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  1. MSI x-slim x600 Support?

    I Have this MSI x600 Laptop that i have a deep interest in putting OSX on. It deffinitly looks the part lol. So anyway here is some prelimiary information on the laptop itself It has... Intel Core 2 Solo SU3500 @1.4GHz ATi Mobility Radeon HD 4330 RealTek HD Audio RealTek PCIe GBE Family Controller (Ethernet) - RTL8167 Intel WiFi Link 5350 & Intel WiFi Link 5100 (Which ever is supported id switch out for the one that is most supported) BisonCam, NB Pro (Webcam, hope this is supported) ElanTech PS/2 MultiTouch TouchPad (Hope this is supported aswell) Do i have any hope in ever seeing leopard on this machine? if so, i need help as to what i need to get to get it working. Thanks in advanced everyone .
  2. Built-in iSight (MacBook) PC Mod

    OK!, got the flex cable!. But now I'm perplexed by a few things. and Thanks Charred, i read the guys pin-out chart 1 And 2 are unused. Pin 3 (light blue, white conductor): USB D+ Pin 4 (light blue, purple conductor): USB D- Pin 5/6 (orange): USB VCC (+5VDC) Pin 7/8 (orange): USB GND Looking at the flex cable yes, there are in fact 3 wires. A light blue one with 2 other wires inside. and my gosh, the wiring inside the white and purple wire appears thinner than hair, how the hell am i going to solder them if i might evaporate the metals away XD (although never soldered before, half-assed assumption. lol) And 2 Orange ones, just gotta figure out which one is ground. P.S- Was at a radioshack the other day, saw some cheap solderers for sale... can soldering be really that hard? i obviously don't wanna {censored} up