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  1. When are yiu going to post the tutorial man !!
  2. Intel WiFi 5100/5300 AGN Driver?

    What about the Intell 5100 wifi driver. There is no mentioning about it . Is it working on your laptop. If so could you upload the driver kext thanks.
  3. HP Pavilion dv6700 Web Cam

    well it is not possible at the moment to use it with mac apps. but you can use it with yahoo messenger and msn.
  4. IATKOS v4 failed

    check if u still have legendary "darwin" magical script working on iatkos 4.o on the darwin command press f8 then -s ... after the bash comes type darwin see if it works ... then follow the instructions and type exit it will take u to the insatallation screen . select the itakos_4i mainl files, darwin bootloader, smbios, and remove thermal kexts. make sure u erase ur disk first and format it with mac extended (journaled ) . applying the darwin script is the second step.
  5. Thanks for replying back Mysticus .. As far as i can see the problem is not with the firmware... It showed even when i was installing the iAtkos 2.0i .. in that case what i did was Steps : from command prompt ( f8 darwin boot: ) ... typed darwin ... added the boot sector bytes ->exit --> it booted into installation of v2.0i ... and finished the installation. Everything worked .. Now for the update thingy: this is how i did the update Opened the mkext pkg added the line about removing the extensions in your initial ( original) preflight script (1.4b) ==> for the nvidia gfx issue and then ran the update . However during the installation i didnt get any windows to customize anything i.e it was a direct auto install (*1.4b update) from the leapord. The error msgs came after the reboot. I think something to do with Nvidia drivers ... I had the same issue with iAtkos 1.o rc2 , it booted but after a while apple logo and then indefinate reboot loop. Shine some light on this ... Thanks mate !! for the help.
  6. Error Msgs: Attachment 1 : Using -s ( stalled at root ) Attachment 2 : Using -v
  7. going to install update 1.4b .. will post results.. cheers mate.
  8. im having the same problem .. please help needed from experts ..