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  1. I'm trying to setup a dual boot but my HD is not formatted the right way. I have a program called TransMac 7.3 that can format a disk drive for MAC use. I've tested it on an external drive and it works and the setup dvd recognizes it as a volume that i can install to. but i dont want it on an external drive, i want it on my built in HD. anyone know how to format a partition using this TransMac program? thanks.
  2. okay that got me past the blue screen. now i am stuck where it says "select a volume to install MAC osx" - nothing shows up. i searched around and i'm not sure if my HD is the correct kind. i already set up a partition using partition magic for my OSx install. anybody have any ideas.
  3. ahh, good idea - i'll plug in my other monitor and give it a try. thank you sir.
  4. Here are screenshots of my computer stuff. I'm pretty sure I have the required stuff. Click to enlarge the pics.
  5. I'm trying to setup a dual boot on my PC with XP and OSX. I downloaded the patched version of OS X 86 off the piratebay torrent site. It came with instructions on how to partition my drive using partition magic. I followed everything step by step. When I try to boot the DVD i burned it loads through the grey screen with apple logo, then about 5-10 min later it goes to a blue screen. I left it at this blue screen for an hour the first time. About 10 hours the second time, and about 3 hours the 3rd time and it never makes it past it to the installation. Anybody willing to guide me through the process. I'll give about $20-$30 bucks through paypal or mail to anyone who can get me going. Thank you very much. You can respond to this thread, or IM me at 'joesupra914' - -Joey