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  1. yes i do ewrithing. Now i install the sistem but when i boot up i see only the mouse and black screen.... what ewa... ?
  2. HEY guys I have a big problem with the installation... i try with many distros... but with this (iDeneb) I succeeded more than with others... I have a problems to get into install options somtimes i can boot and some times not... when i pres any key to boot from cd nothings hapen the slash in left corner turn 3 or 4 times and again the same pres any key to boot from cd/dvd. But sometimes i see the apple but after 20-30 seconds in the middle of the screen is shown a deleted Circle and that all... I try with f8 to sellect boot device i try to burn the iso to 3 diferent DVDs... what can i do?
  3. Now i try with jas osx and same problem the Disk utiliy dont see the sata 2 drave an the usb drive "120gb ata drive" ? Its there any hope for the installation? sory for bad english !
  4. now i download the JaS server 10.5.4. I try iDeneb becouse all hardware in my laptop was secesfuly suported by the suport list. Now i wil try wit JaS. But i need to download first the DVD with my 1MB connection.
  5. I try to install on externar ata hdd and same thing no disk in disk utility? What to do ? Is any options to enable this ting ?
  6. HAHA how ? Thats is not posible or ? how to install before the setup begin ?
  7. But why the installation dot recognize the disk ? What can be the reason for this ? Any posible ? I try to select diferent PIO mode and nothing...
  8. No i cant set raid. In bios write IDE chanenel 2 Master TOSHIBA MK1652gsx - (S1). And than in settings AUTO , USER, IDE Removable , ATAPI Removable. Multi - Sector Transfer - 16 Sectors Lba mode - Enabled 32 Bit I/0 - Enabled Transfer Mode - FPIO 4 / DMA 2 Ultra DMA Mode - Mode 5 Thats the ful configuration of the HDD
  9. I show for all HW in the computer wiht astra 32 and ewrithing is compatible with mac, but the disk WTF i only can say . I dont hawe any external drive that supor sata 2 hdd. i have 4 disk sata 2 and 1 rack with IDE connection
  10. I have new laptop Clevo style note m660sr, with toshiba 160Gb disk Sata 2! And the tish is not accesable in disk utility. What can i do !
  11. brdi

    Email client

    Hihi i search an alternative email cleant, not hte apple mail:
  12. brdi

    Email client

    Hy Is there an email client like outlook for winfows. Or what is best for mac ?
  13. brdi

    Mobility Radeon 9000 thread

    hey is there any drivers for ati radeon 9200? I will using iDeneb on an P4 3.2Ghz , Asus P4P800 MB and ATI Radeon 9200. Pls help me.
  14. Hy hawe someone idea how to enable back and forward buton on Logitech G9 i download and install logitech control center for mac and they dont recognize G9 mouse. Is there any solution ? Chers, brdi
  15. brdi

    Couter strike 1.6

    Hello How can install couter strike 1.6 on mac and how to run it , to play online? I have original steam! My PC spec. ASUS p5b Delux C2D E6300 Nvidia 8800Gt 2GB 667Mhz ram