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  1. Apple's EFI choice

    Apple used EFI because it was probably much easier to make FireWire Target Disk Mode, NetBooting (similar to PPC Macs), NVRAM clearing (similar to PPC Macs), "Option-booting", and other Mac-like things work in EFI than hacking up a BIOS. ...if there's no backwards-comatibility concerns, why burden yourself with it?
  2. The main reason Classic apps don't work is that the majority of them contain pieces of 680x0 code, which Rosetta can't emulate. A full 68k/PPC emulator would be required for most programs.
  3. The integrated graphics on the 2400 only seem to work in 800x600x4 mode. 16 colors isn't very flattering for OS X. Any way to force it to use another graphics driver?