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  1. GA P35 DS3R

    Link Here you go. Took me 10 sec. to find this using the search button!
  2. Leopard Audio Problem - ALC889A Chipset

    Yes! Thx a lot! Got the alc889a on a P35-DS3R working with your driver. It also shows me a digital output now Done on 10.5.1 efi6 and ToH sleep kernel Thx again docmeth02
  3. It should be outside. But you won't need it anyways as you use a pre patched dvd. 9a581-patch.sh ist the script that patches the gm dvd.
  4. Yeah i did the BrazilMAC method and patched the GM DVD myself. Then i booted the dvd using a usb dvd drive and installed it to a spare partition. Post install patches were done from a tiger install on another partition on the same drive. I use AHCI Sata and my hd is connected to ich9 sata ports not the jmicron.
  5. Works like a charm on a P35-DS3R here. You'll only have to install the kexts for audio and ethernet to get everything working.