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  1. dn_angel000

    diablo 2 in window mode

    Here's the solution I found recently; Goto the Right click on Diablo 2 App > Show Package Contents > Double click on Winskin then Set screen options (Or whatever) then input these settings... lol
  2. Or u can use Acronics Disk Suite 10 or ?ever it's called!! lol U can install it on the WinXP partition!! lol
  3. dn_angel000

    Mac OS X86 10.4.10 Install...

    Ok I have it installed 2 my internal HD + was wondering how do I boot in2 it after it's finished installing?? lol I removed the Install DVD after it restarted + I got the Darwin/x86 2 come up followed by an error then I put the Install DVD back in + now I gotta reinstall it now!! lol So ? am I supposed 2 do now?? lol I've got a Sony VAIO VGN-FE660G + have no idea how 2 enter in2 the BIOS 2 start from HD!! lol
  4. dn_angel000

    Tiger 10.4.9 Installation

    I 4got/noticed that either some or most of the tuts here there isn't 1 stating that if u have an MBR type PC/Laptop then go2 'Disc Utilities' then I believe it's 'RAID' the 'Options' select 'Master Boot Record' then 'Partition' then continue installation cause if u notice that b4 u install the default Boot Record is 'GUID' I had this prob when installing 10.4.8, 10.4.10, + 10.5.2 + would always get errors telling me 2 'Try installing again' but when I reinstalled using the 'MBR' function thingy BANG 100% install!! lol
  5. dn_angel000

    [How To] Solutions for Audio Problems

    I've got a Sony VAIO and was wondering if u got a fix 4 the SigmaTel HD Audio Device?? lol
  6. 1... I've installed 10.4.8 on my Sony VAIO VGN-FE660G and was wondering if I can download 10.5.7 burn it 2 DVD then use the Install DVD as an upgrade DVD instead!! lol 2... I was also wondering how would I go about installing the upd8es necessary through the 'Apple Software Update' would it work like on a real mac or do I have 2 select specific upd8es from that 2 install?? lol
  7. I have a Sony VAIO VGN-FE660G + I installed Leopard (10.5.2) a few months/years ago + was wondering if the 10.5.8 version has the correct drivers 4 this particular laptop?? lol Important CPU Specs... Wireless Network: Intel Pro/Wireless 3945ABG Graphics/Video: Intel 945GM Chipset + Intel 945GM Express (Not sure if they r same or not) Audio: SigmaTel High Definition Audio Device Now when I installed 10.5.2.on this it seemed the Graphics/Video worked fine when I selected the Intel 950GM Chipset in the Installer, However in the Installer I don't remember if they had SigmaTel Audio Device or not but it did have the Intel Pro/Wireless Network I needed but It wouldn't work!! lol If any1 has installed 10.5.8 (newest version) would u happen 2 remember seeing any of the CPU Specs I have listed above?? lol Thank u!! lol