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    MSI x-slim x600 Support?

    I Have this MSI x600 Laptop that i have a deep interest in putting OSX on. It deffinitly looks the part lol. So anyway here is some prelimiary information on the laptop itself It has... Intel Core 2 Solo SU3500 @1.4GHz ATi Mobility Radeon HD 4330 RealTek HD Audio RealTek PCIe GBE Family Controller (Ethernet) - RTL8167 Intel WiFi Link 5350 & Intel WiFi Link 5100 (Which ever is supported id switch out for the one that is most supported) BisonCam, NB Pro (Webcam, hope this is supported) ElanTech PS/2 MultiTouch TouchPad (Hope this is supported aswell) Do i have any hope in ever seeing leopard on this machine? if so, i need help as to what i need to get to get it working. Thanks in advanced everyone .
  2. ranmasaotome510

    Built-in iSight (MacBook) PC Mod

    OK!, got the flex cable!. But now I'm perplexed by a few things. and Thanks Charred, i read the guys pin-out chart 1 And 2 are unused. Pin 3 (light blue, white conductor): USB D+ Pin 4 (light blue, purple conductor): USB D- Pin 5/6 (orange): USB VCC (+5VDC) Pin 7/8 (orange): USB GND Looking at the flex cable yes, there are in fact 3 wires. A light blue one with 2 other wires inside. and my gosh, the wiring inside the white and purple wire appears thinner than hair, how the hell am i going to solder them if i might evaporate the metals away XD (although never soldered before, half-assed assumption. lol) And 2 Orange ones, just gotta figure out which one is ground. P.S- Was at a radioshack the other day, saw some cheap solderers for sale... can soldering be really that hard? i obviously don't wanna {censored} up
  3. ranmasaotome510

    Built-in iSight (MacBook) PC Mod

    ugh actually even if i did get the cable, i don't know the diagram for the iSight USB connector. oh noes o.O
  4. ranmasaotome510

    Built-in iSight (MacBook) PC Mod

    wow you're such a big help, thanks for all this helpful information . All the charts help a bunch! My only gripe is i don't have the connector cable for the iSight assembly. Messaging the guy i bought it from on ebay to see if he has any. And another potential person on ebay. i Have zero soldering skills (don't even have a solderer) so i cant say ill be doing anything just yet, i might ask a friend to help out. (heck i wonder if i may do this without soldering, i just gotta get the wires together essentially rite?) I JUST NEED THAT DAMNED WIRE! Ugh! Btw CharredPC slightly excited u replied, i read your entire thread about your hackintosh Acer before deciding on doing this. so its slightly awesome seeing help the same person who basically inspired me to do this to lol. you're awesome Now to play the waiting game for the cable... -.-
  5. ranmasaotome510

    Built-in iSight (MacBook) PC Mod

    Hey everyone, first post i believe lol. Anyway! recently Ive been feeling quite adventurous. And as such id like to take it upon my laptop i recently got (MSI X-Slim 600). Great laptop, love its design, reminds me of the simplicity apple does with there macbooks. I gave it only 1 upgrade thus far, and that was taking out the rather slow 320GB 5200rpm drive and swapping it with the Seagate momentous drive 500GB 7200rpm. Great improvement. It hurts to know the CPU is soldered onto the motherboard... If there was some way that was upgradable id do it in a heartbeat. The Intel SU3500 @ 1.40 GHz with 3MB Cache is proving anything but being a beast. I feel its essentialy an ATOM 270 on steroids. Not very noteworthy. IF only there was someway to upgrade it to a Intel Core2 Duo SU9600.... Maybe someday. But back to the Point of this thread After completely dismantling my laptop and analyzing its innards (i am by no means proficient in hardware reverse engineering) i realized the cable that goes to the built in webcam (Some BisonCam) is 5 pin (albeit its own proprietary connector i believe) goes straight down the back of the LCD where it joins in the LCD cable. (i cant see anything other than assuming it is together cause all the electrical tape is covering the evidence) and from there its just 1 cable that connects to the motherboards LCD connector. its some Female connector type, and its 40pin. Why i was doing this (main inspection) was to see if its possible to just replace the BisonCam with the Builtin iSight Assembly i recently purchased and is in my hands. The iSight itself seems to be USB although my main impression was the connector it has is 8pins which i assume is the USB?. and it has a 3-pin cable sticking out of it, which from observation seems to be coming from the built in microphone. First picture is of the iSight Assembly, Second is the built-in BisonCam, third is the LCD+USB? Connector Any Experienced peeps know how i should go about this? I should have probably taken a picture of the back of the LCD to show you, although it toke enough time to dismantle it, and I'm a student full time. So until i have some spare time ill take those photos. And the LCD Connector.
  6. ranmasaotome510

    X600 Mobility Widescreen

    im in the same boat, same laptop, same problem. So ill help bump this, and hopefully someone well be able to help us both