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  1. Marvell Yukon 88E8056 (with iAtkos 10.5.7)

    I am having the exact same problem with Marvell 88E8053 controller. It simply does not display at all under the Network settings.
  2. Nvidia GT200 Series ?

    Netkas has show us that Snow Leopard is still good to go.
  3. Nvidia GT200 Series ?

    It would appear that it will not once it goes public. GT 120 and the 4870 may very well be the only updates we see until Snow Leopard http://www.apple.com/macpro/features/graphics.html
  4. Nvidia GT200 Series ?

    Would be nice if he could chime in and let us know if he found anything in the latest beta.
  5. Nvidia GT200 Series ?

    How did it end up?
  6. Ive no such option on mine.
  7. Same here, which is why I purchased my card at a local Best Buy. Once it did not work I returned it. It 'could' be possible to stick the OSX card on the top slot, and the Windows card on the bottom. Once in Windows I would think it would see two video cards and you might be able to disable the OSX one (in the Device Manager) and continue to use the Windows one. In our case, simply not installing the ATI drivers might suffice. I should have tried that :/
  8. Not I. I am using a Jr P45-T2RS and was unable to get this to work. It could be because my BIOS has no option to boot up on anything but the first PCIE slot or a normal PCI card.
  9. Build a Perfect Mac for less than $250

    Aww what the heck. I have some time to kill and a retail Leopard DVD around here some place. I will give conlan's method a try and see how that goes for me. It seems simple enough...
  10. Build a Perfect Mac for less than $250

    If I could find a super watered down guide to follow - I would be all over that. The problem is that when I start reading guides for Boot-132 it goes over my head. With XxX all I have to do is pop in the DVD and check off my hardware from a list. No mess.
  11. I have followed this guide despite the fact that it was written for Vista and now Windows 7. If I create a folder in Windows, it can be seen and modified within Leopard. If I create a folder in Leopard, Windows 7 spits out this error whenever I attempt to connect to it; What really bothers me is that Windows can 'see' the Leopard machine on the network - just can not open it. Is this a Windows 7 problem or have I messed something up?
  12. Build a Perfect Mac for less than $250

    That is true. I canceled the Kalaway installation midway and gave XxX another shot. As I said before, everything but the sound works right out of the box - with the added bonus of it already being 10.5.6. No jumping though hoops to get updates or even patching to get working video. Using this driver enables audio, but you lose the Mic input. According to the first post though... ... if you used Kalaway, chances are you never had it to begin with. Everything is running smooth as butter now.
  13. Build a Perfect Mac for less than $250

    I am having similar problems with XxX_10.5.6_Leo_Install. Everything works right out of the box with the exception of sound. I am in the process of giving Kalaway a shot. Sure would have been nice to get XxX to work
  14. What about the new ATI HD4850 ?

    I am pretty new to this forum myself, but some of you shock even me by how little you bother to read though this very topic before asking for help. Does 48xx work on OS X (no) How do I force my widescreen resolution in VESA (you can not on an ATI card) When will Snow Leopard be out (when it is ready) Can you dump the Snow Leopard driver for Leopard (no) all these questions and more have already been answered to death. I am in no way trying to be mean since folks around here have been helpful to me, but at least take a minute of your time to look though things before asking questions.
  15. What about the new ATI HD4850 ?