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    __________________________<br /><br /><br />Intel E6750<br />Abit IP35 pro<br />Nvidia 8800gt 512mb<br />4gb DDR2 800mhz<br />iAtkos 10.5.4
  1. Big thanks to ricola! I've got my SL running very well except few issues: 1)Can't weake up from sleep 2)Can't backup to network share with time machine - "com.apple.backupd[228] Couldn't find en0" => can't get right name of sparsebundle. If someone fixed those issues, please reply
  2. Come on! i can't believe i'm the only one who have such problem!
  3. My monitor stretches 4:3 resolution to 16:10 In windows/linux, (with DVI connection) there is an option to scale while maintaining aspect ratio (black bars on left and right). I think, video adapter working in 1680x1050 (for monitor), but scales 4:3 modes with it's own methods. I wonder how can i achieve this on mac.... add: the point is not to pick up the right mode. i want 4:3 resolutions with black bars (for example, while playing diablo2) "1024x768" and "1024x768 (stretched)" modes looks same, only difference - switch to stretched mode is faster (i think mode is changed only on videoadapter side - for monitor, it's still 1680x1050)
  4. Could you please direct me to this screen settings? I can't find it!
  5. Hi everyone! My 8800GT works perfectly in iATKOS 4i. Only one thing is ruining the idyll. Non-widescreen resolution are scretched. This is very ugly. My stupid monitor (Samsung bw225) can't handle this. In windows/linux solution is simple - nvidia driver can scale with fixed aspect ratio. So i was wondering if this is possible with NVinject or other program on Mac? I've searched many corners of the internet, with no luck. Am I alone with my problem? Are everybody happy with stretching?