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  1. Installing leo4all on a dc7100

  2. Installing leo4all on a dc7100

    Hi I have just installed leo4all v3 on a HPdc7100 and it installs fine, no issues whatsoever. When the system reboots it either freezes on a black screen or runs a series of text lines and then reboots. Please can anyone help as I have been trying to get leopard running for days and this is the closest I have got. I have also tried Kalyways and atikos both of which dont even let me get as far as installing thanks Oh I only use the dvd no patch file as I dont think this version needs one (as you can tell I am new to this)
  3. Hello All I want to run leopard 10.5.1 kalyway as a virtual machine using vmware server 2.0. Are there any special things I need to do as after I have created the machine and I boot the disk one of two things happens If I press return at the prompt then I get the grey apple screen and logo and it does not move. If I use -v or -x then I get a vast amount of text but again it doesnt do anything. I can give more info on request just not sure what you are after.
  4. Im sure this has been asked before

    can u suggest a good download site - rapidshare files would be best
  5. Im sure this has been asked before

    thanks Ill give it a go gives a lot of too many crashes in rapid succession failed to create ........... loads too may to mention here it does mention a read only file system
  6. Im sure this has been asked before

    sorry bit new to this how do I do that
  7. Hi sorry about this guys/gals I have just downloaded kalyway 10.5.1 OSX and I am trying to install it. When I boot the disk I get the prompt to press F8 or press enter to boot. I have been pressing enter and the disk drive starts accessing and I get the grey screen with the apple logo on it. THis does not seem to change (ive waited approx 15 mins each time) and the drive stops accessing although the ywirly think below the apple logo keeps spinning.. Is there something else I need to do. I have a HP DC 7800 with 2gb of ram. I am new to this and have been searching the forum for the past hour and a half with no joy on any hints that would help me. Sorry if this is an easy fix but I cant seem to find anyone who has had this issue. thanks