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    10.7 Lion DP2 on a Dell Optiplex 755

    I followed these instructions but get the error that I'm missing a mach_kernel when I try and boot off the USB. EDIT: I copied my boot fiel to mach_kernel - now I get "Mach-0 file has bad magic number" Any ideas? Also there are two different boot files. One in boot.zip and one in GX755. Which one are we supposed to use? They have different files sizes.
  2. IvanPistoff

    vmware Fusion on Hackintosh Host, Kenel Panic

    Dellmantt, thanks for pointing out that post. Yes, I am running 10.6.4 & the legacy kernel. Looks like the kernel was named legacy_kernel. I copied it to mach_kernel and changed my /Extra/com.apple.Boot.plist to reflect that and after a reboot it works! I have never used VirtualBox. I'll have to look into that for an option in the future. Many thanks!
  3. I've got an otherwise rock solid install of Snow Leopard running on a Dell Optiplex GX520. So far it's been running great. I've installed VMware Fusion and had no problems through the install but when I try and start a virtual machine I get a kernel panic. I've had Fusion working before on a 10.5.8 AMD box. No tinkering, it just worked. What could be different? Any ideas? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  4. IvanPistoff

    Can't Post

    Thanks man.
  5. IvanPistoff

    Can't Post

    Well, then I'm glad it wasn't just because I didn't look hard enough. I really do try to do my research first.
  6. IvanPistoff

    Can't Post

    I read the Help like a good boy too, and I didn't catch that. Thanks. Dellmantt, did I say thanks? Cause I meant to.... (Doh! Didn't count as a post though
  7. IvanPistoff

    Can't Post

    Hello, I've been a memeber for a little while now. I still can not start a new topic in the other forums. I have been able to reply to others, I can't can't start one of my own. I was trying to start a topic under, Post Install - Snow Leopard. Any help? Thanks!
  8. IvanPistoff

    Dell Optiplex GX520

    I figured out how to set the MAC address automatically. That setMAC script DOES NOT work. Instead I found this MACADD script from another thread that does the job. I'll post it here if I can figure out how to save others the headache. MACADD.txt
  9. IvanPistoff

    Dell Optiplex GX520

    This was a very helpful guide! Thanks Dellmantt A couple of things though: I couldn't create my own dsdt.aml file. When I tried to save it - it just simply wouldn't. No error just didn't write the file. Weird. I used the one scififan68 posted and it worked for me, thanks! I also don't get a mac address and have to set one manually. I'm trying the setmac script but its not working. I'm sure I'll figure it out eventually. Other than that this seems to be a solid working machine! I have not tried sound yet - no speakers.
  10. IvanPistoff

    Distorted menus after 10.5.3 update

    After running the 10.5.3 update my video doesn't work at all! I get a blank black screen. I know the system is working because once the hard drive light stops flashing I can hit the power button, then "enter" and it shuts down safely. I tried copying the kexts mentioned here but no difference. Any ideas? Thanks!
  11. Where do I download this app?
  12. IvanPistoff

    How can i get firewire to work?

    I'm having the same problem. Firewire shows up in the profiler but when I plug in my camera it doesn't work. Dell Latitude D820 I beleive it is 02 Micro firewire chip
  13. IvanPistoff

    CardBus/PCMCIA PC Cards for Leopard

    This saved my butt! Thanks Chun-Nan!!! This got my network card working. It's a netgear GA511 (Realtek 8169) - Running on my Dell D810 Cheers!