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  1. I am trying to install SL to my external HD. I found guides about it. Basically, here's what I did: (trying to install Chameleon) (i dont have access to a Mac and an external dvd drive) 1. "Restored" the SL dmg file to my external HD. -------- manual chameleon installation starts here -------------- 2. dd if=boot0 of=/dev/sdf bs=440 count=1 (in linux) 3. dd if=boot1h of=/dev/sdf3 (in linux) 4. copied boot to / 5. added kexts No luck. It won't boot. In the Disk Utility in Ubuntu 9.10, my external hdd showed many partitions. One of them is the Installation partition which is found in /dev/sdf3 (hence i used that in step 3). Did I do something wrong?
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    Same here. Got a Dell Mini 10 and was planning to put OSX86 on it... only to find out that GMA500 is not supported. Instead of putting OSX86, I was planning to put Linux on it. Some guys were able to install Linux and use the GMA500. (I'm talking about Ubuntu here). Currently, I'm searching for the sources of these linux drivers... and willing to lend a hand in the development of the driver.
  3. audioboi

    tiger wont boot if laptop is not on ac power

    Well, in my case, if I don't plug it, the system wont boot... (no kenel panics though).. Anyway, I already found a solution.. in my case, I had to turn off Intel SpeedStep from BIOS in order to boot even if im not on AC power.
  4. I need this VLC build but I cant seem to find the binary anymore.. I did find the source.. Can anyone compile this for me? VLC_20050924_x86_src.zip
  5. Is this for C2D processors only?
  6. mykl: Isn't there a 8.11.x non-efi sse2 kernel in that install discs? could you also upload it? (and also system.kext)
  7. Forgot to bring the file.. (no internet at home) anyway, I used the mac osx 10.4.10/11 delta update and just backed up the kernel and some essential kexts.. There's a tutorial here somewhere.. I think it was done by Joe Cargo.
  8. What files do you need? just the mach_kernel and system.kext?
  9. I still use Tiger (10.4.9 uphuck then upgraded to 10.4.11 but still using the 8.9.1 kernel sse2 ) What exactly do u need? just the mach_kernel file?
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    anyone still have this?
  11. It's not there. I think this file is compiled by user here and he made some modifications to it.
  12. anyone still have that file (VLC_20050924_x86_bin.dmg)? VLC 0.8.5 is good but when I play dvds it is kinda slow.
  13. Anyone have it? I can't seem to find the kernel in IRC.
  14. iwi2200 works. but the internet (in osx) is slow compared in winxp... anyone experiencing this?
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    Oh ok... I thought that those program were included in the real retail dvd. So, what programs are included?