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  1. A lot of those more fuel efficient cars are being sold in Europe. I remember when I went to Spain, we rented a Ford four door sedan that got 35 miles to the gallon easily.
  2. The British attitude is just a throwback to the way they thought two hundred years ago. They're somehow superior to those on the continent, and it is their God-given right to keep it weak and subordinate.
  3. IPower

    Interesting, but a little too open-minded for my taste.
  4. Soon the end of Windows?

    Looking forward to it, whatever the next thing is. The only problem is, in typical Windows style, the next big thing will have so many bugs it will probably bring about the end of civilization as we know it.
  5. Thank God for Constitutional Amendments! I'm glad Bush couldn't see a way around that.
  6. Jewish Internet Defense Force

    Actually, all of the countries in the West have laws against speech that incites violence. So no, it is NOT 100% legal to wish death upon Jews and supporters of Israel, because that can and often is viewed as inciting violence against a group of people.
  7. Yay for FSMism! We need more pirates! Support National Pirate Day!
  8. "The US does not torture"

    That video clip was great! Anyway, Bush is not the one to blame for the limitations of our civil rights. It's our fault for electing him and then continuing to support him because we were too afraid to stand up to the "patriotism" that flourished after 9-11.
  9. Do you have CAVE people?

    We tried to build a play park in our neighborhood but CAVEs came out and destroyed the initiative for god know what reason.
  10. Should you be able to bear Arms?

    Interesting that you didn't talk about homicides in your report. You can add up up all of the homicides in London, Paris and Rome (775), you still don't get as many homicides as Washington DC alone (902). European homicide rate: 1.7 per 100,000 American homicide rate: 5.8 per 100,000 In the innercity, the rate jumps to 26 per 100,000
  11. Should you be able to bear Arms?

    I'm big enough to recognize it when someone knows more than I do. I looked up the things you said in this post and found, to my surprise, that you are correct. The 2nd amendment actually does apply to the individual right of gun-ownership. However, in my post, I made several points, and you only addressed one. While it's true that the constitution says that bearing arms is an unalienable right, it never makes any mention of what kinds of arms you can bear. Those who believe that the Consititution is an evolving document (in other words, not Scalia and his lackeys), I think should have the grounds to ban people from having certain kinds of arms based on public safety. For example, you, as a private citizen, cannot own a tank or an anti-aircraft missile. Why can't that ban be extended to include a handgun? Also, if you look at the first world countries that have bans on guns, their violent crime rates are miniscule compared to ours, and you can't just point to a homogenous population as the sole reason for that. A lot of European countries have lots of immigrants from poor nations, and for the most part they live in slums similar to the ones in America. And yet, the violent crime rate is still tiny. Could it be because it's harder to get guns there? In addition, everyone I've ever talked to who has had some experience with dealing with crime or violence (mostly police officers and a few soldiers too) have told me that the more guns present at an argument, the more violent it's likely to be. Arming the entire country to the teeth doesn't make everyone safer, it makes the situation more dangerous. You also said that people need guns in order to protect themselves against people who are trying to take away their rights. We have laws and a government for that. And if the government ever tries to take away your rights, I don't think your 38 special is going to help you that much. If you can address all of these points and convince me that I'm wrong, I'll go out and buy the biggest gun I can find.
  12. I'm a Mac I'm a PC ad spoofs...

    The black macbook was great. Look, some of my best friends are black macbooks.
  13. Should you be able to bear Arms?

    As far as guns go, I think Chris Rock has by far the best idea. Encourage gangsters to get rid of their guns with the Guns for Knives Exchange Program, and then put a 5,000 dollar tax on bullets. That ought to fix it! But seriously, the Second Amendment doesn't apply to individual people owning guns. What it's really talking about is the formation of non-governmental militias during wars. So if Canada attacks the state of Maine, the citizens of Maine have the right to form a militia in order to protect themselves. There's absolutely no right for anyone to own a gun during peacetime, let alone a semi-automatic killing machine. Second of all, it is perfectly consititutional for the government to restrict what kinds of arms you can bear. If the government can prevent civilians from owning nuclear warheads or tanks, then it can also prevent citizens from owning Uzis or handguns. Third of all, forgetting the Constitution for a second, it makes sense to ban guns. European countries have strong bans on handguns and their violent crime rate is about 1/1000 of what it is here. And it's not like Europe doesn't have slums and racial tensions. They do. Ever driven through the slums surrounding Paris? Fourth, I know a lot of police officers and they tell me that if you have a gun, you're actually more likely to get shot in a dangerous situation, not less. If a guy pulls a gun on you and you draw your gun, he's not going to drop his weapon and run; most likely he's going to shoot you before you can shoot him.
  14. Jewish Internet Defense Force

    As a member of the pro-Israel group in question, I would like to take this moment to say that this group doesn't go after people they don't like, it goes after people who break the rules of free speech in this country. We just took a group down the other day called "We Hate Israelis," and another one called "Israel Must Die." Facebook has clear rules against violent hate speech - we were only helping them enforce them by blowing the whistle on these groups.
  15. Look, no matter what your opinion on global warming/climate change is, the fact is that current CO2 levels are higher than they've been for over 600,000 years. How can that not affect our planet in some sort of adverse way? Shouldn't we be doing something to protect our environment even if global warming/climate change isn't happening?