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  1. [GUIDE] Dell L701X (xps 17 late 2010)

    Thank you for the quick reply Vladlenas, I did see the note about XPC not supporting the built in trackpad on the L701x - but this is not a big issue as I use the Apple bluetooth magic touchpad. The Russian language install I can live with because I know where everything is anyway. What got me confused was the back two USB ports not working - I could not work out why the external drive I wanted to install on would not show up, nor an external usb keyboard - now I have that bit figured using a usb hub on the left port to get bluetooth, usb drive to install to and keyboard I'm going for the install with XPC anyway to see how I get on - once installed I use kexthelper to install the required kexts anyway. Mountain Lion DP3 is currently installing so I will let you know how I get on trying to get it to boot and set up. EDIT: Mountain Lion installed, XPC would not boot it, in the end I went back to Chameleon - Chameleon_2.1svn_r1820_trunk_10.8.pkg which now has support for Mountain Lion, that combined with my existing Lion Extra folder (You could of course also use Vlads files from above) and I also dropped all the kexts from Vlads package above straight into System/Library/Extensions on the Mountain Lion Install - this let me boot up to the setup screen with everything working - only minor issue - Still in Russian! Going to puzzle that bit out next from Vlads suggestion. Edit 2: It seems the Russian problem was related to Vlads XPC files, I rebuilt my usb installer using the attached Chameleon as bootloader, added vlads extra for install and it booted the installer in English finally- but Vlads smbios.plist must spoof a mac model not supported by Mountain Lion (it checks the device is eligible for install now), fortunately the macbook pro my smibios.plist spoofs is supported so anyone wanting to try out Mountain Lion use Vlads extra for install after installing Chameleon I have attached but then overwrite the smbios.plist with the one I have also attached. The process then is simple, from installer install Mountain Lion, once done boot into your install usb again but then choose the fresh install, go through the set up process, once on desktop install Chameleon, add Vlad's extra post install replacing the smbios.plist (I used my Lion Extra folder) and use Kext Helper to install all the Kexts Vlad supplies - reboot and with luck all should be good. I'm interested to see if the random fermi freeze I got from my XPS 17 graphics card on Lion still - only fixed by running Mach Desktop, is finally resolved in Mountain Lion. So far so good Safari is still a bit buggy but I use Firefox so not an issue. Chameleon_2.1svn_r1820_trunk_10.8.pkg_.zip smbios.plist.zip
  2. [GUIDE] Dell L701X (xps 17 late 2010)

    I had a go with XPC bootloader on Mountain Lion installer DP3, using your files Vlad I got the installer to boot on my L701x, but for some reason it comes up in Russian, no keyboard or trackpad, it detects my Bluetooth Apple Magic Trackpad - but crucially only the left and right USB ports work - not the back two. As I'm booting off a USB drive, want to install on a USB drive and need the bluetooth to run the trackpad - this means I'm going to have to try a hub for one of the two.
  3. [GUIDE] Dell L701X (xps 17 late 2010)

    I get a pop when the audio is first used after boot - after that it's good. Always have for Snow Leopard and now Lion - I can live with it but a solution would be nice. As for my personal graphics freeze on Lion, I still have no idea why only I seem to suffer from it, for all my smbios and dsdt.aml tweaks plus adding the CUDA drivers all I gained was a longer period before the dreaded freeze would hit - no activity from the display - often a black line that sometimes grew a little with keypresses top left above Apple logo - only solution would be to hard power off and restart. In desperation I went back to some old Snow Leopard posts where Mach Desktop had been installed with a video wallpaper and this fixed the freeze up - so checked in the Lion app store and Mach Desktop is there - bought it and set a quicktime aquarium video wallpaper - little to no difference in temp or performance - 4 days of running Lion and NO FREEZE - so weird but after all that arsing around this fixed it - I am even running my Windows 7 64bit main install via parallels virtual boot camp in Lion no problem they both hum along smooth as silk - 3gb Ram for virtual machine and 5gb for Lion.
  4. [GUIDE] Dell L701X (xps 17 late 2010)

    I might have cracked it on my own (I say might, it's been freeze free all day but I have previously had mysterious periods of being Freeze free and then out the blue it kicks in again) - I noticed in my about this mac -> More Info it said I was using a 15" Macbook Pro - but I have the 17" Dell XPS. I don't know if this could be relevant or not - I had just used Vlad's package - and subsequently the amended dsdt he provided I think you Eugene because i have the GT 445M 3gb. I know the smbios has something to do with that bit, and that it can have more then just a cosmetic effect on your system - so I hunted out an alternative smbios.plist which reports my system now as just Macbook Pro, using the SMProductname MacBookPro8,1 - which from my googling should match a 17" mac. Anyway I have attached the smbios.plist I found, it might be it needs further tweaking - so far it seems to have somehow done the trick. EDIT:- I now know a little more about smbios, The reasons Vlads smbios set my machine as a 15" Macbook Pro was the serial number he set in it - the one I found had no serial number - when I put Vlads serial in it suddenly I was back to 15" Macbook - the solution for aesthetic reasons only I guess is to use lizard to make you a custom serial:- http://www.kexts.com/view/488-lizard_0.62.html I also added the UUID to the smbios.plist <key>SMUUID</key> <string></string> Obtained from Disk Utility by selecting my Lion partition and then clicking info up at the to of the disk utility window. I upgraded to the release version of Lion on Wednesday, I had a 10.6.7 install on my second internal drive so used the App Store on that to download it (the Lion GM I was running on an external hard drive would not let me buy Lion because it said I was running it!) Can't see any difference from the GM but I wanted to be running the full release. smbios.plist.zip
  5. [GUIDE] Dell L701X (xps 17 late 2010)

    I'm not an expert but how I have been doing it is:- Create Lion USB using any of the many guides for doing that. Make it bootable using Chameleon from the package. Delete the Extra folder from the USB you created put their buy Chameleon Copy the Extra for install from inside that dir to the USB (i.e. just copy Extra to USB) I Suggest for ease of use you copy the downloaded files, and a utility like Kext Helper to the USB for ease of post install work. Install Lion. If when the installation boots it does not recognise your native keyboard, you can just plug in a usb keyboard to get past this (if you have one) or there is a fix in this thread. Once you are at Lion desktop, run Chameleon on your Lion hard drive, then again delete the Extra folder and then copy in it's place the Extra folder from Extra post install. NOW add the Extensions kexts to S/L/E using Kext Helper or your preferred method for doing that. Reboot and all should be good. Personally though, I have found the Chameleon in the package does not make a drive bootable when run on Lion, it completes OK - but the drive does not boot - I've had to use a Snow Leopard install to run Chameleon and get it to make the drive bootable - I do not know if it's a problem with that version of Chameleon or just me. I just installed the official Lion the same way as the Betas, very easy to do - just once you finish downloading Lion from Mac App Store go into the Applications directory, right click the Lion installer - Show package contents and then navigate to the .dmg files you need to create a bootable usb from their. Running it now - but still getting the random screen freeze grr! I have done 10.7 DP 4, GM and official Release - and I still get this problem! Graphics are native with no additional work QE /CI but still I get the freezing - yet nobody else seems to! I must be doing something wrong but all I have done is use the Lion files provided in this thread.
  6. [GUIDE] Dell L701X (xps 17 late 2010)

    My lock up is very different - literally the whole screen freezes including the mouse pointer - no response to keys or touch pad - often there is a small black set of pixels missing top left next to the Apple logo in the status bar. As to when it happens - it's seems to be even more random - the last time it did it was when I tried to log in from from the password screen after the screen saver had been on - and it's never done that previously - so the clicking the icons in the dock isn't the only thing that's causing it.
  7. [GUIDE] Dell L701X (xps 17 late 2010)

    Even with the GM I still get the screen freeze glitch, where everything locks up and I have to hard power down and restart. I think for me the common occurance is launching things from the dock, if I use iFile to launch anything then it runs all night no problems - but if I start launching stuff from the dock - particularly launchpad - then a freeze is guaranteed. What's more annoying is nobody else seems to be mentioning this lock up - so it's either unique to my L701x or how I have stuff installed - but I have seperate installs of DP4 and GM and both do it - GM at first went a long time without doing it - three days I think - and I thought it was OK then it went and locked up on me last night. When Lion retail drops (tomorrow night?) I'm going to buy it and hopefully it will fix the issue - otherwise I'll work round it I suppose.
  8. [GUIDE] Dell L701X (xps 17 late 2010)

    A huge thank you for posting these, I had been trying to manually install Lion and failing badly, then I remembered this thread and it's snow leopard guides were the reason I bought the L701X in the first place - and again you guys have come up trumps - it's really appreciated you share your hard efforts to let us less knowledgeable people get our systems running. The only problem I have with both Lion and Snow Leopard is occasional screen freeze - sometimes with the black square top left next to the apple icon - I know this is graphics driver related but is there a fix? For lion I am just using your Extra folder and extensions added by kext helper - I seem to have full graphics without the nvida enabler - is that correct?
  9. [GUIDE] Dell L701X (xps 17 late 2010)

    Excellent work theSlug, because of this thread I picked up an L701X from Dell outlet - refurb unit - i7, 750gb hd and 4gb ram for a steal of £500 + VAT, added 4gb more ram and a 500gb 7200rpm hybrid hd for main boot drive and the Dell 1510 wifi card. Loving the laptop, and thanks to your guide I have Snow Leopard running perfect 10.6.7, touchpad is smooth with side scrolling and full graphics acceleration. If there was a competition for the best Hackintosh laptop, the L701X must surely be near the top!