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  1. Dear Hackintosh professors. I am quite new to this thing, but when I watched YouTube video of working Snow Leopard on VAIO P I was amazed! I use mac for a long time, but I need quite sma ll mac for my travels, so this is a perfect solution. My question is very simple, can someone kindly link me some step-by-step guide of how to install SL on the P? I found A LOT of everything in this thread and finally did not understand! So dumb I am, excuse me... I have P11Z, can someone kindly describe the whole procedure - how to prepare USB drive, what where and how should I copy etc. Very kind of all you. Alex.
  2. Cheers! oldnapalm I have the no-name notebook Admiral. C2D 1.6, Sata, 2 Gb RAM. I am using iDeneb 10.5.8 Everything is working! When I try to put it in sleep, screen is turning off, hdd probably also, but fans are moving and this is all. Then I can only hold power button to shut it off. I applyed DSDT patcher to new installed system, and got AML file, but before this I did not have dsdt.aml file in my / Anyone can help with this? Thanks. kextstat.rtf.zip dsdt.aml.zip
  3. Hey! Oldnapalm! Many Thanks! It WORKS! Thank you very much! Sleep and audio - working. And small question - how can I check that SpeedStep is working? And also is it possible to enable deepsleep in SnowLeo?
  4. Thank you. Well, I replaced my dsdt with your - and no boot. Then I realized that maybe I should just use some parts of code from it. Though I don't know what are these parts. Can you give me some hint?
  5. Hi guys! Just installed SL - everything works but sound and sleep. My MoBo is Asus P5E Deluxe. Can you please help me patch this dsdt file please. I got stuck with it! Many thanks! dsdt.aml.zip