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  1. Airport - PCIe Half Mini

    Hey guys! I just wanted to ask what kind of speeds you are getting as I am a little disappointed performance wise. I bought a AW-CB160H / BCM94360HMB and it's capping at ~30Mbps. Using Windows, I get roughly 144Mbps with the exact same setup. I patched my country code to DE as per post #1 and that worked. Before that I didn't even get 1Mbps. 5ghz works as well. I didn't test Handoff/Airdrop/Bluetooth as I don't need it. Thank you!
  2. Okay I got it working now. It was the crappy antennas that were included with the card. I re-attached them and put them outside of the case. I can connect to my 5ghz network now and I get 30Mbps. I should be getting 50Mbps but thats okay for now. I will be getting proper antennas, hopefully it will work out. Thank you so much for your help al6042!
  3. In your first post you mentioned Comment BCM94352 5 GHz (>10.10.3) but I have the BCM94360. Is that a problem? I'm still a bit lost here Edit: btw I got my clover config.plist open now, but I'm not quite sure where to go from here Edit #2: Okay I figured it out. Country code is DE now but nothing else has changed. The speed is still bad and my other two networks aren't showing up at all.
  4. Awesome, thanks for your help! One more thing though.. I installed clover using the "multi tool" (is it still not allowed to name them here?). So by clover do you mean a separate application in OSX or the actual bootloader where I choose what partition I wanna boot from? Sorry for being a noob
  5. My second wifi network has a 2.4 and a 5ghz network so it should at least pick up the 2.4 one if it's a 5ghz problem? The card appears to have the country code XT but I'm in Germany. Could that be the problem? I will check out the guide, although it's a little confusing to be honest. Will this update the devices firmware? Or is this just a fix for OSX. I need the card to work properly in Windows as well.
  6. Hey all, so I just got my new Wifi Card thinking that it would be supported OOB. It's an Azurewave AW-CB160H with a BCM94360HMB chip. It's being recognized by OS X and the WiFi icon is there but I can only select one of my networks (an old Wifi router from my ISP) and it's so slow that I can't use it. I can't even load up a simple google search. So I booted into Windows to check if the card is working but it's not OOB. After a lengthy hunt for drivers I found that the Asus PCE-AC68 uses the same BCM76360. I installed the Asus drivers and low and behold, it's the same {censored} connectivity as in OSX. Do I need to update the firmware maybe? Is the thing broken? I got it off of eBay, is there a way to verify that it has indeed the BCM94360 chip on it? Any help would be appreciated! Edit: the country code appears to be set to XT. Could that be the problem?
  7. Make ASUS EAH6850 100% work!

    hey guys, i know this is a pretty old thread, but i was wondering if one of you guys could point me in the right direction. i have my setup working for quite a while now and i never had any problems. i'm using duckweed as aticonfig.. dvd player and everything is working fine (singlescreen). today i got a second screen, which also uses dvi, and guess what, it doesn't work so i've read about patching the framebuffer to use the right connecctor (right?) but i don't know how it's actually done. i know my way around the os and terminal, i just need said point in the right direction i'm using an asus eah 6850, and running 10.7.3. edit: i just got it working. i used op's ATI6000Controller.kext and GraphicsEnabler=Yes, AtiConfig=Duckweed, AtiPorts=4. everything works fine now (dvd player, steam) on both displays. thank you so much!
  8. same here.. can't get the usb stick to boot. i had to use lion on my notebook to follow this guide and create the stick, as the hdd snow leopard (on my oc) was on broke last week (thanks again andy, for your great sl guide!). lion's disk utility doesen't offer the "Erase Volume" checkbox when restoring an image, so i let it format the device again. it does still have the guid partition table, but it is not journaled. it tried to add journaling via terminal (sudo diskutil enableJournaling /dev/disk2s3) but to no avail.. i really think the journaling is the problem here, but i have no idea how to enable it. do you guys know an alternative to disk utility?
  9. i got this problem too... i will try it with idlehalt=0. i hope it works
  10. Install Dvd doesen't boot!? 10.4.5

    i checked it now: it's defenitly disk0s1... I installed even 10.4.5 ( wich is working perfectly with cpus=2 ) -> Kernel panic when it is trying to boot. What is wrong?! Ok, it works finally with 10.4.5.. I love it! Thank you guyis very very much!!
  11. Install Dvd doesen't boot!? 10.4.5

    Ok.. i will give it a try now.. Thanks in advance!! EDIT: Well... it doesent work anyway -.- It seemed to load properly (lots of text came up my screen ^^) but in the end the is another kernel panic... I did that: rd=disk0s1 cpus=2 platform=ACPI -v With cpus=1 it only stucks at the very beginning... A funny this is somehow, that when I type rd=diskOs1 there appears a couple of "still waiting for root device"... WTF?!
  12. Install Dvd doesen't boot!? 10.4.5

    the problem is, I cant type any boot options because if i hit F8 with those options, the setup would start. The MAIN problem is: I CANT boot with the Install dvd because the kernel panics.
  13. Install Dvd doesen't boot!? 10.4.5

    ok.. somehow it worked with cpus=2 i installed it now.. but i cant boot it... if ther is no osx dvd in the device, it doesent happen anything. if theres the dvd is inside, it loads some datas pretty fast and then a kernel panic appears again (i let the time go through ...waiting 8 seconds...) should i try it with cpus=2 again? and where can i write this? some ideas? I installed the sse 2 patch, the amd base system and the 10.4.6 patch.
  14. Install Dvd doesen't boot!? 10.4.5

    still the same problem... with all my osx versions (10.4.3 up to 10.4.6)... Don't know why this is happenig -.- As I saw, im not the only one with the problem, theres another thread with this problem. But there is no opinion either -.- I hope you guys can help me to get this work somehow!