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  1. Since I did the update to El Capitan lately, just wanted to quickly chime in and also confirm the driver works like a charm with the increased buffers. The system even sleeps and resumes with audio fully working afterwards now with 10.11 (didn't work on Mavericks, with the defective Gigabyte board, resume failed with some PCI region problem, and the replacement Asus board failed to sleep properly at all, but I assume some configuration/ACPI/DSDT issue for the latter).
  2. Well, tampered a bit with the driver code, and this little change completely removes the described problem for me, without sacrifying anything output-latency related or system stability or so. So if the change goes in, anyone experiencing this should get the driver source, build+install the kext and check again. @Gringo Vermelho, thanks again for taking your time and your suggestions! :-) nst
  3. Didn't get further yet (so didn't change anything more yet), will have time to fiddle around with the install next week and keep you (and everyone else interested) uptodate. I had a look at the driver source (which is up on GitHub now for some time at https://github.com/kxproject/kx-audio-driver) and saw two or three spots to add some debug code and maybe find related things, but also one really suspecting spot when thinking of Mavericks and the new "Timer Coalescing", will also play a bit with that
  4. First, thanks for your hints! Well, I have a feeling the former was more or less a direct hit. I've been using some old (handmade? don't really remember where I got it from) SSDT matching my particular processor, but seemingly not _fully_ matching. I replaced it by one generated with ssdtprgen, and while once I got the somewhat-buffer-underflow-crackling again, I'm listening to a stream for over 3/4 hour now, without anymore hiccups, which is a huge improvement already. No, at least not that I'm aware of, but then, the MoBo setup has everything set to defaults, which might do some slight "performance increase", but didn't look yet. However, there's not that much to overclock, since the processor is a non-K variant. Will try changing to that. Due to the SB-CPU, it's currently set up to pretent it's an iMac12,2 (actually, I upgraded from a P67 MoBo lately and didn't change it since, but the audio issue was already there with that board). On a side note (missed that in the first posting) - onboard audio (AppleHDA+ALC887) works without any slightest issue, regardless of any workloads. At least /proc/interrupts in Linux pretents it isn't sharing anything, but well... Yeah, found that thread, and basically, my DSDT doesn't have any edits regarding the IRQ things in the PIC/HPET/TIMR devices, so probably making adjustments here might help even further, will see - but only one thing at a time ;-) Again, thanks for the hints! nst
  5. Hi, am also using a SB0350 (Audigy 2 ZS) on Mavericks (10.9.2) on an Asus P8Z77-V LX (i7-2600, 8GB Ram, Nvidia GeForce GTX760 - everything working nicely so far), and having a quite annoying problem with it: Whenever I play back audio, after a random but usually short amount of time (from one minute up to ten minutes) the audio stream starts crackling, sounding as if some kind of buffer would be either shifted or overrun, but the original sound is still noticeable (so it doesn't just start to make random noise). Stopping and starting the stream again (e.g. in iTunes, hit stop and start) fixes it temporarily until it starts to make buffer-shifting sounds again. Having only stereo speakers connected, Audio/MIDI setup is configured for stereo mode aswell. Anyone had this and found a way to work around this? Regards, nst