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  1. Out Of The Box Mac

    Seems would be easier if someone could put together a package that works with minimal mods etc. Does anyone have a system for LION that runs OOB or close to it ? Seems all the modding and changing is alot of work, best to find compatable hardware and START with that.
  2. I don't understand what a tutorial is ? This board from the start powers up. Then I leave ALL BIOS options at default ? When I load my disc and select "cutomize" ? What do I leave check/uncheck ? I have no USB or Audio. I am greatful for this forum and it's members and bought this board on the "out of the box advice" yet there's no step by step. The DVD has a few choices on it ? Can someone put together a complete tutorial ?
  3. HCL guide: who did the test?

    May I ask why you would like to know ? I am considering purchasing the Foxconn 45CM-S board to run the LATEST Leopard.
  4. I want to go buy a motherbard and CPU to run Leopard. Could someone tell me the best (not most expensive) Motherboard, Dual-Core CPU to buy that will run Vanilla Leopard. And also the best "version" of DVD to use. Somewhere I found a Intel Mainboard to use and can't find the link again ?
  5. "Original" Motherboard

    does anyone answer these ?
  6. Back to original

    Can someone tell me the motherboard that is CLOSESTS to what apple uses . Been trying to find that info to build a tiger computer from scratch. Any recommended CPU etc. Is it possable to "clone" the hardware so I can install Leopard without modding the software etc. Seems to make more sense.
  7. I was wondering what motherboard resembles the board used for Tiger, not the cheapest not "the best" the one closest to THE ORIGINAL ALSO ESPECIALLY the one used for Leopard. I know the info is floating around, tried google for original chipset and can't find it again "Closest" CPU also (or best matching Dual-Core). Forget all the hacking and praying. Better to just match the hardware first ! I want to build a Leopard from scratch. Then, which DVD version should I use for a "native" install. The mac clone - I love it ! CAT IN A MIRROR I would really really appreciate any help/links (newbie). p.s. >>> *** YOU GUYS RULE !!!!!! *** <<< (major oops) I fried my ATI X1300 Pro (256MB AGP) using Tiger - it overheated and burned out ! Rest of system (now on-board vga) running fine
  8. Boot problems

    I installed Uphuck i1.4 v3 on my Asus P4P800-VM Mainboard. All seems to go well but when I reboot I get a blinking curser. Fixed - formatted with MBR instead. Should I need to. ? 1 Partition - otherwise working !