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  1. Thanks Mac SK. I took the other 'easy' route by using floppy disks. Found an old 3400 Mac OS 7.6 cd and restore the floppy images, totalling 26 disks (25 Install disks + Disk Tools Disk) on borrowed G3 tower. Happy to see the PB 3400c is up and running OS 7.6 from HD without further configuration(s). Going to use it for basic stuffs with good old floppies.
  2. Here is the story ... I got a PB3400c with no OS on HD, given from a friend to my young kid. I tried to install the original OS 8 cd but the cdrom drive can't read. Since there is no OS 8 floppy disks, I read an old post elsewhere that one can install via scsi ports but there wasn't much guidance as to how. If any one know more, very much appreciate that you guide/show and share the steps in connecting PB3400c (no OS) via scsi port to another Mac G3 desktop to use its cd rom drive to run the installation cd. If a special cable is required, please let me know the type(part) so that I can buy if available. Thanks in advance. Note: If there are floppy disk images (backups) of the original factory built HD of a similar PB3400c, t would be much better to restore ours. Just PM me.
  3. Mac os 8.0 floppys?

    My PowerBook 3400c cdrom drive is dead. :censored2: I need to clean install Mac OS 8 on HD as the floppy drive module still works. Greatly appreciate for links to dl Mac OS 8 floppy disk images. Thanks.