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  1. Have a look over at http://www.kvraudio.com/get.php they have a huge database of AU & VST plugins including loads of free stuff...
  2. I'd guess its either your version of Logic 8 or your soundcard ? any details on either?
  3. Logic Pro 8 - Channel EQ crashes

    No i haven't tried any others, i'm not too sure which one to go for to be honest. Not that i know of. I just have the standard JaS 10.4.8 install. What would the smbiosenabler allow me to do? Thanks
  4. Post your STUDIO SETUP.

    Have you got something you'd like us all to hear Glemt9 ? Why don't you start the ball rolling in another thread?
  5. Logic Pro 8 - Sleep problem

    I have the screensaver turned to 'Never' done by rightclicking the desktop and going through the display menus. So i can leave it on all day and the screensaver will not appear, whether no apps are running, or a safari and other things are running - it NEVER sleeps. But, if i leave Logic running, after a while the screensaver turns on and when i move the mouse to get back to Logic, Logic crashes! Any ideas?
  6. Logic Pro 8 - Channel EQ crashes

    Thanks for the info De Sad - i've been using the Sonalkysis eq actually, but that crashed a couple times at the weekend I guess my setup is a little sensitive to EQ plugins. Weird, as synth plugins and other effect types seem fine.
  7. DAW of choice

    I've never used Pro Tools, but i went from Ableton to Logic Pro and haven't looked back. In hindsight, Ableton always put an 'Ableton-esque' sound/feel to anything i produced in it, i always felt a little confined to do stuff the ableton way. Logic is much more of a blank canvas, its more intuitive, and i work faster in it as a result, plus the sound out of it is IMHO better. After playing with Cubase, Acid, FL & Ableton i find Logic Pro is in a class of its own. FYI i produce electronic stuff (tech-house/electro).
  8. Logic Pro 8 - Channel EQ crashes

    Hey thanks tomazzzi, i didnt realise it was that simple. I'll have a look for a Vanilla kernel for 10.4.8 in that case.
  9. Logic Pro 8 - Channel EQ crashes

    .......i think i'll leave it as is then, and work without channel EQ.... Cheers!
  10. Logic Pro 8 - Channel EQ crashes

    I'd like to get Channel EQ working, but i'm scared of changing the Kernel in case it breaks my existing setup. Is it a simple thing to do thats easy/safe to back out of ?
  11. Logic Pro 8 - Channel EQ crashes

    Thanks for the responses guys. I agree that 1gb of ram isnt much, but i don't *think* this problem is ram related. For example, i'm working on a 19 track song at the moment which has: 5 x EX24s 3 x ES1's 6 x Logic compressors 1 x Logic Limiter 2 x Logic bitcrushers 3 x Logic reverbs 5 x Logic fat EQs 2 x NI Massive synths (notoriously resource hungry) and it runs fine! Yet if i open a new project with 2 tracks and 2 Channel EQ's, it falls over. I've tried turning off the channel EQ graphic, but that made no difference. I wonder if Channel EQ differs from all the other plugins and makes some kind of SS3 calls? I'm really pleased that i have Logic running sweetly on such a low spec machine, Channel EQ is the only problem.
  12. Logic Pro 8 - Channel EQ crashes

    Hmm. I wonder what could be causing it. Oh well, i can use other eq plugs, so it could be worse ! Thanks.
  13. Hey all ! I have Logic Pro 8 running great, apart from a problem with Channel EQ (ie. where you can see the EQ modification at the top of the channel in the mixer window). I can add multiple plugin effects to a number of sends, and have been using Fat EQ instead, but i wonder why if i apply Channel EQ and start playing the track, i get a Logic crash (usually the multithreaded one). Anyone had this?
  14. the Prodikeys MAC-MIDI Project.

    Any update on this driver, this Prodikeys looks perfect for my small studio.....