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  1. UPDATE: FINALLY GOT IT WORKING. No thanks to this forum! It turns out that Hyper Threading was lagging Mac OS. When I turned it off, I began to notice that animations played without lag and the sound is not choppy any more. So I reinstalled the Natit drivers and low and behold, my mouse isn't bogged down like a drunken turtle! Everything seem to run fine. Even the audio is running perfect. Infact MacOS as a whole runs better. I checked my video drivers, and Quartz Extreme isn't running (it says its "unsupported"), so I would like to know if I really need that and how I would go about getting that turned on. Also, will turning off Hyper Threading have a negative impact on my gaming performance in Windows? I have yet to notice anything, but then again, I might find out once I begin converting videos and such. I'm wondering whether or not Hyper Threading helps at all in any situation. Now all I really need now is a WiFi driver for my Network card so that I can take this puppy online! I would have saved my self A LOT of time had someone actually bothered to offer ANY advice on my problems, but no...My thread just sat here collecting dust. It seems quite a few threads just go by ignored and others get answered. Why is that? There's like 50+ members online at any one time, but not a single dam one of them has any help to offer?
  2. Apache Thunder


    I had a similer problem with my mATX mobo that has this sound card chipset. I would get sound in Windows, but none in Mac. The Microphone input seemed to work since the input indicator moved accordingly when I used the mic. Also with my chipset, the updated drivers for Vista DON'T WORK! I get the same kind of silence if I let Vista update the drivers. So I dumped the whole mobo and put my trusty full ATX mobo in. It also has a AC'97, but is slightly different. Sound works in both Vista (with the updated drivers!) and Max OS X.
  3. So...Nobody wants the help?
  4. Last night I gave up on iATKOS 4i, since the piece of {censored} keeps crashing and such and I just wasted too much time trying to get the dam thing to boot without a kernel panic. So I dumped it and got "Leo4All v3". This one works like a charm. I installed it on my 80GB IDE drive using the GUID partition scheme (since it will have the whole drive to itself), and it didn't crash or anything on first attempt. And I now am using EFI and not x86 MBR. I tried a venellia kernal, but got a instant reboot when I tried it with iATKOS. I'm not sure if I'll get the same reboot issue when using Leo4All's venellia kernals, so I didn't want to waste time doing reinstalls, so I played it safe and used the modified kernel. My mobo does have a Intel chipset on it, so I'm not sure why vanilla kernels aren't working. Maybe because I don't have a dual core CPU? Its not that important right now. Seems to run fine without it. Now that I know I have a stable release, I'm now in need of drivers for a couple of things. First is my video card. Its a MSI brand Nvidia 8400GS PCI-E card with 256MB of ram. Whenever I try to use Nitat/TItan/NVinject, the drivers seem to work, but the mouse lags so badly that I can't use the system at all. The lag only seems to effect the mouse since everything else seems to work fine. I even tried the EFI string stuff, but not gotten any of that to work. And the audio is choppy, sounds get cut off or don't play. For example the intro video at first bootup (which only displays if I install video drives) plays laggy as hell and the audio doesn't play without skipping. So right now I'm running without any video drivers at all since that the only way I can get a usable mouse. A solution for this would be greatly appreciated. I also need to know where to get drivers for my NetGear WG311v3 PCI card. I want to use this to get internet in Mac, but so far I haven't found drivers for this. I also have a Zydas brand USB wifi stick, but that doesn't seem to work either since Airport doesn't even show up in my Network configuration (despite having installed the Zydas drivers during the install process). Oh and I just recently swapped out my motherboard for another I had, since the sound doesn't work with Mac on the old one. Plus the one I have now has a faster PCI-E bus and is generally...better. Plus, the BIOS has a boot menu to quickly boot a different drive, which the crappy BIOS on the other board lacked. Also, I did make sure that I turned on "Execute Disabled Bit" before installing, though I don't think this setting has any effect on my install since I have gotten installs in the past to work with the setting off. But I will leave it on to be safe. Here is my configuration: Motherboard: ECS 915PL-A2 RAM: DDR1 2x1GB Audio: Intregrated AC'97 CPU: Single Core Socket 775 Intel Pentium 4 3.2Ghz(supports SSE2 and SSE3. Also has HT support) Video Card: MSI Nvidia Geforce NX8400GS 256MB (device ID=0144) Hard drives: 2x300GB SATA and 1 80GB IDE. Both SATAs are Seagate Barracuda's and the IDE drive is a Maxtor drive. XP is on the first SATA drive (which has 3 partitions on it, one of which is a extra HFS+ partition), and Vista is on the second SATA drive (which only has 1 partition). Mac OS X is on the lone IDE drive. I tried to use Mac OS on the first SATA drive, but in the end I gave up on it since I wish to use EFI and a GUID partition scheme, and the 2 SATAs have LOTS of data on them, and I don't want to risk losing them to a attempted GUID conversion. So I popped in the 80GB IDE drive and Mac OS seems to live on it happily. Please note that the problems listed above have occurred with both iATKOS 4i and my current install (Leo4All v3). So the install on the IDE drive has no effect on my situation. Nor was it the install source. Please help, since I'm close to having a perfect install. All I'm missing is drivers for 2 devices and that's it!
  5. Yep, I had the outline problem, since I found this place via Google. Hmm...For some reason this thread missed me, so I ended up creating an unneeded thread on this. Sorry about that. Anyways this forums much easier to use now that I pinned down the problem.
  6. Here's my request for an "improvement" to the forum system. The most annoying thing I've seen so far is that I have to click on each individual reply on a thread to see it, since they are all "collapsed" and not readable. THIS IS VERY ANNOYING! Why can't this place work like a real forum and have the replies visible by default? If there is a way to achieve this now, then please do tell me. Otherwise, that is my suggestion for a better forum experience. EDIT: FINALLY figured it out. The "Options" link on the top of the topic area is defaulted to "Outline" view. I changed it to "Standard" and now I have the traditional layout. So enlight of that, I would suggest you have "Standard" view enabled by default! Outline view might confuse some newcomers, better yet, just remove it. Who the hell still uses it anyway!?
  7. Apache Thunder

    EFI upgrade for MSI motherboards

    Lol Wish I had one of those. Might make installing a from a vanilla DVD possible!
  8. Apache Thunder

    EFI Strings Are Cool! Got video working!

    LOL, I happened to have already downloaded that! Well then I guess I have the right one then. Just need to get my install to work currectly with EFI first.... You do have to install with EFI (and not the x86 MBR loader) to use EFI strings, correct?
  9. Apache Thunder

    EFI Strings Are Cool! Got video working!

    Yeah I want to use it...Only I have no idea where to find it. Even Google turns up nothing. Could you link me to a place that offers this for download?
  10. I have a board that is similer to yours. Its a 915PL-A2. It has 2 PCI-E slots and Realtek Audio. My install seems to work with this without any extra drivers. The sound drivers seem to work out of the box (I used iATKOS 4i), and the Nvidia drivers work as well. However the mouse lags horribly. Not sure why, perhaps its the BIOS settings you mentioned. I will make the changes to that. Perhaps it will make the laggy mouse go away. Will making these BIOS changes harm the performance of Windows XP/Vista? I duel boot this along side XP and Vista.
  11. Before me or anyone else here can help you, you must first boot with the "-v" option so that you can see the actuall error message that causes your system to stop. Press F8 when darwin comes up and type "-v" to enable verbose mode. (without quotes) When you find the error message(s), write them down and post it here so we know what went wrong.
  12. Apache Thunder

    DOES LEOPARD NEED SATA? IDE doesnt work here.

    You have a SCSI drive? Hmm... The only SCSI specification I was ever familiar with was the old 50 pin SCSI used in old Macintosh's. However I can tell you that it should work on a IDE drive. I was able to install mine on it (despite having problems getting it to boot without the DVD, but in the end I eventually got it to work) I would recommend you do get a SATA drive (or a converter to convert your drive to SATA, though I don't know if any exist for a SCSI drive), since this is the most supported by the x86 installations. IDE drives will work, but I can almost guarantee that you will run into problems if you try. EDIT: Oh so your DVD drive is a SCSI. I don't think the DVD drive should be a problem. If you can boot off it, then your fine. IDE has problems with most x86 installers. Search ebay, there is plenty of cheap IDE to SATA converters to be had! This will almost certainly work IF the IDE drive is the root of the problem. However it it's something else causing your troubles then this might not help you. But still having a SATA drive is still an advantage.
  13. Apache Thunder

    I have FINALLY got Leopard 10.5.4 running

    My bios does not have that feature. I have to go in and change the order manually. Believe me, I checked! As a last resort, I may decide to split the second partition on my first drive and just do a dual boot from there, but I really don't feel comfortable disturbing my Vista Bootloader, but whatever. If I do do this I will need to know how to do it while preserving the Vista bootloader. Yes, I am aware that this is a bad noise for a drive to be making. Why do you think I don't have my main system on it anymore? lol. The hard drive only makes that noise when it the install try's to update the MBR. During all other times, it is silent. I've never had any problems with it. Back before the bootloader would work correctly, the harddive wouldn't make this noise at all during the install procedure and the install would finish without error and restart, then fail to boot. (blinking cursor freeze described ealier) Which is weird. Why would a clicking noise that sounds like the death scream of a harddrive actually make something that didn't work before, work now? Actually I think MacOS is booting faster now. It took a flat 30 seconds to boot up. Before, when I had to use the DVD, it would take a bit longer (I didn't include the time it takes to boot the DVD in this). Still. I will think about moving it to my first drive. Since it fails to even mount the second SATA drive (due to it "not recognizing" the file system), I will have it installed on the first SATA drive. But believe me, I will be VERY uneasy about doing this! Update: Ok spent an entire day trying to figure out how to reconfigure my system partitions. I used GParted to create space at the beginning of the drive, since the Disk Utility refused to work when the partition is at the end of the drive. So I had to create free space at the beginning of the drive. THIS TOOK 8 HOURS! It had to move ALL 230+GB of files 8GB further down the drive so that it could make the free space. It took all night to do this and I'm dam lucky there wasn't a power failure during this, or I would be severely screwed right now! But it went uninterrupted and now I finally have a partition that can be bootable (though I will restore the Vista bootloader afterwards and use the boot0 files to boot it instead). Not only that it seems all the files in my "secondary" partition (where it kept quite a bit of media and a few video games), went missing, so now I'm running file recovery on it. THIS IS WHY I DIDN"T WANT TO F***K WITH SYSTEM PARTITIONS! God dam, they need to refine this {censored} so I don't have to do this. Make it so I don't have to make free space at the beginning of the drive god dam it! Everything was fine until I was forced to move a 230GB partition around. No surprise, it screwed something up, since my second partition is "empty" now. Fortunately I didn't lose anything else and my primary partition remains healthy. EDIT: Phew...I was able to fully recover the partition. Since neither XP nor Vista store any pagefiles or anything similer on this partition, the data was left untouched, so I was able to restore it without any significant losses. Still, I recommend that if you simply must try out Mac OS X on your system, do it on a separate drive or on a new drive that hasn't been setup for windows yet or just has and doesn't have anything important on it yet. Its the safest way to do it. This is definitely not for those who aren't familiar with the NTFS/FAT and partition scheme for hard drives. Be sure you know what your doing and the correct software you will need, because you won't be able to do this with the default software for Windows! So unless you have second drive to put this on or a free partition that is bootable, then don't even bother.
  14. Ok, I guess I can call this my introduction help thread and what not. I got Mac OS X Leopard 10.5.4 after THEE DAYS of getting the dam thing to finally boot off the harddrive without the DVD (dam Darwin Bootloader just would not install right, it wouldn't boot...jut a blinking cursor on screen) Now I do have a few questions here as to what to do now that I have it running: 1. How do I dual boot this with my Vista/XP? (I already have a dual boot system of Windows XP, Vista, and a BartPE OS that has XPE <-- I use this for backup and for a quick boot up to do simple diagnostic tasks). I have XP on Harddrive 1, Vista on Harddrive 2 (BIOS is set to boot from drive 1), and Mac OS on Drive 3. Let me get this streight. I WILL NOT be installing MacOS on the same drive as my primary system!!! I had a lot of bad experiences when fiddling around with the MBR and partitions on my Windows drives a long time ago, and doing any dual booting from the same drive as my windows drives is out of the question. I will not be risking it. 2. I still need drivers for my NetGear W311G PCI WiFi Card, and my motherboard's built in sound card. I will detail my specs further down this post. 3. Is Mac OS 10.5.4 the latest that Apple has out for the Intel Macs right now? I'm just curious... 4. Whats so special about the Kalyway ISO that everyone here seems to be using? I noticed it had more to offer driver wise, But as of now I won't be switching. It was a pain in the ass just to get the f***ing bootloader to work, and I won't risk killing it if I attempt to use this. By the way, I had no idea how I got the bootloader to work. It just finally decided to install. The weird thing on the bootloader, is that when I updated the booloader with the iATKOS 4i DVD, it will install, and during this, my hardrive will make some "funny" noises, like it has bad sectors or something (not sure how to discribe this sound to you). It sounds like a clicking noise that it would make if power was intermittently going on a off for it. (no, the power is just fine). Then it will say it failed to make it the "Startup Disk". Afterwords, DESPITE the error, it boots! After a repair with Disk First Aid everything runs fine. I don't really know why. I do know that I swapped out the power supply for a mATX supply (even though I have a full ATX case)since the old one interferes with TV reception, has a loud fan (two fans no less), and is overall...a piece of {censored}. The ONLY change I can fathom here is that I am using two power adapters for the SATA drives now instead of one (since the old supply had one native SATA power jack, so only one of the drives had an adapter, though this had no effect for the IDE drive that Mac OS was installed on) Since the install was for non-EFI, it will only boot with the X86 bootloader. I won't be switching or otherwise "changing" the bootloader/Mac installation untill I can be sure as to how it got it to update the MBR properly. I did try Darwin installer in the terminal early on, but it always bitched about "Resource Busy" when it attempted to update the harddisk MBR. so that never worked for me. Oh and yes, I did make sure BIOS was set to boot the drive. My BIOS is rather crappy and doesn't even have a "boot menu" to do a quick change of boot drives. So I have to go into BIOS and change the boot order any time I want to boot the Mac system. Really annoying... Anyways, here is my computer specs which might help in finding the right drivers. The video card drivers already seem to work great for my Nvidia card. (I'm dam glad I don't have AMD system! I heard it was a pain to get Mac to work on AMDs) Motherboard: Foxconn 915GL7MH-S with integrated sound/video (using PCI-E Nvidia NX8400GS at the moment) Sound card: SoundMax. I will have to go into BIOS to check exact chipset for this, since the drivers don't tell me what the hell this really is....Hopefully you can figure it out when you google up the mobo model.... Network card: NETGEAR WG311v3 802.11g PCI Wireless card. Works great in windows...just not in Leopard. lol CPU: Intel Pentium 4 3.2Ghz with HT (This is NOT a dual core CPU) Hardrive(s): 2x 300GB drives and one 80GB drive for the Mac OS. The first two run off SATA, the Mac is running of IDE. I have like 3 drives and a internal USB card reader packed in. Its a rather large case. Floppy drive: External, USB "SmartDisk". Advertises that it can read/write twice as fast as internal FDD drives Install Method: iATKOS 4i Note here, that for some reason the Mac OS will not recognize the second SATA drive. Its the same filesystem (NTFS) as the first, but the Mac OS "doesn't recognize" and offers to format, ignore, or eject. I choose eject every time, but it would be nice to see my Vista drive show up.... That's about it on relevant specs. I will post any details that you request. Only major issue: The clock is off by like 5+ hours, even when on correct timezone settings. I don't think it was a "slow clock" issue, since it was off like this the instant the Mac OS started. I can "correct" the clock, but then the clock in my Windows OS will be off by 5+ hours in the other direction.... I do hope I can get some help here, since the MacOS seems to be running pretty well on my hardware. I might beable to do EFI if I can figure out how I got the bootloader to install, but untill then I will be sticking with the modded kernel and the x86 bootloader. I hope I didn't strain your eyes, or any potential ADD disorder you might have by making this really long post, but I want to make sure I get all my info out so that anyone who wants to help, will know all the info needed to do so.