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  1. Problem with Realtek RTL8139

    Yea I agree cpus=1 is no solution... I have a quad core and Leopard runs great with all 4 cores enabled. I'm not sure what the solution is but I think it have something to do with AppleSMBIOS.kext Please post here if anyone figures this one out... as will I.
  2. Problem with Realtek RTL8139

    After doing some tests I have discovered that by booting with cpus=1 fixes the network drop issue but disables 3 cores to do it. I'm going to swap out my AppleSMBIOS.kext and try a few combinations. Can anyone else verify that booting cpus=1 makes a difference for you? My system is 99% just need to get the issues worked out.
  3. Problem with Realtek RTL8139

    Well I have the same problems... I am now on the 5th card and starting to realize it has nothing to do with the card or the drivers. I've tried the a RTL8139 based card, a D-link GFE-530TX, D-lInk GDE-530T, Nforce Networking all have different drivers and work... I can connect to the internet but all will quit after a few min until I reboot. This has nothing to do with the card or drivers. Any one have any ideas?
  4. Hello... I've have an ATI X1600 Pro PCIe and at one point this was a compatible card in the 10.4.4 - 10.4.5 days and then seemed to become less compatible with the new Natit and new kernels. When I use Natit I discovered something... I don't care about dual support or even DVI right now I just want native resolution and accel. My system will boot up to a blue screen with a mouse cursor(no taring)... the system does not freeze and will allow me to click icons on the dock(but the dock and GUI is not displayed, but I know it's there because when I click the hard drive accesses and the mouse cursors will change when I move it around. When I went to switch off my system to boot into single user mode to remove natit I noticed the whole desktop showed up for 5 sec because the os started to enter sleep mode when I pushed in my power button. It was a high res desktop and no taring but I could only use it for 5 sec then the system went to sleep. I can't wake up the system for some reason. I think Natit is working but something is proventing it from init. the screen correctly untel the system started to enter sleep. I've tried so many combinations but the only one that worked fully was a JAS 10.4.8 AMD SSE3 only with the 10.4.4 ATI*.kext but this system was not very stable. If I remove natit then I get a desktop at 800x600 but with full QE, CI but there is mouse tairing and I can't switch the res. in System Preferences. EDIT: Ok I got it working fine with the IONdrv .5 and ATINdrv .5 but now I've lost the ability to adjust my system volume but sound still works. Thank you
  5. Yes it's very true the forcedeth.kext used is a port of the older BSD forcedeth driver... the latest linux forcedeth takes care of many of the issues I'm having but I'm not sure how to port it to OSX but I'm going to work on it a bit tonight... I'm not sure I can do a direct port from the latest linux to OSX but I'm going to try anyway
  6. Hello... I have managed to make myself a 100% working OSX solution... Currently I'm using 10.4.8 AMD SSE3 kernel and 10.4.4 ATI kexts everything is 100% with my Sapphire X1600 Pro even the ripple effects Finaly. There was a problem when I would boot into OSX it would show me a blue screen and sit there. I found a solution so I wanted to post it for others with similar configurations. In my BIOS I changed my Hyper-Transport setting to Fail-Safe settings 400Mhz/400Mhz and bingo it boots to the desktop and everything seems just as fast... just to make sure I changed the setting back to Optimal 1000Mhz/800Mhz and the blue screen was back... OSX must not handle the fast hyper-transport timmings. Anyone know of a way to keep the optimal timmings and still boot into OSX ??? UPDATE: I started a fresh install last night and set me BIOS to use the Optimum settings and it seems that after everything is installed and I update using the JAS 10.4.8 AMD SSE3 Only everything is working fine... then I do a Software Update and it updates iTunes(7.02) and Quicktime(7.1.3)....then I need to slow down the Hypertransport bus or else I get the Blue Screen. I've repeated this many times and it's something to do with these updates and the speed of Hyper Transport. I have not Idea but the system does not seem any slower but I have not ran any benchmarks. Anyway I hope this info might help others that see this Blue Sceen after bootup
  7. Driver for nForce4 LAN

    You should use lspci to find out your nForce device ID's then install with the instructions posted in past posts.
  8. Driver for nForce4 LAN

    Glad I could help some of you out... what kind of issues are you having after using the driver for a few days ? How often does it drop the connection and how often do you have to power off your system to get the IP back ? Oh yes and thanks Planetbeing for getting this driver started
  9. Driver for nForce4 LAN

    The MB I use is the K8NGM2-L also... the biostar may not use the same ID's... use Device Manager in Windows and look up the NVIDIA nForce Networking Controller Properties and then Details Tab you'll see a reference of NVNET_DEVXXXX <---XXXX is your ID. If you get a 169 address power down your system and unplug it from the wall for 30 sec... I think the forcedeth driver being used may suffer from the same ACPI bugs that the older Linux forcedeth driver did and after booting into windows and then back to Linux the driver would not work untel you remove the power to the card for 30 sec... you do need to unplug the power from the wall because most cards have wake on lan power even when the system is powered off.
  10. Driver for nForce4 LAN

    SUCCSESS!! Ok... what I did to make this all work. First make sure your using the newest drivers... there are two posts with driver attachments in this thread the second one suggests that it is more current but it is the one attached to the first post that is newer... I also had to use the forcedeth-nockd.kext and edit the info.plist file in that package to add my nforce 410 ID's. The nforce ID I have is 0269 if anyone would like to add them into the driver for the future After doing this everything is working fine... but I get a lot of debug output to the logs and can't seem to use the forcedeth-nock.kext as it say's it is not a valid package. <--- anyone know how to fix this ? Thanks.
  11. Driver for nForce4 LAN

    One step closer... ok I added my ID's to the forcedeth.kext info.plist and now I get the following output that looks promising... The MAC address is correct but I get a 169 IP address and no connection. Jul 24 09:06:54 robert-computer kernel[0]: NMAC: family specific matching fails Jul 24 09:06:54 robert-computer kernel[0]: forcedeth: Initializing. Jul 24 09:06:54 robert-computer kernel[0]: forcedeth: Probing. Jul 24 09:06:54 robert-computer kernel[0]: forcedeth: WARNING - your nVidia device 0x10DE:0x0269 is not known to work, but it could be supported in the future. Please contact the coder. Continuing anyway... Jul 24 09:06:54 robert-computer kernel[0]: forcedeth: Starting. Jul 24 09:06:54 robert-computer kernel[0]: forcedeth: PCI system 0x10DE:0x0269, subsystem 0x1462:0x7207 opened. Jul 24 09:06:54 robert-computer kernel[0]: forcedeth: Mapped from 0xF9FDC000 of length 4096. Jul 24 09:06:54 robert-computer kernel[0]: forcedeth: Allocated 3072 bytes of contiguous memory for DMA: rx at 0x22bf9000, tx at 0x22bf9400, wired at 0x5405000. Jul 24 09:06:54 robert-computer kernel[0]: forcedeth: Found nForce4 LAN with MAC: 00:13:D3:EC:0A:07. Jul 24 09:06:54 robert-computer kernel[0]: forcedeth: Found PHY 0x0000:0x0020 at address 1. Jul 24 09:06:54 robert-computer kernel[0]: com_triton_forcedeth: Ethernet address 00:13:d3:ec:0a:07 Jul 24 09:06:54 robert-computer kernel[0]: forcedeth: Enabling... 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Jul 24 09:06:54 robert-computer kernel[0]: forcedeth: Starting transmit/receive engines Jul 24 09:06:54 robert-computer kernel[0]: forcedeth: Network link down. Jul 24 09:06:56 robert-computer kernel[0]: forcedeth: Link speed now 100Mbps, code 0x10064. Jul 24 09:07:01 robert-computer launchd: Server 0 in bootstrap 1103 uid 0: "/usr/sbin/lookupd"[88]: exited abnormally: Hangup Jul 24 09:07:01 robert-computer configd[50]: executing /System/Library/SystemConfiguration/Kicker.bundle/Contents/Resources/enable-network Jul 24 09:07:01 robert-computer configd[50]: posting notification com.apple.system.config.network_change Jul 24 09:07:01 robert-computer lookupd[175]: lookupd (version 369.5) starting - Mon Jul 24 09:07:01 2006 Jul 24 09:07:01 robert-computer ntpdate[187]: can't find host time.apple.com\n Jul 24 09:07:01 robert-computer ntpdate[187]: no servers can be used, exiting Jul 24 09:07:01 robert-computer configd[50]: target=enable-network: disabled UPDATE: I've also ran the forcedeth-nockd.kext and have attched the output... forcedethlog.rtf
  12. Driver for nForce4 LAN

    My MSI board has the ID NVNET_DEV0269 can I just edit the kext info.plist to make this work?? I'm going to try that now anyway. Thanks
  13. Driver for nForce4 LAN

    Thanks but the first terminal in that screen shot shows the output of system.log there is nothing.
  14. Driver for nForce4 LAN

    Hello... I've been so excited to use OSX on my PC almost there... I have an nForce 410 chipset and I'm tring to get the forcedeth drivers to work. Many people are having luck but not me, I installed the driver and there is basicaly zero output from the driver... please see attached screenshot. Any ideas... I have X-Code loaded now and I'm going to start digging for a solution so if anyone can point me in the right direction, thanks.
  15. I have this error on an Athlon 64 3200+ with SSE2 and SSE3 using the Goatsecx 10.4.6 DVD... This might be a DVD ROM issue... I'm going to swap drives and do a test. Nope... no luck... tried two other DVD drives... must be BIOS related... I could up date my BIOS but there are no updates.