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  1. Hi, Mac OS X Lion already work on HP Compaq 610 : Attached: 1. BIOS with whitelist patched for WLAN for HP Compaq 610, 2. My latest worked DSDT for HP Compaq 610, 3. My worked SSDT tables with tables from Juanerson for work C-States 4. IO80211Famly.kext for Broadcom 43xx WiFi cards 5. AppleIntelGMAX3100* kexts(patched for my 2a12is) include AppleIntelGMAX3100FB from 10.6.8 (remove mouse jumping effect) 6. AppleACPIPlatfom from 10.6.8 needed for AppleACPIBatteryManager 7. AppleACPIBatteryManager 8. IOPlatformPluginFamily(modified) 9. FakeSMC.kext 10. SMBIOS.list (you need to find your own serial and add it to SMserial) 11. org.chameleon.Boot.plist 12. Patch script for Snow Leopard & Lion To Moderators: May be rename this topic to HP Compaq 610 and move or | and copy to Notebooks section ? If anybody have suggestion for better work Mac OS X on HP Compaq 610, please post in this theme. Thanks. HP.Compaq.610.Lion.pack.zip
  2. Hi, My Notebook is HP Compaq 610 (C2D T5870 (Merom), GMAX3100, etc). Facts is: DSDT + SSDT-SSDT-8 from AIDA, AppleIntelGMAX3100FB from 10.6.8, MacBook.3,1 (Before there I also have screen freeze with GMAX3100) If DropSSDT=Yes + GenerateP&C-States=Yes -> Generates C&P successufull in dmesg. But in IORegExplorer see only PerfomaceStates and LPC warning in dmesg (I understand than C-States is but dont controkked by system) If replace my SSDT-5,SSDT-6 with your for Merom, (other my SSDT 0,1,2,3,4,7,8 stay in Extra and loaded with your) DropSSDT=Yes, GenerateP&C-States=No - > have PefomanceStates & AICPMVers in IOregExplorer, and no LPC warning in dmesg. Juanerson, can you explaint what you do with SSDT for get work and visible C-States(AICPMVers) ? And what I need to do with my replaced SSDT 5-6 ? Thanks, and sorry for my english.
  3. Updated to 10.6.6, thats all ok.
  4. . I have two DSDT for our HP Compaq 610: one from Damiene, and another one. For me second is more stable. But in Damiene working external monitor And now i'm using Chameleon RC5m-688 branch: http://www.projectos...?showtopic=1106 NOTE: if you want to use this bootloader add to com.apple.Boot.plist GraphicsEnabler="No" 2 Damien: do you get "C & P -States generated succesfully" message ? DSDT.aml.zip DSDT.aml.2.zip
  5. HP Compaq 610 intel core due

    http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...l=hp+compaq+610 - Snow OS X Universal 3.6
  6. Updated with 10.6.5 Combo, patch AppleIntelGMAX3100 kexts & IONetworkingFamily.kext All working. But is system.log have - "cannot get UUID error 35", how to resolve? Thanks DamienValentine for DSDT. Good Luck
  7. Thanks for reply, but the situation is: Before I have 10.6.3 on Compaq 610 fully worked with DSDT, patched GMA3100 kexts, and so on, Now I have updated to 10.6.4, and boot to single user without problem, but normal boot with my GMA kext, or witout it , or with -x - not work, (after enanling packet filtering, trying to start graphics show the blue screen & mouse & then black sceen with cursor)
  8. Hi, Anybody make update to 10.6.4 on Compaq 610 and have working graphics ? I'm update my worked 10.6.3 to 10.6.4 and have a black screen. May be problem with GMA X3100.
  9. Leopard Laptops with NON-working GMA X3100

    Hi, You can try kexts from McGyver ( find on kexts.com) + Natit + EDID ovverride method or if have DSDT only try kexts. For me on HP Compaq 610 worked all methods. Good Luck.