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  1. update: Graphic is now working with 1366x768 after installing Xdarwin NVDIA installer. To Do: Sounds driver ethernet driver webcam driver
  2. Hello guys, i have installed snow leopard on lenovo g450 laptop using snow leopard retail dvd on USB drive. i make a bootable USB and patch it using netbookmaker. graphic: running only 1024x768 sound: not detected keyboard and touchpad: working bluetooth: working wireless: working ethernet: not working still searching for the correct drivers for sound, graphic and ethernet. please help if you know. the osx86 wiki seems outdated. please tell me what should i do to help improving this community. thanks.
  3. guys, i have successfully installed mac osx snow leopard on dell mini 10v using snow leopard retail dvd. i just want to know, can i update it to the latest (10.6.4) using software update ?
  4. piju

    Growl for Windows?

    Snarl - http://www.fullphat.net/
  5. snowleopard default wallpaper also "cool"
  6. released already jailbreak for 3.0
  7. piju

    Ubuntu on Aluminium Macbook?

    should be ok you should try it first https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MactelSupportTeam/CommunityHelpPages
  8. piju

    Linux Program Lists

    i use gnomad2 to organize my mp3s collection in creative zen and xnjb for osx
  9. piju

    X-Chat sysinfo script

    try this one http://piju.fakap.net/upload/files/XInfoAqua.7.4l.py
  10. piju

    Intel X3100 EFI Strings

    anybody ? can u all help me with my problem ?
  11. guys, help me i got problem with intel 950. for the first boot, there will be a blue screen with black bar!!
  12. piju

    Intel X3100 EFI Strings

    i have changed all of AppleIntelGMAX3100 and replaced with AppleIntelGMA950* from code.google.bla.bla . now my resolution only 1024x768. only that resolution. i cannot change. the view is worst . the AppleIntelGMAX3100* is nicer.but the problem is that bluescreen help me!
  13. piju

    Intel X3100 EFI Strings

    yes i will. after i come back from my holiday ill tell you later about the result thanks in advance
  14. piju

    Intel X3100 EFI Strings

    do i just need to replace my old .kext with that new kext from that url ?