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  1. Cannot launch DSDT Patcher GUI

    Same thing is happening here. It's not working on either of my SL machines...
  2. Found a post about how to do it with Terminal from your install DVD: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...t&p=1325592
  3. Solved DVI Output (NVCAP) on 8400 GS

    Have you guys tried using EFI strings if you're on a Chameleon (or similar) install? Most NVIDIA cards (including 8400GS) are supported this way and tend to give pretty good results. I'm on Snow Leopard now with a 512MB 8400GS and I couldn't get any of the NVInject-style kexts to work well enough, so I went with EFI strings but I was still having some graphics problems like getting stuck at a blue screen on resolution change, very delayed (I mean it took hours) color inversion when using Ctrl+Opt+Cmd+8, full screen games weren't working and there was just general choppiness when using either DVI or VGA. The problems were there in Leopard as well but I never found a fix. Today, just for fun I tried setting up 2 monitors as an extended desktop using both VGA + DVI ports at the same time and boom my problems magically went away. My resolution now changes perfectly fine, color gets inverted like it should and animations are a whole lot smoother. It also works if you just plug a spare cable in to the spare VGA/DVI port that you're not using – it doesn't even have to be attached to a monitor.
  4. Need driver for Nvidia Geforce 8400 GS ?

    It's called Leopard HUD. Use the Customize option when you're installing to choose which windows you want to have the black/transparent (ie HUD) appearance. Edit: The link that I gave was different to the version I used. I don't take any credit for it & I don't remember where I got it, but I've attached the version that I used which worked for me. Leopard_HUD_Insatller.pkg.zip
  5. Thanks for the guide! It took me forever to find one like this, I only stumbled across through a link in the comments on the Chameleon developers site. I'll post my success/failure here when I've tried it tomorrow.