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  1. YouDoMeIDoYou

    Belkin USB Ethernet Hub (F5L009) and Lion 10.7 driver

    Hi again, well I'm quite dissatisfied with all that solutions so far... Connections via SX Virtual Link are very buggy. They get lost and you have to be very patient getting your printer back working. I use a Canon Pixma ip5300 and a HP2015dn printer. If one of them IS connected (well SX tells me the printer IS connected but the truth is mostly different) and got lost I have to activate the other printer to get the first running ... and so on. It is always luck to get your document printed without any mistakes. I am really sorry telling you that - I've spent quite a money because I thought that printserver couldn't make any problems... PS: I didn't try the flash drive clue - sorry
  2. YouDoMeIDoYou

    Belkin USB Ethernet Hub (F5L009) and Lion 10.7 driver

    I'll try doing so - I don't really print much - I'll leave a comment the next days
  3. YouDoMeIDoYou

    Belkin USB Ethernet Hub (F5L009) and Lion 10.7 driver

    Thanks for your hard work! In the meantime I made bad experiences with my suggested Belkin method above. Connections got lost. I tried my luck with sx virtual link 3.6.2. Thank you so much for this idea. Connections are much more stable now
  4. YouDoMeIDoYou

    Broadcom bcm43xx wireless driver [beta]

    Hi, try this IO80211Family.kext.zip Give it a try - maybe it helps
  5. Hi everybody, I've bought this Belkin USB Ethernet Hub a few days ago and want to share my eyperiences with you. This piece of hardware seemed to be hyped as a perfect solution for making USB ports available in wired networks. So I thought driver support won't be a problem - far from it! OSX drivers only available till leopard (10.5) and Windows 7 users also seem to complain about permanent connecting / disconnecting problems. Very annoying. Due to the fact that the 10.5 driver couldn't install a "SXUPTP.kext" I found this thread with a really good workaround so far. Installation worked and everything seemed to run flawlessly. I am in a student living community with many printing jobs. So it happened only a few hours later that the Belkin interface signaled to be connected with a printer but in fact it wasn't. It was left to chance whether we could print or not. I spent hours to find a maybe good working solution for the mentioned problem: Belkin officially discontinued driver support for the FL009. Download the driver for the "Play Max WLAN Router (F7D4301)" and mount it (Did you see 10.6 support? ). Go to the plug-ins Folder and delete everything except "Belkin USB Print and Storage Center". Execute "Belkin_Setup_and_Monitor_Install" Now execute "Belkin USB Print and Storage Center" in the plug-ins folder --> Restart. You should now see a new icon in your taskbar In the dropdown menu you can access a fresh new interface in the design of the original FL009 driver. Am I wrong or is that exactly the driver Belkin withholds from us? Why can I find a appropriate driver in a totally different hardware setup? However - since that install I didn't recognize any difficulties. Printers connect / disconnect reliably and our USB harddrive is accessible again. Please share your thoughts - I'd be glad hearing from you
  6. YouDoMeIDoYou

    OSX 10.7 Lion on P5K Premium WiFi - Black Pearl Edition

    I don't think it's because of Chimera. Check out this link - maybe that helps: Unknown AHCI Controller
  7. Try this patching app DSDT_Patcher_Linux_Mac_Win.zip running windows (if you have it installed). Run "DSDT Auto-Patcher.jar". Do following steps: Extract DSDT from System (yes) - left dropdown (Generic) - Apply. Now you must have a very basic dsdt.aml (maybe in same path as .jar but I don't remember). Save that dsdt.aml to your E/E folder in OSX and edit your org.chameleon.Boot.plist with <key>DSDT</key> <string>/Extra/dsdt.aml</string> restart and tell me what happens
  8. Do you use any dsdt.aml in E/E and if so - where did you get it from?
  9. YouDoMeIDoYou

    OSX 10.7 Lion on P5K Premium WiFi - Black Pearl Edition

    Yes, it does go into deep sleep. Did you enable C-States in chameleon? I didn't try to get wireless working. Maybe an USB wireless adapter may be a solution for you? Nice to hear Good luck further on! Yes it is correctly recognized. I am using chameleon - no trouble with that in any version. Is AHCI activated in BIOS? I remember running SATA drives with IDE enabled gave that "unknown"... good luck
  10. I am running 10.7.1 using a SBLive! soundcard with 10k2 chip i guess I had endless crackles until i activated speedstepping via chameleon P-States. Previously my system ran at maximum voltage and my kxaudio device crackled horribly. Maybe this helps. I checked working speedstepping with this nice tiny app VoodooMonitor. Install VoodooMonitor.kext in S/L/E (best with kextwizard) and run VoodooMonitor app. Here you can see changing voltages according to your cpu use. I do use DSDT but with no native speedstepping mod added - only via chameleon. VoodooMonitor.zip Hope this helps
  11. YouDoMeIDoYou

    Broadcom BCM5787M/BCM5784M - A solution

    Also worked for me with lion - even after sleep! Put it into E/E, made an extensions.mkext and repaired permissions with kext wizard. Thank you netkas
  12. YouDoMeIDoYou

    OSX 10.7 Lion on P5K Premium WiFi - Black Pearl Edition

    Did you try the AppleHDA.kext?
  13. YouDoMeIDoYou

    OSX 10.7 Lion on P5K Premium WiFi - Black Pearl Edition

    I'm so sorry... I mixed up my Snow Leopard install with my Lion install! There is no ad1988b.kext used at all with Lion - it doesn't work with 10.7. Only use my mentioned kexts at the topic of my post and everything will work just fine. But to be sure here my used Kexts: Extra_Extensions.zip System_Library_Extensions.zip Use Kext Wizard (link above) for installing kexts. You have to choose between Extra and S/L/E folder. Use the correct kexts for each destination: Be also sure to use Kext Wizard for permissions and cache rebuild: Another useful link for setting up you smbios.plist! Please make sure you have the same hardware - otherwise all your time spent is useless...
  14. YouDoMeIDoYou

    OSX 10.7 Lion on P5K Premium WiFi - Black Pearl Edition

    Did you install your AD1988b.kext to System/Library/Extensions ? If it is so - repair your permissions and your kextcache with kext wizard (You can find this app in my post). I hope it helps...
  15. YouDoMeIDoYou

    OSX 10.7 Lion on P5K Premium WiFi - Black Pearl Edition

    I've installed Lion for two days now - there was no chance comparing performances between Snow Leopard and Lion - sorry. But I have the feeling Lion runs graphic effects a bit smoother. Isn't OpenGL better implemented in Lion? I thought so that Lion wants to be more compatible to games... Good luck