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    Chameleon 2.0 FINAL "release" Installer

    Hm, sounds good ... but ... First: Chameleon works great and boots into Mac and Win without problems. After a windows crash and a reinstall of windows .. The Win-bootloader appears and works well Then i've installed EasyBCD under Windows and added a new Boot-Entry for MacOS If i now select MacOS on the Windows Bootloader, my previous Chameleon appears and works too OK: In this situation i be able to boot both systems first over the ugly windows-booter and second with chameleon. But i prefer Chameleon as first bootmanager. After a while i realized, that my win-partition is the active partition. How can i set my mac-partition back to be active in terminal? Specs: Partition-sheme: MBR 1st partition: HFS+ with SL 10.6.2, primary 2nd partition: NTFS with Win7, primary, system, boot, active Windows-bootloader installed only on 2nd partition How can i set my mac-partition back to be active in terminal? TIA
  2. skavenger0816

    512MB 9500GS 100% Working in Snow Leopard

    @Mrx33, THX for your explanation. But for me it doesn`t work. I have 10.6.2 and a geforce 9500m GS with 512MB. (Vanilla kernel from Retail-DVD) Q1: Do I need also to enable EFI-string or works your solution only without EFI? (I use Chameleon 2.0 RC4) Q2: How can i get detailed device-identification? Exists a little tool for this? TIA
  3. skavenger0816

    Shared Library Error

    Hi JeanLuc, thank you for your answer - but my problem was solved long time ago in other thread .