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  1. No patched kext, instead I used efi studio to add the hex string for my nic. Doesn´t anybody have a clue regarding my PCI problem? (see post 898 in this thread) The worst thing is, I can´t use "internet sharing" on my Powerbook G4 running 10.4.x It just don´t work. So my hackintosh is offline at the moment
  2. I had the same problem with my Kalyway Installation. I think it was some patched kext. Now with retail installation it works fine. You might also check your bios settings. you can find screenshots from the correct settings for your mobo here. BTW. There were two versions of the poweroff_fix, the one that worked for me was the patch from the asian guy. but only after installing CHUD.
  3. Hi Cack33, What happens when you try to playback in iTunes? Does sound work in other applications? Is the volume to 100% in iTunes? For your power off problem, theres a fix mentioned here: http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?sho...hl=poweroff+fix You need to install CHUD tools from apple to make it work.
  4. Hi Guys, I installed a PCI WLAN card but it´s not recognized by the system profiler. It says "no cards installed in this computer". What do I have to do to make it work? I checked my bios settings but I colud only change the IRQs for PCI1 and PCI2. Both are on "auto" now and it looks like the mainboard sees the card, but OS X doesn´t. Cheers, hacki
  5. Ist mein PC stark genug? ._.

    @noname.core: kauf dir lieber einen mac mini. dieses osx86 projekt ist wirklich für leute, die darauf stehen, dass es eigentlich nicht ad-hoc läuft. der gedanke, ein anderes OS oder eine andere firmware auf einem x-beliebigen gerät zu "fahren" setzt voraus, sich in gewissem maße mit der materie auseinanderzusetzen. das studium fremdsprachiger literatur gehört meist dazu. andererseits wirst du hier alle hilfe erfahren, wenn zu erkennen ist, dass du dich tatsächlich für den weg, und nicht nur für das ziel interessierst.
  6. I´ve got some news concerning the kernel panics. It was the USB WLAN stick (particular the driver) which caused the kernel panics. I uninstalled the driver and unplugged the stick and now the system is rock solid. But for some reason, shutdown will not work every time, especially when the system was up for some hours and longer.
  7. A wireless OS9 project? Solution needed?

    Why don´t you use a wlan-ethernet bridge as they are used for playstations/xboxes and so on. You can connect them via ethernet cable and it bridges the wired lan to wireless lan. Works without drivers.
  8. Was ist der Ruhezustand?

    Wenn der Computer vom Strom getrennt wird, geht auch der Inhalt des RAMs verloren, ist ja kein NVRAM. Deine Aussage kann so nicht ganz stimmen.
  9. yes, it will. same board here. please post how it worked. i´m getting kernel panics sometimes.
  10. Dewdman: thanks for the information. i might try other firmwares to. i recently downgraded from f11 to f8. ls8: i think i found out, what the problem caused. it was the old 80GB hdd, which seemed to have problems with sata-2 mode. i installed from retail dvd on an newer 250gb hdd, using your scripts, and the i/o bug disappeared. your guide is really great, thank you for that! really easy to use, good work! system runs good, so far (ask again in some days!). i´ve made a highload test by running dd (as mentioned), remember (for ram testing), itunes+visuals and firefox running a vlc plugin to watch a dvb-c stream via my dreambox. cpu load was about 100% on both kernel and memory usage was 3.8 from 4 gb. it ended up in a kernel panic! btw: is single or dual channel ram installation recommended? is there any difference? i´m using single channel now (2x2GB double sided in DDRII1 and DDRII2 slot).
  11. Strange, I hope it´s not a hardware problem (mobo/cpu)... I will try to downgrade the firmware with crossover, because i don´t have a windows installation. And after that I will install from the retail dvd. Hope that will fix the problem! Grüezi wohl
  12. Thank you LS8! I think F11 is running on my board. Is downgrading possible without having a windows installation (by using crossover or similar)? Did you ever heard about that behaviour I described?
  13. ls8: doesn´t work with kalyway, it spoiled my installation. i will give the retail dvd a try this evening. could you please provide all bios settings, i´m experiencing stange behaviour with my p35-ds4. when i have a lot I/O the disk activity freezes for some seconds (10-20-30) and then it starts again without giving an error. logs look good so far. i´m not sure if it could be a hardware problem... i can produce this behaviour if i do the following: dd if=/dev/random of=test bs=512k count=1000 [for example, just to create some I/O] that makes the system slow down. if i know start repairing disk permissions or similar, the spinning wheel comes up, everything freezes for 10-20 seconds and then the system speeds up again, before it slows down after a while. when i kill dd everything is fine again. i recognized this behaviour the first time, when i used the migration manager to migrate data from another volume. ram seems to be ok, i tested it with "remember". any ideas anybody???
  14. Will that work with the Kalyway 10.5.2 DVD also??? What kernel and what extra packages should be selected?
  15. Hi LS8, thank you for your reply. Does that mean, I should apply the LS8v12 to my existing installation? I was really concerned about the kernel panics, already thought about defective hardware. Cheers, hacki