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  1. This is a really simple tutorial for getting 16:9 widescreen resolution for OSX86. I have tested this on Kalyway 10.5.2 ONLY and I'm not sure but it will probably work with previous versions as well. You don't need any kext or modify existing ones. I did a fresh install and tried it just to make sure. Basically, just go to the BIOS (to access BIOS, you have to press... delete or . key... or was it F2?? I forgot, try them all!) and look through the pages (I think it's page 2) until you see LCD Expansion option. TURN IT ON! (I hated it because it made some stuff really stretched out) Then save changes and reboot in OSX. Go to System Preferences and Display, and you should see 1366x768 support now. Hope this helps. Thanks!
  2. Vaio TZ 10.5.2 Widescreen Question!

    How do you get widescreen support on it?!? I have a Sony Vaio TZ2500 1.33 C2D 2GB RAM 64GB SSD GMA950 I installed Kalyway 10.5.2 A detailed description on how to ge widescreen working plz! Thank You!
  3. 10.5.2 on Vaio TZ?

    I have a TZ2500 and I used Kalyway 10.5.2 DVD and just installed. The widescreen is a bit of a problem and you have to manually setup the ethernet. Wireless driver is, I believe, being worked on by another member in the forum... (forgot his name right now... starts with j...) Other than that, everything works perfectly.