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  1. MacPro rumours

    Hello. I feel that the Mac Pro is going to stay as it is for awhile. Maybe not as long as the original Mac Pro 1.1 lasted (from late 06 through late 07/early 08, but awhile. Why should they do anything right now? They are already at the very top of the price/capacity heap, offering an astoundingly powerful 8-core system for relatively little money. As far as SLI or Crossfire, I suspect that we won't really see either unless the Digital Content Creator crowd (such as myself) demands it. Or possibly if Quadro or FireGL cards adopt it. Apple is unlikely to cater to the gamer market with this particular Workstation. On the other hand, I feel that Apple is likely to either: Refresh the mini or possibly iMacs, though they already did stuff with the iMacs..... or Bring out a completely new series to fill the gap between the iMacs and Mac Pro. Possibly one pointed right at the Gamer market. Possibly not though. Apple seems like they don't want people poking around inside their systems, and such a system would typically be purchased by computer enthusiasts who specialize in poking around inside computers.... Keri
  2. Whats your fav screensaver?

    Hello. Congratulations on getting your system up and going. My fave Mac screensavers? Beach. Cosmos. Nature Patterns. Forest. As a bonus these just display various pictures and should run smoothly. The RSS feed one is cool and so is "Word of the Day". My really favorite one is Marine Aquarium... a 23" Cinema Display makes an excellent fish tank. Have Fun, Keri
  3. Show Your OS X Desktop!

    OK Here's my Desktop. (Preview, Grab, Select Area) Keri
  4. ZUMA Deluxe for Mac!

    Hello. Would you like a challenging, colorful, musical and entertaining game that can be played for hours and hours? Without killing legions of sentient beings? It's called ZUMA Deluxe by Pop Cap, apparently re-released by Mac Play. It was apparently created for pre-Intel Macs, but plays great on a MacPro running Leopard. I accidentally bought it in a Bargain bin without realizing it was a Mac only version. Rather than throw it away, I kept it around because it was my favorite PC game. Then I got a Mac. And it works great! It even puts a giant neolithic "Z" on the dock. Yes, I'm aware that technically it's about as resource-hungry as Solitaire. Yes, gameplay is simple, limited to "Rotate Left, Rotate Right, Fire and Switch Balls" (all mouse-controlled) But it's still a really great game. You can try an online demo version here: http://www.popcap.com/games/free/zuma/?ici...2_OL_7_15_08_en Zuma Keri Score: 1,963,620
  5. G3 - replacing 9 gig drive with ide ?

    Hi Jennifer. A little research indicates something odd. A Quantum Viking 9.1g drive appears to be a SCSI drive, as you suspect. The Blue&White G3 supported IDE (aka ATA 33) drives. Unfortunately, the early Revision 1 units had IDE controller problems that prevented use of newer drives such as ATA66, ATA100, ATA133. A lot of the G3s had Ultra ATA, SCSI or SATA controllers installed to correct this. Could this G3 have had a SCSI card and the Quantum added at some point in its history? This was a common refit for Revision 1 G3s. the IDE controller should still be useable, and the largest supported IDE drive should be 137gb. For all practical purposes this limits you to a 120gb hard drive. But you have to set the drive to disable UDMA if your G3 is a Revision 1. If you do have a SCSI card installed, you would probably be limited to a 120gb SCSI drive. Or you could replace it with an Ultra ATA card or even a SATA controller card. Probably still a 120gb limit though. Possibly not. I don't know what exactly limits the Drive size. If it's only the drive controller, you may be able to use larger drives. Here's a neat article with pictures that I came across: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Power_Macinto...ue_&_White) Good Luck and Have Fun! Keri
  6. Is Apple "Worth It"?

    Hello. Not to sound combative, but are you trying to say that someone else or ANYONE else will sell you a Dual-Socket Xeon motherboard with a 5400 chipset and TWO Quad-Core Xeon CPUs for less than $1,800? (2x Xeon 5440 at 720ea, lowest price 5400 board at $430) PLUS a decent PSU, PLUS some FBRAM, PLUS a Videocard (even a cheapie like the HD2600) PLUS a presentable box to put it in, PLUS DVDs, HDDs, PLUS an OS, a Keyboard, a Mouse.... PLUS SHIPPING and you still say you can build an 8-core Xeon system for "Way Less"? Let's see: $1,870 for the CPUs (with OEM heatsinks) and Board, (you wouldn't DARE use THOSE Heatsinks would you?) $250 for a DECENT 1,000w PSU $135 for a measly 2GB DDR2-800FBRAM $60 for a laughable HD2600XT/256/ddr3 $65 for a 320GB HDD $30 for a DVD burner $100 for OS (Vista on sale, XP Home, that sort of thing) $100 for a presentable case (you wouldn't really get something THAT cheap would you?) $100 for a DECENT KB & mouse (such as the aluminum KB and Mighty Mouse) Total=$2710. from the Egg. PLUS SHIPPING!!! PLUS all of your hard work. PLUS all the miscellaneous stuff that you KNOW you're going to have to buy? And that's just right at a base 8-core Mac Pro spec. Apples to Apples, remember? Really, the only Case that compares to a MacPro case is a LianLi that would probably cost $300 instead of the $100 mentioned, so to be fair you should add $200 to that estimate. Keri Ummm..... You do not read posts very carefully do you? "I said "similarly equipped". I compared a VIAO WITHOUT the BLU-Ray drive and with the closest matched CPU, Hard Drive, memory and screen size at FULL LIST Price in an attempt to make the fairest match possible. Yes, I know that you can generally knock $400 off of that. But you can't on a Apple, can you? Staggering FAKE discounts of 20% or more are a sure sign of overpriced stuff. Oh, and KEWL! I'm a "He"? Can I please have that 29% raise right now? Tired of making 71¢ on the dollar, Keri
  7. Mac users' opinion on Hackintoshs

    Hello. Personally, I feel that if you like the technical challenge, building a Hackintosh and getting it to function well would be a superb learning experience. If you can do so, it indicates a great deal of technical knowledge and skill. If you want another "learning experience" you could try selling some in quantity. This will teach you all about Product Support, Profit Margins and Apple's Legal Department. I feel that your premise is faulty though. You are assuredly NOT going to build a $2800 Mac for $1500. It may look similar on paper, but it will not be remotely close when it comes to real-world performance. And what about resale value on a Hackintosh? Good luck on getting ANYTHING for it. You will not save very much money by building your own Mac. But you can learn a lot by doing so. Have Fun, Keri
  8. Is Apple "Worth It"?

    Hello. Is Apple "Worth It"? Yes, yes, a thousand times YES! Apple is a veritable BARGAIN. Please do NOT compare a complete factory made and supported computer to a home made machine with ZERO support. Compare Macs to HPs. SONYs, Gateways, Dells.... you know the computers that were so great that we started BUILDING OUR OWN in the first place! And don't just compare the on-paper specs. PC makers specialize in making the "numbers" look good. Compare the whole experience by asking around. Find out how much people ended up actually paying for that $500 Dell that's roughly comparable to a Mac Mini. It often ends up being $700, $800 or more! And support? Is it better than Apple support? Any company sponsored Geniuses around? (no, I don't mean Geek Squad) The current trend is the iMac ripoff. HP, Gateway and Sony all have very pretty all-in-one Vista boxes such as the current VAIO series. Are they really cheaper or a better value than an iMac? Why, no! they are not! As I'm the computer fixit girl around here, I can speak for Sony PC quality.... it is certainly NOT equal to Mac nor is their support. Yet the VAIOs cost as much or more! VAIO 19" 2.0ghz=$1899 iMac 20"2.4ghz=$1499 (similarly equipped) At the high end, we have the Mac Pro. This isn't a PC it's a Dual-Xeon WORKSTATION. An HP 8-core XEON system? $4,600. and it's a dedicated rackmount server with NO OS. Seems like the Mac Pro is about $2000 cheaper since you have to buy an OS for the HP. When you compare APPLES to APPLES..... APPLE always wins! Keri
  9. Best Webcam?

    Hello. My vote is for the now discontinued external iSight. This thing is a work of art as well as a perfect functioning webcam. Here's the details: It has only a 1.3 MP sensor, but it's a camera grade 1/4" CCD instead of the vastly inferior (and cheaper) CMOS sensor used in virtually every other webcam. (including high-end ones such as the Optia) Also, it is an ACTUAL 1.3MP instead of the common "Effective" or "Interpolated" MP rating. The optics appear to be GLASS camera-grade pieces. Totally unlike my previous eyeball toy webcams plastic lenses (one cheap, one premium). The autofocus and image processing are all done onboard and require no software to operate. Most PC compatible webcams run the AF and processing in software. This is something to watch out for when buying a webcam for use with a Mac. (or any system running OSX) It's got a totally cool on/off switch with a built-in and highly visible white privacy shutter to let you know when it's turned off. The only thing that's remotely comparable are the webcams with a much cruder sliding door cover/switch. It's a Firewire interface. Firewire carries its own dedicated hardware while USB tends to delegate some function to software. This can result in smoother operation which is probably why Apple chose FW instead of USB. It has a premium dual-element noise-suppressing microphone. Again, it's done in the hardware and doesn't require additional software processing. It's (mostly) METAL. It has an excellent tilt/swivel thing. it looks cool. Nobody has made a Webcam before or since that has the whole look and feel thing down like the iSight. The ONLY problem: It works entirely TOO WELL! AAARRRGGGGHHHH! I look like THAT? Now I gotta do my hair and powder my nose just to chat! Can't they give me a "Logitech/Creative/Microsoft emulation" mode so as to make my face an indistinct blur? Requires 15 minutes prep time to chat, Keri Sample picture:
  10. Apple keyboard

    Hello. I noticed that the aluminum keyboard doesn't operate F2 during boot to enter a PC BIOS. I don't know if it would operate the more common DEL. Otherwise both the keyboard and wired Mighty Mouse worked great on a PC running Vista and XP. The Mighty Mouse is my favorite of the two. The aluminum keyboard is OK but my stupid fingers miss keys when touch typing. I like the style and feel and the fact that it's easy to clean so I think it's a keeper. Strong Fingers! One of the many advantages of taking Typing Class before the age of computers! Keri
  11. need help no sound on xp

    Hi Eric. I have the same system, a Mac Pro dual 2.66 XEON. I also have the same "No Audio" condition under Windows in Boot Camp. Actually you DO have audio. It's just being routed to the front panel port instead of the rear panel port for some weird reason. I use Windows so infrequently I haven't bothered to find out why. The reason that people are asking you if you have a Hackintosh is that much of this Forum is meant for Hackintosh users. Their primary area of expertise is "Fake" Macs that have been built to run Mac OS, not real ones. Have Fun! Keri
  12. Will you still buy the real deal?

    Me too! I tried out OSX86 for a very short time and liked it so much I bought the real deal. Really, by the time that you build a decent Hackintosh and get it to work well, you could have just bought the real thing for not a huge amount more. I never did get that Hackintosh working 100% and didn't care to try. DIY is a fine enterprise, but I didn't see the need to build an inferior version of a computer I could just buy. I feel that DIY is a far better idea in PC land where you can build something a lot better than what is commonly available. Wow, did you get flamed right at the start! The Mac Store as a boutique for brainless people only interested in fashion? Geez-o! They'd just get their Sony iMac knockoffs and color-co-ordinated laptops from the far-cheaper Big Box store. How about selling quality products for a reasonable profit? You can get bankrupt in a hurry without a decent profit margin. You want decent Salespeople, Apple Geniuses, service support? R&D for that next great Cinema Display or iMac? It all costs money and where does that come from? Us, the customers! Most of the people I've met at the Mac store want the best and find it there. People I've met there range from Mr. cost is no object to sensible working girls. We all have one thing in common: We want our computers to "just work" and realize that good equipment costs a little more. We're also willing to pay for it though some of us need a little help from Visa.. Keri Other "Real Deal" products I had to save for: (and were worth it!) Toyota car. It now has 281,000 miles on it. Guess what I'll trade it in for? Filter Queen vacuum cleaner: I bought my first one almost 20 years ago! It was so expensive, I had to finance it. It still looks and runs as new for a friend when I upgraded to the newest style. After 18 years of cleaning both my house and my moms. Maytag Washer & Dryer. When bought, they were just the best. Still OK. Chimes, not buzzes! Sharp LCD TV. It's beautiful. It cost more than the others but.... Next: Tempur-pedic mattress. oooooooo... gotta have. And I thought my Pillowtop was the best....
  13. Do Mac's get viruses?

    Hello. I'm also from the disease ridden world of PC. Mac seems plenty secure if you're careful. As stated, use your brain. Here's a neat little utility I like: http://www.obdev.at/products/littlesnitch/index.html It's called "Little Snitch". It can give your brain another set of eyes! All it does is to monitor everything going in and especially OUT on your computer, and stops it until you give your permission. It's amazing what kind of stuff it intercepts. It lets you know exactly what programs attempt to "phone home" without your knowledge. It also has a neat little bandwidth meter that gives an approximation of network traffic. Keri
  14. Ideal Webcam for Mac Pro

    Why is everyone touting the Optia? I'd be more incline to try a Logitech QuickCam Vision Pro, designed for Mac. (the autofocus is built into the hardware and doesn't rely on PC software) The Optia uses a CMOS sensor! Only the very cheapest digital cameras and phone cameras use those. Along with nearly all other cheapie Webcams from Creative, Microsoft and Logitech. I'm not sure what the Vision Pro uses. The iSight uses a decent CCD sensor and presumably good optics. It's bound to be an excellent camera. If it's working properly that is. I just won a nice condition iSight on eBay last night. I can't wait to see how it does. Maybe we could chat and see if there's a difference between the two? OMG! It got here already! It's in excellent condition and came with the box too. here's an iSight pic Keri
  15. "Original" Motherboard

    Hello. Ummm... This section is for Apple Computers and Hardware. A lot of peeps wouldn't be expecting you to ask Hackintosh questions here. Also, what did you mean by "Which motherboard was used for Tiger?" Apple uses proprietary motherboards that do not resemble anything available elsewhere. Most Tiger systems were pre-Intel and used the IBM PowerPC processors. Kinda like the Mars Rovers. The Intel Macs started in the era of Tiger, but Leopard is the first OS designed exclusively for the Intel Macs. Just because Apple adopted Intel Processors and Chipsets doesn't mean that they are mounted on conventional PC motherboards. They're not. For starters, all Intel Macs have an advanced BIOS system called EFI. This is one of the differences that are built into the Hardware and cannot easily be copied. For the purpose of making your own Mac (Hackintosh, FrankenMac, etc) most modern Intel Chipset boards with Integrated Intel Graphics GMA950 can be made to work with the help of cracked versions of Leopard such as Leo4All. I originally tried it on an ECS board with an Intel 945G chipset with good results. Keep in mind that Tiger and Leopard are really meant for use on Apple-specific hardware. All of the Hacks and Cracks used here either fool the Mac OS into thinking it's on a Mac or modify it (the OS) so it doesn't check at all. If you're wanting more answers on how to build a Hackintosh, there's lots of other areas of InsanelyMac to help you with that. This section is either for whole Apple computers or ones built from original Apple parts. Or even just Apple Hardware. Have Fun, Keri