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  1. What if we could overwrite the DSDT tables in our bios's with one that OS X would understand?
  2. i just looked into this, its seems the problem is that alot of core audio is hard to find documentation for? would be great to get working tho, for use with audio apps the card is actually quite powerful ( judging by results on windows kx driver)
  3. node64

    about the keyboard

    i have been curious about this too.
  4. node64

    iTunes Prefs Panel crashes iTunes.

    you need the maxxuss amd enabeler 1a
  5. node64

    podcast available ??

    i liek the idea of multiple hosts and maybe to per podcast, if we could get a few people willing to talk then we could rotate it so each had a differant two hosts.
  6. node64

    podcast available ??

    naa, northern scottish well if anyone else is interested.. then im in
  7. node64

    podcast available ??

    im 100% interested in getting involved, although i dont think that id be best to do any talking, as i have a scoottish accent and people from tht USA often dont understand me perfectly
  8. if you were to play games then yes.. id go with 512.
  9. node64

    What I'm I doing wrong?

    gwprod12: i hate computers now!
  10. node64

    What I'm I doing wrong?

    you need to use a partition manager to enable the boot flag for the osx partition. i used one from UBD but other users were using a linux livecd, ccant reamember wat 1 tho... EDIT: oops i was a little late
  11. node64

    [ITA] Ati O Nvida

    Adesso vostra manoVRAM IMO
  12. node64

    10.4.7 is out

    my computer runs osx, with everything working rom one goatsecks install disk that takes about 15mins. apart from updates and looks there isnt much more id want a real mac for. anyway peace!
  13. node64

    10.4.7 is out

    now that was all a little uncalled for!! lol but i agree with myzar that apple charge too much of a premium for a genuine mac. BUT i plan to buy one when i can afford it, just cuase there will be less messing around and i cant find an all in one pc as atractive/convinient as an imac. John, u seem to criticise myzar for being a "selfish God of the Int3rW3b". But really no part of his statement was selfish, he was commenting on an contribution that he has made to help this comunity that u seem to have enough interest in to have 238 posts. And infact you would appear to be classifing yourself above users with hacked osx, becuase you have a real mac...
  14. node64

    Spiderman 3 Trailer

    tht trailer rocks! to me it could never compete with superman returns tho
  15. node64

    Quake 4 unibin

    it seems to have issues with my sound no openal.. oh well its ffaster in windows anyway