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  1. Hey LTL. Many thanks for your post, its invaluable, as is your non elitist attitude! One question for you or anyone else who can answer- does your install method support sse2 processors? Many thanks and keep up the good work!
  2. You neednt have replied if you didnt want to, same applies to anyone else. Im not here to mess you around Hagar, i appreciated the existence of the forum its very useful as are the wikis. Im only here to gain and share knowledge. If you consider this thread as clutter amongst more worthy posts then by all means move it to another forum. Like i said im not here to mess you around, i just find it a little unsettling that youve taken the time to rant at me- we truly have a junk thread as a result.
  3. Just having a lark mate- some people obviously get wound up over nothing. I appreciate the ammount of noobs on here- but i have done my research, and i have made succesful installs of osx on 86 machines before- they just happen to be laptops. Despite the annoyance of lazy noobs making posts expecting everyone else to sort their problems it shouldnt be assumed everyone is like that. If more experienced forum members are going to be patronising, then frankly dont bother posting- dont be your own worst enemy. If you simply want to steam off at someone, dont choose me. So, back on subject- thanks for your reply nirmalya. I will certainly look into the gigabyte boards- i am also considering mATX quad but weary about temperatures, i will see what gig have to offer. As i only require onboard vga, i am trying to steer clear of the intel 950 gfx- i have yet to find a kext that sorts the display out on my advent 7107 laptop (10.5.2) which has this gfx chipset. I am building the machine with the purpose of running Logic Pro and integrating with my external firewire pro audio gear. I will then be selling my PPC as it too lacking in occasional portability. So which board are you using, and which osx install method?
  4. If you want guarantees , get a Mac. I have a lovely G5 PPC thanks Otherwise read up, do some homework & make your own choice, instead of making the 72345217th "what should I get?" post. Anything wrong with discussion? Sharing opinion & experience? I am the one buying I am the one building, I am the only one who knows the true identity of BATMAN. Only I can make the final choice for myself. You need to take a chill pill.
  5. Im aware of the hardware support wiki's- i was wondering which boards with quad support & firewire come recommended?
  6. Acer Travelmate 291lmi

    Hi all, I am attempting to install OSX on this machine using Kalyway 10.5.2. I have tried all switches etc to no avail- the same problem always occurs- the install screen hangs at my network device and goes no further from there (even though kalyway supports this device) The Kalyway DVD was written at single speed and was succefully booted into the apple install on a dell machine- so this is not a media problem. Can anyone help? My spec is: Intel Mobile Pentium 4-M 1.4GHz (sse2) Intel 855GM Chipset Realtek RTL 8139/810 NIC 512mb Ram 40gb HD (its all factory standard spec which you can find here) 10.4.1 deadmoo apparently works on this system- anyone have experience with this? http://wiki.osx86project.org/wiki/index.ph...avelmate_291LMi
  7. Which motherboards would you people recommend for a leopard/tiger build? im looking at building a quad core intel machine that has firewire. Many thanks
  8. Hi all, First of all thanks to anyone that replies to this post, your help is much appreciated. I've been a powermac user for around 3 years, i run logic 7 along with an external firewire mixer/controller. I invested in an apple system after 2 months of exploring the idea. I wanted stability and performance and as Logic is the only DAW only designed for any platform i shelled out £2000 for a powermac ppc, only to find that a week later apple switched to intel and lowered their prices significantly. As you can imagine i wasnt best pleased, if alone because i was stuck with a ppc unable to run bootcamp. Anyway, i've decided to make the move to the latest version of logic (pro) and have decided to custom build my own machine which leads me to the following questions: 1.> Can anyone provide the model name/number/brand of the motherboard used in the new twin xeon quad core Mac Pro's? 2.> Has anyone built a osx86 machine running on this board? If so, where did you purchase the board, how much, did an unpatched licensed disk run? 3.> Has anyone succesfully ran osx86 on a twin xeon quad core setup? What hardware etc was used? The plan is to flog my PPC and build an 8core xeon machine btw. For the record i have already sourced low cost xeon's as i work in the i.t field- so cost wise, building is cheaper than going with apple. Many thanks