp drive) SATA 120GB HD (OSX install on this with GUID) SATA2 640GB HD (Data drive) SATA Samsung DVD-/+RW drive Linksys WMP300N (need the pacth to works) by the way, I disable AHCI and native mode (for some reason my 120GB HD won't boot when I enable AHCI and native mode) for the SATA hard drive and shutdown and restart still works.
  3. Try NVinstallers 10.5.3 It works on my card. XFX 8600GT 256mb You just select vanillan driver whcih for 256mb card