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  1. OMG.. THANK YOU !!!.. that fixed it!! just out of curiosity, I tried to search through the installation guide and known problems, but didn't find this mentioned. Can you share where this issue was referenced?
  2. actually it can be converted to 4K, I was able to do that (lost my windows partition because didn't realise the pre-4K image could not be restored on the reformatted disk). hey, how's the trackpad working for you? I just did a fresh install as well (10.14) and my multi touch other than scrolling no longer work. I am unable to get Pinch-to-zoom working AND I no longer see an option to enable 'three finger drag' in accessibility Trackpad options (both were working on 10.13) (I have disabled all other three finger gestures in the Trackpad settings)
  3. Which version are you trying to install? I have the Hynix NVMe too, and the boot errors have nothing to do with the SSD. I had Sierra working fine without the 4K patch, but couldn't get High Sierra to recognize the SSD (or install to it..cant recall its been a while). I think you'll have to convert to 4K sector size if you want to install 10.13 or later. I know this doesn't address the issue youre facing, buy thought id share this just so you can prepare for losing the existing windows and Linux partitions (i was in a similar situation) :(
  4. Will check and confirm. I don't use physical click generally though. I have enabled the "three finger" drag and drop from the Accessibility system preference
  5. how is the pinch to zoom in/out working for you? (or is it not supported?) I get it to zoom in most of the time, zoom out is more finicky not complaining though, since the rest of it is smoother than it has ever been (and now i get what you meant with palm detection, i usually use docked with external peripherals, so didn't realize :D)
  6. this is awesome, can't thank you enough!!
  7. basically, due to an accident that wiped out my Windows partition I decided to bite the bullet and finally format my Hynix SSD to 4K. that seemed to have done the trick for High Sierra installer which detected and was able to install to the disk. I can confirm, the Hynix Piker Alpha patch did not work for me with the 10.13.6 installer.
  8. I did, but i'm not sure why it doesn't work on either the 10.13 and 10.12 set of files from GitHub. Like I said, only the 10.12-1.2-BIOS branch files detect the SDD with the hynix patch. maybe this weekend I spend some time comparing the files to try and determine the differences to get an idea of what might work :)
  9. So I decided to give hackintosh another shot on this machine, and booting using a 10.13 High Sierra USB the NVMe Patch for Hynix drive does not seem to be working - I cannot see the hard drive. NOTE: I have not reformatted my drive for 4K sector size I tried to creating a Sierra (10.12.6) bootable USB using the 10.12 branch but experienced the same issue. the only Clover configuration that recognizes the Hynix NVMe in the Mac OS Installer is the one using 10.12-BIOS-1.21 branch on wmcrhis' GitHub. I am currently running BIOS v1.7. any pointers on what may be the issue here?
  10. I too would like to thank the community for one of the most comprehensive guides for any laptop model I have owned :D, one of the reasons I bought the 9550. still, I had to switch back to windows after a couple of months since 80% of the time I am working docked via TB16, and it wasn't the most robust experience. i have recently gotten a dock for my wife's macbook pro and thinking of switching since she exclusively uses Windows on her machine - before I do, i just wanted to check once more if anyone here had any success with the thunderbolt dock - i know a couple of members were investigating it a while back, but not sure if it led to any breakthroughs. I guess if it's not working yet, probably it's no longer on anyone's priority list and is not going to happen.
  11. ok, guys, sorry if this is slightly off topic, but I've been bashing my head everywhere for 4 days now and still no solution. I had a perfectly good working install of 10.12 (Sierra) on my 9550 (using Hynix NVMe). as per instructions to upgrade to 10.13 I downloaded the installation from AppStore (the full 5+ GB one) and created my install USB. What I didn't do is check the installation from USB before deleting the S/L/E kexts. now when I boot using the usb it shows me my windows and Sierra partition on the SSD, but not the high Sierra installation on USB. I have tried recreating the USB using Pandora, [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] and 'createinstallmedia' method (from a VMWare Sierra VM) but still the same issue of the installation not showing when booting clover (either from USB or SSD). the other issue is I can't boot into Sierra either since the kexts were removed, it simply crashes on boot. I tried copying the kexts from wmchris's 10.12 installation to mac's S/L/E folder using Macdrive from Windows, but that doesn't work either. Any suggestions or help on: 1. Why High Sierra install partition is not recognized? 2. how do I bring back my sierra install into working condition? (tried updating the latest FakeSMS.kext; clover version r4359)
  12. hi Daniyo, were you able to resolve this? I'm facing the same issue, I have tried creating the USB installer using the createinstallmedia command and also Pandora's box. and also tried adding the custom boot option in config.plist -> GUI. none of these solutions have worked for me, I am unable to see the High Sierra installation volume on boot.
  13. hey goodwin, any updates on your TB work? do you think you can share what you have so far? in my case my TB USB ports had stopped working (even when plugged in at boot) since I upgraded from 10.12.5 to 10.12.6 (if i recall, although it's been a while and i may be mistaken). I am hoping if I reapply the changes you have made to get the USB (HDMI works fine) ports on the dock working, that should be sufficient for my needs
  14. lol, you are right, it does crash after 3-5 seconds on unplugging!! EDIT: besides that, i think i messed up my system by upgrading to 10.12.6 .. now it's not picking any devices attached to the dock (TB16), though monitor still works when plugged in at boot. (didn't try plugging in after boot yet).