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  1. AppleHDA Solution - Work in progress

    Thank you SO much, that worked great! I get speakers when set to "internal speakers" and I get headphones when set to "Internal line out". It used to be called headphones, but whatever, I don't care what it's called, I GET SOUND Thanks again
  2. AppleHDA Solution - Work in progress

    unfortunately that disabled all audio. changing it back brought back everything the way it was, but still no headphones. I appreciate your help greatly
  3. AppleHDA Solution - Work in progress

    I've searched around and figured some things out, but I just can't get headphones working at all, and it's killing me. Thanks so much for all the work done on this patcher and in this thread! I've got a Compal (not compaq, it's a whitebox brand. compal actually manufactures macbooks and dell inspirons) HEL-80 laptop with a Realtek 883 in it. I used azalia audio and it does not output through the internal speakers, however it does output audio through the headphone jack. The mic, in that situation was inoperative. I tried this patcher, and much to my delight I get mic and internal speakers, but when i plug headphones in I get no sound in the headphones. I change the audio output device to headphones in the sound preference pane but that doesn't do anything either. it doesn't tell me that "no audio output device exists" and it does let me mess with the volume, it just doesn't output any sound. I've played around for a little while trying different values found in the codec dump i got from booting into my linux live cd, but I don't really know what values to put where in the HP section of the info.plist to get it to work right. I hope that by posting my dump and my info.plist someone can point me in the right direction. This sound problem is the last of my issues. Once I get it going i can say with some confidence that my hackbook is fully functional Patcher output: AppleHDA Patcher - 2006/2007 Taruga v1.16 * Patching AppleHDA.kext to 0x10ec0883 Done * Checking AppleHDA for patch Done 0001f4a0 cmpl $0x10ec0883,%eax 00020584 cmpl $0x10ec0883,%eax * Checking for SPDIF Out Detected * Checking for SPDIF In Not Detected * Creating AppleHDA configs * Using the following nodes in pathmap Back Mic: 9 34 24 Line In : 8 35 26 Speaker : 20 12 2 Headphone: 27 38 37 Spdif Out: 30 6 * Copying new config to destination Done * Repairing Permissions Started verify/repair permissions on disk disk0s1 HackBook Determining correct file permissions. The privileges have been verified or repaired on the selected volume Verify/repair finished permissions on disk disk0s1 HackBook * Deleting Extensions Cache Done ** Done patching - You can reboot now ** The curious part of all of this is that I have no node 27, 38, or 37 in my codec dump, but the patcher assigns those node values to "headphone" above. alc883dump.txt Info.plist.txt
  4. try reading the forums and searching, instead of just asking and bumping. The answers you seek are out there.
  5. The TPM Chip

    no one is replying because you aren't making any sense. a TPM chip has no bearing whatsoever on if Mac OS X will run on a computer or not.
  6. To those that don't know, Compal (not Compaq) is a laptop manufacturer that makes notebooks for Apple (MacBooks) and Dell (Inspirons). They also make "whitebook." laptops (generic). I originally posted this in a Compal forum (and got banned for it, because it's "illegal") and decided to post it here too. Thanks to all the guys that helped me figure this stuff out so I could write this howto. Hey, I'm a Mac guy who just can't justify the expense on a 15" MacBook Pro. So I decided I would try something new. The Compal has a Core 2 Duo 2.16 GHz, 2 GB of RAM, A dedicated video card with 256MB RAM, and a 15 inch widescreen with 1680x1050 resolution (insane!!). Built in 1.3 megapixel webcam. Priced as configured: $1450 In comparison, a macbook similarly configured with a 2.33 GHz Core 2 Duo, 2GB of RAM, A Dedicated video card with 256MB RAM, and a 15 inch widescreen with 1440x900 resolution. built in 640x480 webcam. Priced as configured: $2000 Things you gain by using a Compal: Cheaper Better webcam higher resolution (if you can find this model anymore, i hear it's rare) Things you lose by using a Compal: No bluetooth No internal wireless (i use a USB wifi card and it works perfectly) No sound through headphones the fingerprint scanner and memory card slot don;t have drivers available for mac os x. I figured I'd save $550, and I'll show you how you can too! Hardware and Drivers You're gonna need drivers (known in the mac world as Kernel Extensions or kexts) Make sure to download these and burn them to a CD so you can install them, because right after the install you'll have no working network. The internal wireless doesn't work (neither the gigabyte nor the intel) so you're gonna need a wireless card. I recommend wholeheartedly the Belkin FD7050. It works great and is only $30. belkin FD7050 USB wireless card: http://gutbomb.net/wireless.zip audio: http://gutbomb.net/audio.zip video: http://gutbomb.net/video.zip ethernet: http://gutbomb.net/ethernet.zip webcam: http://gutbomb.net/webcam.zip Getting and installing the system Since you can't buy OS X in stores you're going to have to obtain a prepatched installation disc from somewhere. You can get them from various places (that is outside the scope of this article, please don't PM me, I can;t tell you where to look, but you can probably figure it out). The version i used is called "Mac OS X 10.4.8 [JaS AMD-Intel-SSE2-SSE 3 with PPF1 & PPF2]". It contains all the patches you'll need to get it to work and install on your machine. I chose to go all mac, so I didn't bother with partitioning for dual booting. Download and burn the disc, then boot up with it. Hit F12 while the bios screen is up to select the CD to boot from. Wait a little while while the installer loads, and once it's up select all the items you want, and then the Intel CPU option. don't select any AMD or ATI stuff and you don't need the loginwindow replacement (you'll know what I am talking about when you see it in the installer). Don't select any of the common hardware drivers either, but do select the nvidia titan thing. don't select the ATI titan thing. After you've installed you'll boot into a pretty welcome/first-sign-in thing. Do everything except register. when you get to the screen where it wants you to register just press cmd+q. I guess now would be a good time to tell you that on the mac, the cmd key has the apple logo and a cloverleaf logo on it. the compal by default uses ALT as the cmd key, and the windows key as the alt (aka option in macland) key. simple enough to swap the keycaps so you don't get confused later. installing drivers You're in! but right now you have to install your hardware so you can get online and play around. You may notice that even if you're in 32 bit color mode that you're seeing 16-bit color style bands on gradients. let's fix that first. go to the terminal (it's in "/Applications/Utilities") and type all of the following. special instructions will appear in brackets ([ ... ]): sudo -s [type your password] cd /System/Library/Extensions/ rm -Rf /System/Library/Extensions.* mv ./Titan.kext ~[your username]/Desktop/ leave that terminal window, we'll be coming back to it later. This removes part of Titan, which is a video driver system. We're going to replace it in a sec with something else though that will fix the color banding. Copy those drivers off your cd to your desktop and unzip video.zip. then go back to the terminal and type the following: mv ./IOGraphicsFamily.kext ~[your username]/Desktop/ mv ~[your username]/Desktop/IOGraphics_NvEFI/*.kext ./ chown -R root:wheel ./IOGraphicsFamily.kext chown -R root:wheel ./LaptopDisplay.kext chown -R root:wheel ./NVidiaEFI.kext chmod -R 755 ./IOGraphicsFamily.kext chmod -R 755 ./LaptopDisplay.kext chmod -R 755 ./NVidiaEFI.kext reboot Your machine should then reboot, and when you get back in you should have full resolution, 3d accelerated video with no more color banding on 32 bit mode. next unzip the audio.zip and double click the resulting ALC883Audio.mpkg. go to the end of the install until it wants to reboot. then go to a terminal and do the following: sudo -s [enter your password] cd /System/Library/Extensions/ rm -Rf /System/Library/Extensions.* chown -R root:wheel ./ALCinject.kext chmod -R 755 ./ALCinject.kext exit Close the terminal window, go back to the audio installer, and click reboot. when you get back into the system you should have sound. once you're back in, unzip ethernet.zip and double click the resulting RealtekR1000_release package. do the same as above, once you get prompted to reboot, go to a terminal and do the following: sudo -s [enter your password] cd /System/Library/Extensions/ rm -Rf /System/Library/Extensions.* chown -R root:wheel ./RealtekR1000.kext chmod -R 755 ./RealtekR1000.kext exit click reboot on the installer. once you're back in go to the apple menu and choose "system preferences." go to the network preference pane and it should say it detected a new ethernet device. that's good. pick it from the list and just click "apply now". you should have working ethernet now. unzip the webcam.zip, mount the resulting dmg, and run the installer. no terminal hacking on that one. finally it's the wireless. unzip wireless.zip, and run the installer for 10.4. no terminal hacking here either, just reboot. once you've rebooted go back to the apple menu, system preferences, network preferences again, and it will say there is a new port detected. go to it's properties and click apply now. then slam that card in your usb port, go to the new wlan app in your dock, click the setup menu and choose "open setup window." it will search for a network. enter your wireless network information and away you go. Updates You can go ahead and do any system updates you want EXCEPT OS updates. for now anything above 10.4.8 doesn't work well on the HEL-80. Also, NEVER install an OS update from "system update" as these will kill your installation and you'll have to reinstall. Also steer clear of "security updates." Any other updates from there should be fine. Enjoy your new HackBook! My compal has an empty space for a case badge on the back. I am thinking of designing one, and sending it to a company that does custom badges. The company will only make a minimum of 10 badges, so if i end up doing it, I'll buy all 10 and for a couple bucks I'm sure I can send you out one too for your hackbook.
  7. OSx86 on Dell 1501 help?

    the OS X installer can;t see your drive because it does not support the ATA controller. I have one of these laptops too, and I gave it to my wife because it's {censored} I think there may be a way to use vmware to install then apply an image to the drive, and some hacks to get it to boot, but I don't really know how to do it. the e1505 is a very similar computer that seems to have more information about it on the internet, as well as the inspiron 6400. Search for those to find more info.