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  1. Asus EP 121

    Also thinking of this! Anyone have tried it?
  2. Hi All, I finally got Snow Leopard installed on my Vaio VGN-AW11S. It has a Widescreen full HD Internal LCD Panel. At the moment there is not a kext or injector to use NVidia cards on Vaio Laptops. So, the problem is that the system default aspect ratio is 4:3 and my screen is 16:9. I already add the "Graphics Mode" in the com.apple.Boot.plist file to "1920x1080x32"; but the system just default to the nearest 4:3 resolution (and my screen do the resize) resulting in the hole thing a little "wide". Also the system is still showing 1280x1024 as the current resolution. Is there a way to change the default aspect ratio on Snow leopard? Anyone have the same problem? Of course there is not QE/CI or anything like that in Vaios at the moment, but the right resolutions can be a step ahead. Thanks in advanced
  3. 9600M GT

    I mean this solution http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...t&p=1166116
  4. 9600M GT

    Have you tried the solution from foxxx?
  5. 9600M GT

    What laptop are you using? A VAIO? let me know Thanks
  6. Some tracks for VAIO display support

    I'll like also to donate to make this thing happen! Guess the donations will make a good incentive to develop something that benefit all Vaio nVidia users. In my case I have a new Vaio VGN-AW11S/B with a nVidia GForce 9600M GT that of course not work at all using the internal display, mo matter what I do. Please the interested developer can setup a project page at code.google.com and one paypal account for donations (I estimate there is many many vaio owners interested in this) Thanks Jose E.
  7. 9600M GT

    I will like to have the native internal display resolution of my Vaio VGN-AW11S/B which is 1920x1080; when I set this on the boot options the resolution is increased but the settings remain to 1024x768 and the interface looks bad resized just like on the standard resolution. I don't need QE/VI or the VGA/HDMI, but I need badly this resolution to work on iPhone Apps
  8. 9600M GT

    Any News on this? Someone is using their internal display on laptops without the black screen of death? I so frustrated about this issue though, I can't get this working with the right resolution!
  9. 9600M GT

    No Luck still black screen, any other news on this?
  10. 9600M GT

    Thanks!!! I'll try the IDeneb kit right away, and Install Mac OS X once more, Results later I hope this solve the issue
  11. 9600M GT

    Still not working on my end. New 9000 v2 drivers tested with an EFI string and still black screen after boot, can someone who have this card working write a Step by Step Guide of what is using: from Distro to Drivers and installation methods. That will be very nice thanks
  12. 9600M GT

    I have tested this plist with my PCIRoot and VRAM size but didn't work... I still getting the "blank screen" when I boot with the string. Any help will be very appreciated
  13. 9600M GT

    Let me know if this one works, please, Thanks!
  14. 9600M GT

    If you point me to how to do it maybe I can try on my AW11S though, also the very same card is used on the last MacBook Pros. thanks for help
  15. 9600M GT

    So, that means there is no way to get the 9660M GT to work under OSx86?